Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

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That’s right…. The bands came out today. I have been thinking of what I could do with them and the tennis courts were the perfect area to use them today. 13 regulars plus 1 FNG braved the madness that was to come. A little run around the tennis courts, then starting the warm-up: SSHs, Don Quixotes, Imperial Walkers, Ukrainian Soldiers, Copperhead Squats, Merkins, LBCs, and Alabama Prom Dates was just an appetizer. Onto the main part. Partner up, with a band each tennis court (3) together you were going to go to the end, an exercise, then that movement back…

YHC isn’t at his best, but the pack has teamed up to drag him along for the foreseeable future. This week’s MOT is no different. Consensus led to an easy out&back down Coalfield. Everyone got between 4 & 6 miles, then Doozy added another 3 after COT. Another great run in the books. Thanks for the push, gents… it was much needed. Numberama/Namerama with SOT fellas, OC took us out, high-fives and fist-bumps all around

A squad of six SOJ ruck maniacs took to the Stratford Hills for a few laps around the hood, and to assist YHC in shifting the GTE logs closer to the load & launch area. Only 17 days remain until GTE #47 and conversation abounded with log lifting strategies, footwear and sock tips, knot tying methods, and other useful preparedness knowledge. Knowing is half the battle. Let’s GO! 😎💪 ~DTH PRAYERS for our brothers suffering injuries and illnesses. 🙏👊

YHC and Big Rig cruised a solid 3 mile route around Ecoff Park. Good convo and a brisk pace to help us warm up for our SEAL training test. My bulky ass headlamp fell off and busted – in the market for a new one! DM me if you have extra 🙂

4 pax met at 8pm tonight to test the legs and the gear for 10 miles of rucking. Thanks to YHC’s impeccable route and mostly successful navigation of said route, we got the 10 miles in and went by the Swift Creek Resevoir at least twice. That hurt. TCLAPS to Rosie for completing the training at 1 percent personal battery according to his watch. Lessons learned: bring water and snacks, wear comfortable shoes, give your shoulders a break so your hands don’t go numb. Also Tobit has more AKAs than Old Dirty Bastard (RIP).

13 SOJ gloom bangers circled up at Rockwood and were immediately inspired and vitalized by the groovy moves of their Q shaking hips to La Bouche’s “Be My Lover” – YES, it’s back to the 90’s night club for these lucky MC Hammer wannabe’s. Here’s why they kept singing “don’t hurt me”… 😎🎸🎤 The THANG:  Moseyrama lap around the lot and circle up in a grassy area for the Welcome & Disclaimer A few stretching reps IC with A-ha’s “Take Me On” WHAT IS LOVE, by Haddaway Squats to the beat Burpees for every “Don’t Hurt Me” (total of x20…

6 men showed up to challenge themselves to ruck 10 miles this morning. Many of the world’s problems were solved as we rucked throughout Rockwood Park and North Chesterfield. More details to come on that. Thanks to the crew for the company and the conversation!

10 Morning Wood ruckers burdened with over 400 pounds of steel and sand embraced a beautiful morning on the Rockwood back trails. Big Rig forgot his ruck and opted (like the warrior he is!) to carry all 60 pounds of Sandy for the 55 minute, 2.8 miles. Mudslide was kind enough to lead the PAX along a quaint lakeside trail and we enjoyed deep conversation and a purple orange sunrise over the misted lake. Many MANY reasons to be thankful. 🙏 Yours, DTH

18 Men showed up this morning for a little fun on Satan’s Hill. YHC sent out a challenge to a group of people last night and challenged them to post. to encourage them I told them I would donate $ towards the F3 / Brightside fundraiser for pediatric cancer. 8 of those people took me up on the challenge and YHC donated $100 towards the fundraiser! If you are reading this and feeling like you want to help the cause I have included the link for you. Warmarama- after a stroll up satan’s hill and back we started with SSH,…

8 SOJ brothers came out to Timberwolf on a perfect morning weather wise. Despite ridiculous amounts of pollen in the air, the PAX was ready for a nice little beatdown. Here is how it all went down: Mosey to the front parking lot for a warm up including SSH, Arm Circles (Forward & Reverse), Deadman Hang (C/R/L), Helicopters, Merkins and LBCs. Mosey to the picnic benches by the school for the first COP. COP 1: Dora with a Twist – 100 decline merkins, 200 dips, 300 ab circles (150 clockwise, 150 counterclockwise) Partner performing the exercises was the timer as…

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