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Bracket challenge is back again this year after a 2 year hiatus. Pretty simple. Give me $10 and you might get it back. Splitting the pot this year to top 2 spots. Yahoo again. 67% goes to the winner33% goes to first loser$10 per entry by cash, venmo, paypal, zellebbischoff78 at gmail dot compassword is sunny70 Questions? Hit me up on Slack. https://tournament.fantasysports.yahoo.com/t1/group/76356/invitation?key=08f142c287dace97

Gentlemen, I have to extend an apology. During the COT on Friday and again today, I mentioned the opportunity to sign up for Breaking Bread this month and during the rest of the first quarter. Unfortunately, that is not correct.Because of the incredible leadership you all are showing, Breaking Bread is FULL until MAY!! You all have done an exceptional job. I appreciate the continued solid efforts that you and your families make on behalf of these people. I thank you, Barbara (their director) thanks you, and the residents thank you. And, we thank your families. UpChuck

F3 brothers we have an opportunity to work with Project Homes to install ramps for handicapped people in our communities. This is Richmond based and we are helping our less fortunate neighbors that need a ramp to navigate from their house to the driveway or sidewalk. These folks do not have the means to have a ramp professionally installed. Project Homes with the help of volunteers, corporate and private donations are able to procure the raw materials and build ramp kits for future ramp builds. Staff volunteers and volunteers outside the Project Home group will meet at the ramp build…

It’s that time, fellas. It’s time to show that we have the metal to match words with actions. Who will help carry the load? This message is about asking for your help to make a real-life Impact – both in time and effort – on behalf of a group of people who F3RVA has sponsored for the last ~5 years.  Most of you are aware that F3RVA helps by feeding residents in the Medical Respite facility at the Southside Health Center. This is on the Q sign-up sheet as, “Breaking Bread.” F3RVA chose to expand in 2020 to help out TWO nights…

This is a pre-announcement. With all of us excited about F3 and an on-going push to headlock new guys and pull other guys back from the Fart Sack, F3RVA will be hosting a Q-School later this year. This is an invitation to each PAX member to provide input on what they suggest we cover. Recall that one of F3’s five core principles is a two-part statement: workouts are led by a rotating Q who participates in the workouts. Rotating Q. Participates in the workouts. Some of the following may (or may not) be topics and / or instructors: “Counting to Three or Four,” by Mr.…

Brothers – there is a consensus to have Thursday’s Town Hall exclusively on ZOOM using the same link as we use for 3rd F (below). We will start at 8PM. ALL PAX are invited to an open discussion about our Region, and how we can pull together post-Pandemic to support and refresh what makes F3RVA unique and effective. Zoom Meeting ID:  822 7005 7337 (PW on Slack)

Gentlemen, We are looking for a couple of good men – and their families – who are interested in an evening of good food served for those in need. Breaking Bread has two open nights this summer. Who among us can help? July 24 (Saturday) August 28 (Saturday) Many thanks in advance.

PAX – the time has come! Please click the link below to access the Mudgear order form. You can choose whichever style shirt you want and order as many as you want. Just be sure to put YOUR F3 nickname into the field titled “F3 Name” at check-out (limited to 11 characters). Let me know any questions, and PLEASE spread the word at COT’s. Best, Dr Tryhard https://f3.mudgear.com/products/f3-rva-shirt-pre-order

Time: 7 am Sharp Date: November 27, 2020 Place: Forest Hill Park, Shelter 1 What: Do a lap every hour on the hour until you are finished. Last person standing wins. Options for laps are 1) 4 mile run trail loops 2) 5 mile run road loops 3) 6 mile bike trail loops and 4) 10 mile bike road loops. You must complete the previous lap within and hour and you cannot start the next lap until the start of the next hour. All are welcome, M’s, 2.0’s friends, family, whomever. Let me know if you plan to attend. Event…

Hello PAX! YHC will be wrapping us his our Tour of RVA next Friday the 13th at RAMM Gear. It will be an amateur bike ride and YHC can’t think of the last time he road a bike more than a mile. So find you closest road bike, mtn. bike or even beach cruiser and help me finish this thing with a BANG!! Date – Friday 11/13/2020AO – RAMM GearLocation – 211 Westmoreland St, Richmond, VA 23226Time – 5:30 AMRoute – TBA SPIT ON THAT!!

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