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  • Marks of a winner
    Winning is a daily pursuit.
  • Productivity
    Lock in to the work that needs to be done.
  • Sacrifice
    The most important action
  • What do you need to say Yes to today
    What is it you need to say yes to today? Yes, I’m going to stop that destructive habit Yes, I’m going to forgive those who hurt me. Yes, I’m going to believe in myself. Yes, I’m going to be grateful. Yes, I’m going to be the most positive person I know.
  • TIME
  • Analyzing Risk
    What dreams, goals and adventures would you pursue if you could take your fear out of the equation? The lie we tell ourselves is that “I’ll wait for the right opportunity”. What you really mean is that “I’ll do this thing when I can guarantee I won’t fail and people won’t judge me.”