Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

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Eleven trailblazers took on the morning in the latest edition of Sunday Funday. Temperatures remained 70 and sunny. According to the dog runner who may (or may not) say hello to us, the following may have happened: Route: Bridge to Buttermilk to… …some, Reedy Creek and back, …some, Bridge to access road and back, …one, to T. Pottersfield, stop, wait, then North Bank, and, …one, run-about OYO, then meet Sippy, then BTTVSF. One walker, OYO. Plus, Sippy, mostly OYO, then with Saab. NMS: Sunday Funday is the definition of “You vs. You.” It’s about putting the work in. Push yourself;…

13 lucky lads and lassies launched at first light in the latest edition of Sunday Funday. Temperatures were 70 and sunny. According to the knuckleheads who park badly at the Pump House, the following route(s) likely happened. Start on the North Bank of the James River, at the North Bank Trailhead. Take that trail east, under the bridge. Regardless of any other choices, keep the river generally to your right; ensure that bears and dead bodies remain to your left. Oregon Hill can decide which applies. Turn right at the parking lot. Traverse the wavy bridge, turn right to stay…

10 gentlemen of leisure launched their loop at the latest edition of Sunday Funday. Temperatures were 70 and sunny. According to the race organizer, the following might have happened: North Bank, Belle Isle, Buttermilk or Access Trail, and BTTVSF. 6.5 or so, longer for the road runner. Numbers, names, and coffee. NMS: Cookie butter ice cream before a race is not recommended. Dogs have an endless supply. Consider wearing long sleeves. Announcements: Speakers corner will be held weekly at the park. Bring your opinions to share.

Seven trail breakers fought off the weekend Fartsack to dominate the latest edition of Sunday Funday. Temperatures remained 70 and sunny. According to the woman with the dog who waved to YHC TWICE (!), the following likely happened: Route: Generally, South Bank (Buttermilk) to T. Pottersfield Bridge to North Bank. Some did Riverside Drive. Some other routes on isles. Numbers, names, and TYA took us out. NMS: Unibomber is doing 10k training, and apparently 24 hour training. Yep – that’s run for 24 hours straight. Distance is you vs. you. Wow – stud. Put another way, that’s like starting to…

9 studs galloped through the latest version of Sunday Funday. Conditions remained 70 and sunny. According to the 20-something lady with her dog who has seen us 100s of times and still does not say hello, the following might have happened: Bridge to Buttermilk to Belle Isle to North Bank. 7 miles. Saab did roads…10 miles? Kabob did something that apparently involved flying. Well done, gentlemen. Numbers, names, and Shakedown took us out. NMS: Sunday Funday continues to thrive…and grow. Lots of dudes prepping for up-coming races, especially the Bear Creek 10 miler. Nice to have Turbo out there today…

Great to see some OG’s show up. General route was south trail (buttermilk) through Forest Hill and back. Saab abides

An elite 8 kicked the year off right with a foggy trail run. The weather was spectacular for running, though the trails of Belle Isle were a little muddy. There were a couple of crash and burns with hopefully minimal injury; other than a muddy knee and maybe some interesting park surveillance footage capturing the event. Happy New Years!

Many miles and many smiles as an elite 8 covered the north and south banks of the James…Anthrax was donned in his favorite golf shirt, and Shakedown was a running-billboard for all things BMX. Saab abides

Remarkably, the pax extracted many variations of distances from the typical South/North bank route. Saab Abides

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