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Urban Farmhouse Midlothian

4 tourists visited OTB to join YHC for an easy morning run. A last minute text from Shakedown alerted me that he was going to be a few minutes late. No problem, OTB is more relaxed so Corned Beef, Hash and I circled the parking lot a couple times waiting for the LIFO. Google maps error took Shakedown to the wrong Urban Farmhouse. This one was user error, not quite the same Google Maps problem as Daville. Great running with Hash this morning as he paced me through some extra mileage. Kid seems to know what he wants and has…

4 of SOJs finest and a 4 legged friend hit the streets and tried to avoid the traffic brought in by the triathlon across the street at the YMCA. One 4+ miler braved passing the Y while the other 3 decided to head the other direction into Salisbury. Weather was perfect so POG and Honeymoon mentioned adding a little distance to hit a full hour, YHC took us on a slight detour to add just the right amount. Looking forward to continuing this run location into the fall now that POG has signed up for the Richmond half.

Saw the backblast for Sunday Funday and noted the similarities. The main group was out and about at OTB as well. Wilson and Aisle 5 for their easy paced walkabout solving the world’s problems. Honeymoon and YHC for the Salisbury loop with Annie pulling us along the way when she wasn’t trying to chase after squirrels. Aisle 5 and Wilson are looking for the best coffee selection at UF but have yet to find a suitable one. The location and outdoor seating at the coffeeteria is tough to beat so the 2nd F is always a good one.

7 men and a pup found some new routes for Sunday morning OTB before the heat of the day hit. 4 went around through Charter Colony, JTCC and Midlo mines for 6 miles while the other 3 hit some hills for a little less. New hill Manders was found and will be a new staple for training. Have a great Sunday

Five posted at 0400 to get in some miles before the thing that happens before the thing.  Perfectly sane thing to do.  This THING Mosey from Dogpile past Soupie Poopie Lake (See WDog this week) around Maymont, hit the streets for about 1.5 miles or so until reaching the mouth of the trails above Texas Beach. Continue on Northbank Trail to downtown Richmond. Circle Brown’s Island, consider stealing a case of Guinness, and back to the Belle Isle parking lot. Make a quick Gumbo-esque wrong turn heading back out to Northbank, reverse a few steps, and mosey back to the…

The Thang Run around the back of Hanover High School, front of Oak Knoll Middle School, right on Old Landsdown Rd, right on Fort Meyers Rd, run until it ends, turn around run back, another right on Old Landsdown, left on Patrick Henry Blvd, reverse at 301 all the way to the end of Patrick Henry and back to the flag for a nice 4.7 miles. Moleskin YHC has had some challenges lately with getting lost on runs. Today was going to be different. The weather was great, legs were tired and going to an AO for the first time…

Great morning for a run or a walk as the sunrise was on point this AM. 4 runners got 6.4 miles 1 runner got 5.5 miles 3 walkers got 3.5 miles on the hills Always good time and good company for coffee after. Call out for Offshore crushing the summer tour and completing the whole tour in 1 month!! Good to see you post even though you had OTB completed. Strong work!

8 Warriors posted for Off the Books on this beautiful Sunday morning! Some ran 6 miles plus, Some got 4, Some got 3…you get the picture, fellowship and brotherhood was enjoyed by all! Love your family and friends fellas, they are the meaning of life! Love ya all! Marmaduke

2 clown cars, a 4-legged friend and a couple lone SOjers made a total of 9 out for a few miles on Fathers Day Sunday. As the PAX gathered we discussed some routes and decided on the reverse Salisbury route with some alternatives to shorten the mileage. For those looking for the route, it went a little something like this. Right on Woolridge, right on Charter Colony, Left to Le Gordon and across Midlo Turnpike onto Winterfield. Right on Elmstead, all the way to the end for a right on Oakengate. 3rd right onto Castlebridge then a left on Salisbury…

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