Wednesday, August 17
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

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Completely Stupid and Udderly Pointless

Eight Kayakers and One Paddle Boarder converged at 5:00am in the brand new parking lot at the new boat ramp at Huguenot Flatwater. According to the lone fisherman on the river bank next to the ramp, this is probably what happened: COP on nice new concrete area: SSH’s, DQ’s, Ukrainian Soldiers, Merkins, Scorpion Kicks RAMP FUN: Round 1: Bearcrawl the ramp around to the steps and run up steps. Round 2: Lunge the ramp around to steps and run up steps. Round 3: Left Side Shuffle the ramp around to steps and run up steps. Round 4: Right Side Shuffle…

BRR 2022 is fast approaching. I now there is interest in the event as there always is. I am going to be captaining a 50+ team this year. I am looking for someone to take the lead on a second team. I am happy to help out with the logistics etc, but need someone to put together the team. Let me know if you are interested in helping put the team together. Also, let me know if you interested in running the BRR this year. TYA OUT

30 road warriors coverged and ran towards the dark to welcome the Tax Man. Would they take the Standard Deduction? Or face the threat of Compounding Interest, or suffer the Tax Lien? We took it all on and then some! But according to the guy sky-hooking newspapers on Grove avenue, it went a little something like this: The routes were: The Standard Deduction is a delightful 6.39 mile romp that begins at Mary and takes Groooooooove toward Three Chopt, right on Henri, left onto Towana, left on Roselawn to UR Drive, UR Drive till it ends at River Road, and…

Today’s edition of Morning Wood featured locked bathrooms much to the dismay of OC. Thankfully we finished the run in time for him to book it to the nearest store’s bathroom before Tobit’s beatdown. Never did find out where he went but glad the prarie dog was released into the wild safely.

On April 15th, the road demands it’s pound of flesh. Pay your bill with the six or eight mile route that begins at RAMM and weaves its way through the hills of Spider Run. If you wish to give the road more, each route will have extra credit. Plan to arrive at RAMM at the amount of time it would take you to complete six or eight miles; we will still wrap at 6:15. Hope to see you there!

Bracket challenge is back again this year after a 2 year hiatus. Pretty simple. Give me $10 and you might get it back. Splitting the pot this year to top 2 spots. Yahoo again. 67% goes to the winner33% goes to first loser$10 per entry by cash, venmo, paypal, zellebbischoff78 at gmail dot compassword is sunny70 Questions? Hit me up on Slack.

Two fully erect Stallions strutted around at Morning Wood. Moseyed around perimeter of the park between 1 and 1.5 miles scouting areas that had cover for the upcoming Q. Found some nice shelter in the dog park that looked prime for some 80s music and trivia.

BRR 2021 21 men got out of bed on Friday morning September 10, 2021 and decided that “Next Year” was “Today”. It was the 20th running of the BRR and the teams were ready to go. We all loaded into the vans and headed to Grayson Highlands park in southwestern Virginia. Weather in Grayson Highlands park was perfect at the start, 52 degrees and sunny. The 8-person team was the first to launch at 8:15 with Swirly as the leadoff batter. A half hour later, at 8:45, hitchhiker was the leadoff man for the 11-person team. 33 hours later we were at the Highland Brewing Company…

10 gathered. 8 ran. 1 cooked. 1 rubbed his heal. Temps were sunny (for sure) and 70 (in all fairness, YHC didn’t check). According to the little fuzzy caterpillars all over the roads, this is what happened, more or less: Gather at Casa de Vinny & Co on Wendover. Run west and south, before returning north and east. Turn left, right, left, and left again. Find a lake. Circumnavigate that lake. Turn right and go to the railroad tracks. Do not cross the tracks. For that matter, never, ever cross Buford. Return up a big hill, take the trail to…

Gents, it has become tradition at the annual inaugural F3 RVA retreat to have a friendly little Cornhole competition. Somehow YHC has twice snatched defeat from the jaws of victory along with everyone else not sporting a fuzzy caterpillar. Find a partner and start training, this year the Stacheholes go down. The rules are simple, throw the bag into the hole. Tournament is double elimination and there’s a mighty fine prize on the line. Highly recommended that you and your partner represent different nanoregions. Retreat is September 25th, tournament will start mid-afternoon. Sign up here:

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