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Always 70 and Sunny

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Gentlemen, The inaugural F3RVA Retreat is officially on the books, and will be held Saturday, September 21 and Sunday, September 22. Get it on your calendars now. I know this conflicts with weddings, birthdays, college football, lawn mowing, and other sacred events. I’m sorry. I did the best I could, and this is the date that works best. I’m also aware its a few weeks after BRR. Again, sorry. Plan accordingly for this year, and for the same general time frame in 2020 and beyond. When: 9/21-9/22. Generally plan to arrive sometime Saturday afternoon and leave by 10:00 a.m. on Sunday…

For a number of different reasons, there has been some entertaining Mumblechatter among the PAX in regard to YHC’s most superb ShovelFlag, created in preparation for our newest AO, The FORGE, starting 4/4/19. The original design seemed flimsy and labor intensive, so YHC developed a better design – stronger, lighter, and capable of lengthy extension.  For those of you interested in making your own version of the DTH Original, below are the necessary steps… Historical Note: YHC’s Flag soared above the United States Capitol on the day of YHC’s Graduation from the Virginia Military Institute (May 14th, 2005). Rah Va…

PuppyPile is cancelled for tomorrow.  The weather is supposed to be in the low 20’s and I don’t think that’s great for young kids.  It’s super disappointing because my 2.0 (Churchill) has been talking about it all week and even practicing some of the exercises (PLT’s and Wheelbarrows are his favorites). I’ll keep an eye on the weather and will get something on the books soon when it gets more tenable.  See ya in the (cold) gloom. Ollivander

Since I’ve messed up the date a few times, I want to confirm PuppyPile will be on Saturday January 26 at 7:05am following Dogpile.  It’s a great time for Dad’s and their kids to bond over some fun, exercise, and ET’s breakfast afterwards.  It will be my first PuppyPile Q, so suggestions are welcome!

Hello fellas, I have the Q for Breaking Bread this Sunday and currently I need at least two more to help serve. I’m handing all the food just need the hands to help. If you can Hard Commit either comment here or you can reach me at 804-347-9857. I already have Bulkhead on board! Spit

The idea has been batted around and announced in COTs but YHC decided to make it official by posting a Pre-Blast. HDHH Wednesday 12/19 at Capital Ale House in Midlothian.  5:30 pm until ?  Come share some Christmas spirit(s) and 2nd F.  No 1st F associated with this one, show up and join in the fun if you can. Word is this may conflict with Hardywood’s 2.0 book signing but for those of you crossing the river for that experience, you might as well make your way over for a drink.

Thanksgiving Quiz Question 1: Where was the first Thanksgiving in America held? Answer: Virginia.  That’s easy.  As early as 1610.  9 years before some Massachusetts Pilgrims scraped up their new Plymouth by crashing into a rock on their way home from a baahhhh. Question 2: What is a HIM? Answer: High Impact Man.  This weekend, it’s YOU! Question 3: Who will be a HIM for 2.5 hours on Sunday, November 25, 2018. Answer: You Question 4: What is needed? Answer: F3 RVA sponsors Breaking Bread one Sunday evening each month.  This month, it falls on Thanksgiving weekend. As of Tuesday, no one had signed…

F3 Hampton Roads is turning two years old. We will be converging on our original AO (#StinkHill, Mount Trashmore Park). There will NOT be a #Ironclad workout that Saturday. ALL PAX at #StinkHill. Significant others (Ms) and children (2.0s) encouraged to attend 2ndF (Fellowship) event after workout (see below). If you can get them out of bed, bring your 2.0 with you to the workout. Directions: Shovel Flags (Beginning and Ending of Workout): Shelter (2ndF): Timeline: 0700-0800: Workout 0800-0810: Circle of Trust 0810-0830: Setup 2ndF event at shelter 0830-until: Fellowship, food (see note below), and games (Cornhole, CanJam,…

All- We are accepting coat and jacket donations every Saturday at Dogpile  until the end of the year.  If you have any that you can spare, we will make sure they get to a person in need this winter.  If someone is willing to collect at GridIron I will meet them and get them as well.  Any coat is acceptable, mens, women’s or kids.  Lets help keep RVA warm this winter.  Thanks for those who have donated and thanks in advance for those planning too! M’Duke

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