Monday, September 25
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Final Pre-Blast for the Frozen Triangle


All of the morning announcements, slack comments, and mumble chatter about the latest RVA homegrown CSAUP will finally come to an end after Friday. The only thing you’ll hear about the Frozen Triangle Part Deux after that is mumble chatter about how much fun you missed out on if you weren’t there. We’ve gotten some hard commits, soft commits, offers to help and we appreciate all of the offers and updates on participation. A few final notes for everyone:

  • We start at 6:00 am at Dogpile – that’s the only thing about the day that will be typical
  • Bring a flag if you’ve got one – we’ll carry them between AO’s
  • See Gumbo’s preblast for the full estimated schedule Schedule
  • We have a few volunteers that will transport provisions between AOs, if you want to tag along and drive between AOs there will be options.
  • We will have water, Gatorade, and refueling food at each AO.
  • We plan to finish around 9:00 am and will hang out as long as anyone wants to be there
  • Chairs and dry clothes are recommended for the 2nd F
  • We will have a few adult beverages for the finish but if you want more or something specific – BYOB
  • Running Routes between AOs are below

This is not an all or nothing thing – there are plenty of people around if you want to drop a car at a location to leave early or meet us later, feel free to coordinate something.

Dogpile to Punisher

Punisher to Mary

Mary to Dogpile


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