Thursday, February 9
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

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Urban Farmhouse Midlothian

Five runners and one canine (no walkers this morning) beat the fartsack and made it out for another edition of OTB. Total mileage was around 7 and included a climb from Honeymoon’s soon-to-be new abode up Otterdale. The trip up Otterdale appeared to be Gumbo’s idea, but YHC is pretty sure it was actually Boberry’s (who loves that climb and will stop at nothing until he brainwashes the rest of the PAX into loving it as well). Conversation this morning included topics such as weather balloons, moats, drawbridges, trolls, and lesser important items like 2.0s and college.

Seven made it out for this week’s installment of SOJ OTB. Two walked, five ran. Runners got in about 7mi.

Big Rig had done a little run before I arrived(was hung-up at the light waiting to turn). A little mosey over to an area for a quick warmup. Warm-up consisting of SSH, Imperial Walkers, Cherry Pickers, Helicopters, Merkins and ending it with some LBCs. After figuring the area out, I decided to start out with some hangs from the bar followed by runs down the hill and back. Luckily it was just warm enough there was no ice on the bars but 30 second hangs is a good start to not only wake up the back and shoulders, but also…

6 men secured the AO with kettlebells in hand ready for the WOD. WARMARAMA:SSH, Helicopters, Arm Circles, Michael Phelps, Carolina Dry Docks, LBC. 1 Lap around the school. THE THANG:5 swings, 5 quick Merkins. 2 setsWOD:KB Clean: 5x each arm. 2 SetsKB Squat: 8x each arm. 2 SetsKB Push Press: 5x each arm. 2 Sets.KB Clean/Squat/Press: 3x each arm. 2 Sets.1 Round – Repeat 3xAfter Round 3. 5 swings, 5 quick Merkins. 2 SetsRepeat WOD x1. (Total 4 rounds)1 Lap around the SchoolBTTF for some Mary:LBC, American Hammers, Dying Cockroaches. COT:YHC took us. Thank you lord for giving us another…

10 that’s right 10 of Midlo’s #1 dads took to the streets of Salisbury for another edition of off the books. The runners put in some work this morning and knocked out 6.5 miles. Way to go boys. The walkers put in a little over 3 thanks to Aisle 5 setting the brisk pace. Coffateria was much needed and a great way to start our Sunday. Great to see Honeymoon and Marmaduke out this morning. Both have dedicated themselves to starting the year off with 21 days of prayer. We will see them back out very soon. Respect! Announcements: Tuesday…

430am…not the easiest time to either wake up yet to also wake up and train that early(takes a unique, special and a little insane breed) to get going that early. I missed the graveyard Monday, yet able to make up this morning. Here’s the Breakdown: Warm up consists of SSH, Don Quixote, Helicopters, Imperial Walkers, Copperhead squats, Merkins, LBCs and ending with a 30 second chair hold. Big Rig then led me over to the area where he and Chaplain trained Monday. Light bulb went on(all right) created a 4 part, 4 round workout consisting of 20 step-ups, 10 Australian…

Heist and POG put in 5 miles today. This included 1 mile up and down Satan’s Hill (5 times). At mile 3 we began the hill running between 80 and 100 percent effort. Tough.

5 of the best of the best of the best Dads gathered together for an Off the Books recon mission to scope out a New AO for Tuesdays. Kettlebells were included and someone thought it would be a good idea to bring two 45lbs Hammers. The THANG: Warmarama: SSH, DQ, Imperial Walkers, Copperhead Squats, Helicopters, Arm Circles, Merkins, Rosalita’s, Mosey around the school (Old Hundred Elementary). Took note that the school is very well lit all the way around the school. A couple of spots had picnic tables. Also, a gravel track, basketball court, playground with monkey bars. Lots of…

3 Walkers and 5 runners this morning. It was brisk. Pace and distances are in question, depending on the watch you consult, but one thing that is not in question is that miles were slayed, fellowship was had, and it was a great start to the day. YHC is thankful for Rosetta deciding to kick off the new year by posting and bringing all sorts of fun stories. Nothing that would probably satisfy the FW crowd, but for OTB and a Sunday at SOJ – good stuff! Thanks, Rosetta.

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