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Always 70 and Sunny

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This Friday evening we are launching a ruck out of the Hoedown AO at 8pm. This event is open to anyone interested in a brisk, weighted 90-minute hike through the surrounding neighborhoods. In the spirit of the holidays, we want to provide a positive impact in our local communities by collecting canned items for the food bank. The Pax will leave the AO with empty rucks and visit F3 houses in the Tuckahoe nano-region to pick up any canned items that you wish to donate. If you are within a three-mile range of Hoedown and want to be on our…

This Tuesday at Spider Run we will be running a 10k. The link to the route is below and I’ll also describe it for individuals that have not run this route previously. The trails are slightly modified from the official route but everything else is the same. Headlamps strongly recommended. It’s 6.2 miles with plenty of elevation. Ideally, we will all be finishing at the same time, right around 615. If you think you need an hour and 15 to finish a 10k, play your departure for around 5am. I’ll be there just before 5am to assist with any questions.…

Gents, it has become tradition at the annual inaugural F3 RVA retreat to have a friendly little Cornhole competition. Somehow YHC has twice snatched defeat from the jaws of victory along with everyone else not sporting a fuzzy caterpillar. Find a partner and start training, this year the Stacheholes go down. The rules are simple, throw the bag into the hole. Tournament is double elimination and there’s a mighty fine prize on the line. Highly recommended that you and your partner represent different nanoregions. Retreat is September 25th, tournament will start mid-afternoon. Sign up here:

1.6 Mile Route. Route is: Down hill to bottom of Charnwood & Melwood. Left and up to top of Rolsyn Hill. Take Left on September and back down Melwood to bottom Bottom of Melwood go straight instead of turning and head up Twin Lake. Take 1st right on Twin Lake Ln Turn left on bottom of hill at Shadow (before lake) then take Shadow all way back to Charnwood and go right.

With Gumbo’s blessing the Home Run Derby goes on. This year with a little West End twist. We’ll meet 0530, Tuesday July 27th at Tuckahoe Little League. Park in the lot in front of Rico’s Mexican Grill at the corner of Ridgefield and John Rolfe. Workout will be simple, slow-pitch softball style, hit a homer and pass out punishment, hit anything else the entire PAX is punished. Burpees are the standard punishment. This workout will replace Heartbreak Ridge for the week. Do not go to Quioccasin Middle. Hope to see you there. Bring your gloves, hats and big league chew…

Hello Brothers, if you know of anyone who lives on the far southside or southwest side of town, YHC is gauging interest on starting an AO at Rockwood Park : 3401 Courthouse Rd, Richmond, VA 23236 . This location could draw out some people from Chester and Chesterfield. Wednesdays at 5:30 am would tentatively be the day/time for meeting there but that’s definitely open to discussion based on the needs and interest of other PAX. Feel free to share this info on the Town Hall and pass on YHC’s contact info : Florence aka Nate Levine, phone # 941-258-5594

This is a pre-announcement. With all of us excited about F3 and an on-going push to headlock new guys and pull other guys back from the Fart Sack, F3RVA will be hosting a Q-School later this year. This is an invitation to each PAX member to provide input on what they suggest we cover. Recall that one of F3’s five core principles is a two-part statement: workouts are led by a rotating Q who participates in the workouts. Rotating Q. Participates in the workouts. Some of the following may (or may not) be topics and / or instructors: “Counting to Three or Four,” by Mr.…

Brothers – there is a consensus to have Thursday’s Town Hall exclusively on ZOOM using the same link as we use for 3rd F (below). We will start at 8PM. ALL PAX are invited to an open discussion about our Region, and how we can pull together post-Pandemic to support and refresh what makes F3RVA unique and effective. Zoom Meeting ID:  822 7005 7337 (PW on Slack)

This run is over to the small neighborhood off Douglasdale and the Powhite Parkway. The route in the neighborhood forms a cross. Sippy led this a few years back, and it poured. Tomorrow looks like a good day for a redux. All Runners Commonwealth to Berkshire.Left on Dover.Right on Portland.Right on Douglasdale to the bottom of the hill.(Do not get close to the quarry entrance, which is guarded closely). 4 Milers At bottom of Douglasdale, reverse direction. Run to top of Douglasdale. Return to MM via Portland, left at Dover, right at Berkshire and straight onto Commonwealth. 5 Milers At bottom…

Brothers, please save the date – the PAX of RVA are invited two weeks from today on July 8th for an open conversation, Town Hall style, to pull our Nano regions together and develop strategies for helping our Region grow in all 3 F’s. Venue is TBD, but expect an 8pm start. If you have any great ideas for how you would like to see F3RVA grow, start writing them down. Best, Dr TryHard

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