Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

GTE #47 – River City


Get ready for the River, Richmond’s rich history and diverse terrain provides the perfect backdrop for this GTE #47 leadership adventure.  F3 men from Richmond and across the east coast will converge on the River City May 3-5 for an unforgettable bonding experience and personal challenge.  Traversing the city’s streets, parks, and trails, they’ll not only test their physical endurance but also strengthen their resolve as men to live right, lead right, and leave right. The city’s cultural landmarks and scenic views will offer moments of reflection and inspiration along the journey from sunset to sunrise. Ultimately, this overnight ruck event promises to be more than just a physical feat—it’s an opportunity to forge lasting memories and deepen connections in the heart of Virginia’s capital.  

There is still time to sign up for the overnight event or just the GrowSchool.

What do we do during a GTE? 

There are 4 phases to a GrowRuck Training Event:

  1. The Rally – The Rally is the Friday night gathering that initiates the GTE.
  2. The King Builder – The KingBuilder is the Saturday morning workout.
  3. GrowSchool – GrowSchool (G3LT) is a Schooling session during which the four quadrants of Preparedness (Get Right, Live Right, Lead Right, Leave Right) are taught in a classroom environment by the GrowRuck Qs. 
  4. The Ruck – The Ruck is the CSAUP (Completely Stupid and Utterly Pointless) Event during which the Leadership Skills of the individual GrowRuck Participants and the Teamwork of the Class is Accelerated through Pain and Chaos.

Weekend Schedule


Friday, May 3 1800 – 2100 – Bon Air Community Center – 8725 Quaker Lane, Richmond, VA 23235

Open to all F3 RVA men, out of towners, and GTE Trainers and Cadre.  BBQ will be provided, donations requested to cover the venue and food for the event.   BYOB


Saturday, May 4, 0700 – Dogpile – Dogwood Dell Parking

This will be a one-hour convergence bootcamp at Dogpile led by the GTE trainers.  It will be open to all F3 men with FNGs welcome. This will be a great opportunity to bring an FNG or Kotter to show them what F3 is about

Growschool – registration is open for the Growschool only, sign up to get a lesson in leadership

Saturday, May 4 0900-1200 – Relay Run warehouse 

2720 Decatur Street, Warehouse 29, Richmond, VA 23224

GTE #47 – Overnight Ruck

Start – Saturday, May 4, 1800

GTE #47 Endex – Sunday, May 5, TBD


Below is a partial packing list for the event.  **Additional items posted on GTE Registration Page

Required Gear

  • Rucksack (20L minimum suggested volume) 
  • 30lb weight
  • 4L of water (combined total between hydration bladders and bottles). 3L needs to be fresh water without any drink mixes or additives
  • Headlamp w/red light capabilities + 1 full extra set of batteries
  • Reflective bands (minimum of 1) attached to Rucksack
  • Additional items per GTE PreBlast on registration page

Prohibited Equipment

  • Phone
  • Watch
  • Garmin
  • Other Electronic devices 

What if I want more detail, or have questions not answered above?

Reach out to Rosie, DTH or Gomer Pyle


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