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Eight freedom fighters of Southerly origins rucked the South Bank of the James from HFW to PP and back. NTB snoozed the alarm one too many times and escaped his fartsack 3 minutes before launch, texting “I can catch up.” With great faith, YHC replied “Yeah you can.” And perhaps with fear of loneliness as his greatest inspiration, NTB+50# ran/ruck caught the PAX before we reached the turnaround at Pony Pasture. TClaps! Good times and conversations had by all. GTE is just a couple months away! Let’s keep the ruckmentum going and get some more PAX registered. 💪🔥👊 TONIGHT -🚨…

Five ruckers launched from Libbie Market at 7 for a 2-hour ruck. Eastbound on Grove, tacking our way north through the museum district and fan the blvd. Hang a left and come back on Monument. Excellent mumble chatter along the route with many pearls of wisdom exchanged along the way. A short fence and a dog with a long neck took a nibble out of Tryhard. Hopefully he will mend soon. Coffee was excellent with fresh breakfast pizza and connecting with the men of the trail run.

A lucky 13 ruck lovers answered the call to take a turn under the logs. Here’s where we’re headed with GTE training: The THANG: WARMERAMA: Move with purpose down to the bottom of Love Hill, then hike back up Mount Chaplain to circle up Welcome & Disclaimer x30 Copperhead Squats IC x10 DQ’s IC RUCK: Brisk march into the Oxford neighborhood to Casa De DTH to collect the logs Two eight footers linked together shouldered by 5 PAX Take to the hills with a will, with PAX rotating position under the logs Return logs Ruck back to the bottom of…

…But with a frosty ruck down Riverside Drive the three amigos that are DTH, Mudslide, and YHC pushed one another to improve our fitness and conquer the day. At 0530 we set off from Huguenot Flatwater through the wooded trails heading down river. We leveled off at a 15min/mile pace which warmed up our cores and our spirits as we charged past the gates to Pony Pasture, circled the roundabout at Riverside & Rockfalls, and returned back to the flag at HFW for a total round trip of 3.7 miles in 55 minutes. Along the way we discussed relevant topics…

Three intrepid ruckers explored the beauty of Larus Park. It feels like spring is in the air and time in the woods is what the soul needs. Next weekend we will not have our normally scheduled Sunday ruck option. Instead, consider the Frozen Triangle ruck option on Saturday.

7 SOJ stud-ruckers crushed the 8.6 mile Frozen Triangle course in just under 2.5 hours, keeping a 16min/mile pace. We enjoyed excellent conversation, some cramping calves, and only one stop for Broadway to drop a mighty deuce at MM Elementary causing the fire alarm to go off. 😆 Way to get after it fellas! GTE #47 is only 91 days away. Let’s GO! 🔥👊💪 ~DTH

5 SOJ ruckstallions converged for a 45min OTB ruck at The Forge, but quickly escaped the AO into the hills of Oxford. After a half-mile loop, the PAX found themselves at YHC’s house being introduced to our special guests, a collection of 8’ logs, procured specifically for such GTE#47 purposes. Two logs were selected and shouldered, and YHC was sure to include the big hill in our little log-training circuit. This was not easy, and yet the PAX made it look easy. YHC felt better once the logs were returned and the complaining commenced (phew! I’m not the only one…

8 Ruckers and a canine fast paced it on the roads to preserve the trails. Roscoe enjoyed himself chasing flocks of geese away and clearing our path forward.

The morning started early in Big Rig’s world. He was getting his mileage in joined later by Boberry and Hardywood. After a while the ruckers arrived, 6am hit were took off to venture around. Big Rig was joined by State Farm, Posh, and Shaw-Shank during that time while we rucked anywhere from 3.2 to 3.4 miles depending on what you did at the end. Good mumble chatter about climbing and other topics plus with the lights around and the wolf moon you may have presumed there were withers aliens or training for the next mission to get a terrorist on…

Foiling NTB’s plans for a bromance ruck with DTH, 8 SOJ studs converged at Huguenot Flatwater to take on some trails and hills. NTB’s route took us along the HFW trail out to Riverside Drive, then a Right on Shirley, up the big hill to the top, hairpin turn Right on Custis, and back down to Riverside Drive and HFW. Overall about 2.5 miles. Phenomenal chatter and a big welcome to Purple Rain making his ruck debut. We might make this a regular Wed AM thing. SYITG! ~DTH

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