Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Currahee 06 May 23 preBlast


May 8 is the anniversary of VE Day in 1945. For YHC, I think about what those men and women did as they worked across Europe and ended a World War in less then a year. From my perspective we can workout for a full day to honor what they did.

Its also the 3rd anniversary of the start of Currahee.

AND not everyone can do a BRR extended weekend so wanted to do a local CSAUP.  Looking at you Hardywood.

This is the overall concept and timeline for May 6:
6am ruck.
– Headlamp highly recommended
– You vs you on weight. 45# is the GrowRuck / Army standard
– SP is at 6 and lifos will have a tough time catching us; Be early
7am Bootcamp – convergence. 45 min.
8am loops – 4 PAX Relay Teams
– 5, 3, and 4 mile loops for a total of 12 miles per runner. Each team has 3 runners.
– Each team of four should have one walker. Walker will do a 2-3 mile route taking about the same time as the runners (ie a little longer during the 5 mile loops).

Open to the public to create some awareness about F3. Have folks you talk to contact me for team signup or fill out the Q sheet for them. 

Special recognition for those that do it all.

Paper route copies available at run time.

Location: Godwin High School. Big parking lot. We dont have access to facilities, but there is a dunkin down the road. Bring race food

Team sign up is here.

Routes – turn by turn instructions available at start

Run routes

RED run – 5 mi


WHITE Run – 3 mi


BLUE Run – 4 mi


Walk routes

Black Walk – 2.5 mi


GREEN Walk – 1.5 mi


Gold Walk –  2 mi



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