Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

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8 locals and 1 SOJ runaway gathered in the Gloom for a run or ruck this morning According to the early morning walkers this is what happened 5:31 everyone shows up, YHC knew the route would be the neighborhood across the street but YHC just wasn’t 100% sure about what trails we could use to connect streets. Phonics luckily knew the way and was faster than everyone else so he was tasked with being the navigator through the Giles neighborhood. Right about 4.5 miles in Phonics says “we can head BTTF and run a lap around the track or go…

A dirty dozen (12!!) men of The North (ok, 10 of The North and 2 Travelers) stood forth at the latest edition of the Raider Run. Conditions remained a steady 70 and sunny. According to the state trooper on overwatch, the following might have happened: 5s – BroCode Style. Run the Atlee HS/MS/ES Metroplex loop. Then, left onto Atlee, cross the railroad bridge, left onto Combs, Oakham, Colvincrest, Hughesland, Crestfield, Combs, Atlee, and BTTVSF. Ruckers. Go out. Ruck. Return. Several wearing 50 pounds. Nice. T-claps to the “extra 50 and over 50” group (50 extra pounds and over 50 years…

Two walkers, one of which was still extremely sore from Monday’s Memorial Day convergence beatdown, met in the front of Atlee High School on this Tuesday. After walking was determined to be the exercise of the morning, they both took the 1.5 lap around the Atlee/Chickahominy/Cool Spring Forest loop. This was exactly the workout YHC needed. NMS YHC pulls into the Atlee parking lot to see no other DaVillians. He then sees a white car making a U-Turn along Atlee Station, then pulling into the parking lot. It appears that DaVille had a visitor. It was Full Nelson who was…

2 Davillians and one out-of-towner from Roanoke got together to start the day the F3 way. Despite GPS watch-related issues, the runners covered about 4.5 miles through Atlee Station, Castlewood, and then back along the southern side of Atlee Station Road to the start. It was fun to meet Puffs from F3 Roanoke and catch up a bit with Mr. Holland. All in all, a great way to celebrate less hate coming my way.

Two runners and three ruckers, beat the fart sack on a comfortable Davillian morning. After the ruckers rucked and the runners ran, No Idea took us out. Nothing needs to be added about the two consenting adults planning their assignation.

2 Ruckers and a Runner met at Atlee HS to get a little exercise. Opus ran while Yard Sale and No Idea rucked. It was good to have No Idea back to catch up on life. We met back at Atlee at 6:15. Numberama, Namarama and Opus took us out with a prayer. SYITG

Four men, two starting at 5:00 and two starting at 5:30 hit the roads for a combination of rucking, walking, and just a touch of running for YHC. 5:30 starters covered 2-2.5 miles through Giles. After numbers and names, No Idea took us out. It was great to get out there on a Tuesday morning for I think only the second time this year to catch up with Corned Beef. It’s always good to see Yardsale as well. It was even better that No Idea could get back out to join us after life had thrown a few curveballs his…

2 runners and 3 ruckers/walker posted today on a beautiful spring morning. Runners got 4 miles and change in. Ruckers did about 2 miles. Mumble chatter about the RVA growruck event coming up. Numbers, names, Opus took us out. Notes: Happy hour this Thursday at 6:30pm at PBR on 301.

2 Davillians arose on a foggy Tuesday morning for a run. The route was the farmhouse loop getting in 4.5 miles at a nice smooth 9 minute pace Welcome back I’m Mail Sack who recently got back into working out and started running. Naturally it was time to EH him back to the PAX SPIT ON THAT!!

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