Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

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20 degrees and frozen trails brought the old crew back together for a 6+mile loop – southside to northside. Lots of great conversation along the way. YHC really enjoyed being on the trails with the old-band after such a long hiatus (months/years?). Saab abides

4 horsemen jumped on their steeds at the ripe hour of 2 p.m. for the latest edition of Sunday Funday, Off the Books-style. Temps were 70 and sunny. According to the kids on the TES playground, this is what happened, bro-code style: Route (with some elements of “maybe those streets don’t connect, so you figure it out”): TES to Ziontown to University to Ralston to Gaymont to River to South Westham to the parking lot to UR / Bat Cave Entrance to UR Campus to Bridge over lake to Lakewood to Westham Pkwy. to Lakewood to West Drive to Lindsey.…

3 PAX and one pooch assembled for an Off The Books run, Sunday style. Temps were sunny and 70. According to the utility workers in Westham, this is more or less what happened. 12:10 hours: YHC makes his lunch. Passing on the opportunity for jalapeño hot dogs, YHC opts for salad and left-over, homemade moo-shoo pork. 12:30 hours: Lockjaw makes his lunch, including a (glazed?) doughnut. 14:00 hours: YHC leaves his house, jogs 1 mile to Chez Lockjaw. 14:09:15 hours: YHC meets Lockjaw, da Vinci, and Lark. 14:09:30 group starts running. 3.2 miles. At some point, Lockjaw mentions inadvisability of…

5 grown men and one 2.0 all turned into kids playing in the snow on a Sunday Funday at Hoedown. The Q was passed via Husky’s snowball aim and according to the snowplow drivers passing by here is what we did: Honeydo COP: SSH, Navalny Freedom Kickers, Biden Energy Plans, Imperial Walkers, Merkins. Q passed to an unsuspecting Upchuck, mosey to Triple check wall for 3 rounds of: 10 Donkey Kicks, 5 Derkins, Bear Crawl to sign & back. Over to covered area by gym: WWIIs while other partner runs up entrance and does 10 Derkins. Pass Q via snowball…

3 runners with two started at 7 and other a little after 8 enjoy a beautiful run in the trails this morning. TYA and YHC got in the buttermilk/north bank for 6.5ish miles Bone Thugs got in 45 mins in run for out and back. Great view this morning crossing the river SPIT ON THAT!!

Four gentleman/scholarly types met at the pump house lot to once again attempt at becoming one with nature while trying to remain upright. We did Buttermilk+Quarry Loop to T-Pot to North Bank to get right around that 7 mile number. Observations: The sunset turned the 4 of us into wide-eyed children for the duration of the Nickle Bridge. Fabulous.. YHC had not hit the trails in the Fall season.. the leaves do an excellent job of concealing roots and loose rocks.. Shakedown went down and YHC and Helix had near misses. Still a solid pace. Just a great morning. Thankful…

4 trail runners got their Sunday started on a cooler morning. Some left out early for higher miles. Others went out solo but were spotted at one point. The main PAX of Helix and YHC did the Buttermilk/North Bank loop for 6.6 miles. This was not YHC’s first time running the trails (Thanks to Early Raisers) but first time on Sunday. 11 down and 19 to go for Spit’s Q4 tour! SPIT ON THAT!!

Route was North Bank, then Buttermilk. Some did Potterfield v. Some Belle Isle. Some ran the hardstand. Some ran 10. All strengthened. Pavarotti took us out NMS – quiet day enjoying the humidity and slight cool down. Slightly slick stones. Get some!

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