Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

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4 trail runners got their Sunday started on a cooler morning. Some left out early for higher miles. Others went out solo but were spotted at one point. The main PAX of Helix and YHC did the Buttermilk/North Bank loop for 6.6 miles. This was not YHC’s first time running the trails (Thanks to Early Raisers) but first time on Sunday. 11 down and 19 to go for Spit’s Q4 tour! SPIT ON THAT!!

Route was North Bank, then Buttermilk. Some did Potterfield v. Some Belle Isle. Some ran the hardstand. Some ran 10. All strengthened. Pavarotti took us out NMS – quiet day enjoying the humidity and slight cool down. Slightly slick stones. Get some!

The Japanese call it “kaizen”. A few years ago YHC witnessed two scientists verbally duking it out. The topic was Intelligent Design. Exasperated, and noting his opponent was dressed in a clerical collar, one of the scientists exclaimed, “You’re supposed to be an Episcopal priest. Do you even believe in God?” The priest’s/scientist’s reply was: “I’m working on it.” That has been YHC’s mantra since. Someone assured YHC early on when he started F3 that the workouts don’t get any easier. On the surface that sounds like a deterrent, but it’s not. Pavarotti often encourages YHC to reflect, “Why are…

Three gloom vets opted for the seemingly harder north to south loop, while the albino deer launched from Reedy Creek and meandered through the hills of Tennessee. Fudd traveled across the country in search of humidity. He found it. Apparently when you sweat in Colorado you cool off and you’re still dry. Not how it works in good old RVA. At least here it’s always sunny and 70. Have a blessed Father’s Day to all the men of F3RVA.

5 runners and 2 bikers gathered at Pump House lot for another glorious morning workout.. Circle K and 7-Eleven took off and did their thing. The 5 runners did the typical Buttermilk-TeaPot-North Bank loop.. Great run overall.. Helix was participating in the “Below the Belt- Virtual 5k” so he took off like a rabbit.. Marco Polo and Sherpa took the lead while YHC and Mr. Hutton maintained a comfortable pace with considerable chatter… We caught up to Helix at the bridge and did a bit of “bro code” at the Tredegar lot. Glad to have Sherpa out. He came out…

3 Cyclists and 4 runners met up for Sunday Fun. The weather was beautiful for running: 60F and no humidity. The trails were still rather empty, just a handful of runners and mountain bikes. 2nd F at ETs.

ugly when she sees her psychiatrist they ask her to lie face down. Not appropriate for today, treat yo mama well. One runner hit the trails, unless someone was early or late and YHC didn’t see you. If so, let me know.

Two geriatric-veterans turned out for a extended trail run covering various scenes and sites of the RVA river banks. Having ignored the prior day’s weather forecasts of torrential rain, cloudy and cool conditions prevailed to make it a perfect morning for a long run. Social-D was practiced among the pax who took two separate routes. Great second-F in the ETs parking lot using the bed of a Lally Construction vehicle as a yardstick. Inaugural Capital Trail Quarantine 50 miler next Saturday. See TYA or Olivander for details. Saab abides when able

6 warriors of the light made it out on a perfect Easter Morning for a little run around the river city. 4 milers – south turn around at reedy creek 7 milesrs – south on buttermilk to potterfield then north bank 10 milers – north to 14th st bridge and then south along river road NMS-Hutton and YHC discussed music tastes, Hutton mentioned GOGO music and that got me thinking about the weird nexus of punk, reggae, and go go in DC in the eighties – all of that was the formative stage setter for Nirvana as David Grohl came…

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