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A clowncar(truck) of 4 posted with 4 DaVillian for a special 10k ruck at DaPile. Below is our route: We walked through 2 neighborhoods on trails and wrapped up at 7:30am. Numberama, Namermama, Opus took us out in prayer. We then posted at Bulkhead’s house for breakfast where we had homemade scones from Opus, a Kringle from the Clown car guys, Bacon, Sausage, Eggs cooked on a flat top with Irish cream coffee, Bourbon Coffee. Speakeasy, Mustang and Choo Choo showed up also for the 2nd F where we were also learning about cricket as Bulkhead had a game on…

After many days of just me running along, the participation tripled! Three came before Gridiron to do a little pre-run. Gypsy requested 3 miles, so this is what we did. A very nice 3-mile route. There was a little debate about Homer speed. He is usually starts slow, so will he be slow all 3-miles, or will he go faster by the end. It turns out that he does go faster at the end no matter how short the distance is. That settled out debate.

Gypsy said he is coming, but the late night talk with daughter interfered with his plans. Unexpectedly Homer showed up. We had a pretty pleasant five-mile run. It was light outside and still pretty cool. We chatted along the way about this and that (mostly work staff). So much better to run with someone else then just by myself.

Lighthouse and Whitesnake ran a little over 4 miles in a 8.40 pace. All the chatter was focused on next weeks 150th Anniversary of the first brunch. West End runners convergence you say? Done.

White Snake had to go for his daughter audition. Gypsy texted the previous day that he was coming, but cancelled later. So, had to run all by myself. Ran five miles. Met several runners along the way, but they also refused to join me after my good morning. So, maybe it is me… Usual apologies for the delay.

We ran 5 miles at a 8:37 pace, with 4 miles against the wind. Not sure how that happened. Then Gridiron started with us running against the wind. As Catherine the Great said: A great wind is blowing, and that gives you either imagination or a headache. me=headache

We ran 4 miles and learned about Gypsy and his collection of valuable coins, jewels, friends with shoes, teeth, star wars action figures, finger nails, Pokémon and KISS cards, owl pellets, D&D dice, hot sauce, troll dolls and celebrity hair. Some of that is true.

White Snake was away, so YHC thought he is going to do it by himself, but then Gypsy showed up! It is way more pleasant to run together with other people. We ran standard Branch Club four-mile loop. Actually, last time we did it with White Snake we got lost. It was good that Gypsy ran it many times with Blue Moon, so he remembered all correct turns. While YHC suggested a bit longer run, Gypsy insisted on four miles. After that several times he tried to deviate into a longer routes, but YHC kept it at four. My apologies…

Pinto and Lighthouse led me on a 5 mile pre-gridiron run. I then discovered that for $500-$600 you can purchase a white pinto pied snake. https://www.morphmarket.com/us/c/reptiles/pythons/ball-pythons/multigene/pinto%20pied We need more white animal F3 names but White Pinto and White House are honorary members of this important group.

When I pull out up front, you see the Honda on dubsWhen we roll 4 deep, it’s 4 miles in Brunch clubDogpilers heard I fuck with Vinny, now they show me no loveWhen you only run 3 you know you’re in Breakfast Club,But, Lighthouse know, nothing change here with the pre runI see Mr. Rogers in Slack, he roll with the crowd that gives upIf you watch how I move, you’ll mistake me for a runner or a pimpBeen hit wit’ a few injuries, but I don’t walk wit’ a limp In the hood, in the Pump, they saying “Snake…

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