Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

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Discussions today included creeping purple flowers in France, farming equipment, trips to Napa Valley, why housing is expensive, Gypsy’s truck and injuries at 2nd Tuesday, 2nd F at Firehouse Subs. The purple flowers are (I think) Aubrieta/Rock Cress aka Cascade Purple Flowers.

2nd Tuesday, 2nd F: Noon at Firehouse Subs in Innsbrook. Discussions about traveling and visiting India, real estate, meniscus surgery and other things I don’t remember. Next month, 2nd Tuesday, same place same time.

Get ready for the River, Richmond’s rich history and diverse terrain provides the perfect backdrop for this GTE #47 leadership adventure. F3 men from Richmond and across the east coast will converge on the River City May 3-5 for an unforgettable bonding experience and personal challenge. Traversing the city’s streets, parks, and trails, they’ll not only test their physical endurance but also strengthen their resolve as men to live right, lead right, and leave right. The city’s cultural landmarks and scenic views will offer moments of reflection and inspiration along the journey from sunset to sunrise. Ultimately, this overnight ruck…

A clowncar(truck) of 4 posted with 4 DaVillian for a special 10k ruck at DaPile. Below is our route: We walked through 2 neighborhoods on trails and wrapped up at 7:30am. Numberama, Namermama, Opus took us out in prayer. We then posted at Bulkhead’s house for breakfast where we had homemade scones from Opus, a Kringle from the Clown car guys, Bacon, Sausage, Eggs cooked on a flat top with Irish cream coffee, Bourbon Coffee. Speakeasy, Mustang and Choo Choo showed up also for the 2nd F where we were also learning about cricket as Bulkhead had a game on…

Runners and ruckers elected to start their day the best way on a warm November morning. Running pax members were presented with a series of ballot measures to set the route. On Ballot Measure #1, voter turnout was low, but runners voting unanimously voted for “Not the Track” over “The Flat Route.” It appears logical deduction is possible at 5:00 in the morning. The balloting for appropriately named Ballot Measure #2 was somewhat more controversial. It seems some Pax members were unaware that due to quirks of the electoral college some votes counted more than others, leading to the long…

Wow! What an incredible showing by F3 RVA for the Love for Liv workout at The Alamo on this beautiful morning. Fall was in the air for 77 in total including Ms and 2.0s, 59 F3 Guys which included 5 FNGs. The 2nd F of F3 – Fellowship, shined bright as we lifted Yeehaw, Liv (his daughter who is battling illness) and the entire Schroepfer family up. Liv is truly a fighter and the PAX showed up strong today in support of her fight. Here is how it went down: Warm up mosey to the cul-de-sac with return to the…

6 men of purpose united for an evening of suds and buds. Temperatures were 70 and sunny. According to the 17-year old evaluating the PAX’s driving skills, the following might have happened: The PAX assembled with 2 F’s in mind: 2nd F: Beers with your buds; 3rd F: The ante for attendance was bringing food for Feed More. Roughly 100 cans or can-equivalents raised, at least according to Handshake’s amortization curve, which itself is experiencing negative convexity.

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