Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

PRE-BLAST: Frozen Triangle January 21


If you have been posting or reading Slack you have been hearing about an upcoming CSAUP – The Frozen Triangle. It is 2 weeks away, so below are some more details, and we are looking for HCs (and soft commits – if you must) to help us plan provisions. Please add to the HC count on Slack if you are in. Give a thumbs up or something else if you are a soft commit.

Many folks have reached out to Rosie and me to let us know they want to help. Thank you. We will be touching base with you over the next week to divvy up responsibilities. If anyone else wants to help, let us know. Help can include chipping in for provisions, bringing provisions, bringing coolers, setting up/cleaning up at one of the AOs, etc. Many hands makes light work – and more fun for the hands doing the work.

GOAL: As always, push ourselves, but don’t hurt ourselves and have a damn good time doing it and enjoying some fellowship.

Rough Details:

  • Starting time and location: 6:00 a.m. at Dogpile parking lot
  • 6:00 – 6:20’ish: Bootcamp at Dogpile
  • 6:20’ish: depart Dogpile for Punisher (3.3 mile trek) – travel on foot, by bike or however you want.
  • 7:00’ish – 7:20’ish: Bootcampt at Punisher
  • 7:20’ish: depart Punisher for 45MOM (2.9 mile trek)
  • 8:00’ish – 8:20’ish: Bootcamp at 45MOM
  • 8:20’ish: depart 45MOM for Dogile (2.5 miles) to complete the triangle
  • 9:00’ish: arrive Dogpile and let the fellowship ensue. Bring lawn chairs and dry clothes and hang out for a while. Hot dogs will be on the grill and beers will be in the cooler.

Remember – this is not an All or None – participate in it all or participate in whatever piece or pieces that you can. See you on January 21.

No More Gumbo For you AND Everything is Coming up Roses….OUT


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