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Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

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4 Iron bell maniacs smashed through Goyne Park this morning. 2nd week of our Off the Books Thursday chester AO is going well – JOIN US! 35th Bday Q made this one feel extra special. We actually got Florence to sweaty to hold the kettlebell – the path there read something like… Warmarama SSH, Helis Stretch with the Kettle (loosen up side and front body) THE THANG COP1 – Clock KB Carry Rifle to 3 o clock 5 No Cheat Merkins Farmers Carry to 6 o clock 5 NC Merkins Repeat with various carry options (Front Raise, Lunges, 1armed) Swap…

Almost fall-like (but not quite) as a PAX of 10 hit up OTB this morning. Two walkers and eight runners. Don Draper planned an 8 mile route for the runners as RVA half marathon training is now in full swing. The trip up Grove hill toward the end was a nice touch. 2nd F at Starbucks. Almost had the 10 PAX requirement for a free Rowhouse session this morning, but Draper had to bail early b/c of his Ms birthday. Happy birthday to Mrs. Draper. Great morning to be out!

The Bermuda boys are doing focus group testing for interest in a Thursday/Friday AO on the SOUTHERN southside of the city. Beta test run today offered a little cindy beatdown for a trio of HIMs. Went something like this! Warmarama with coupons, stretch, dead hang 3 laps around the circle Rifle Carry to burnout Murder bunny to burnout Farmer’s Carry to Burnout Rinse and Repeat for 3 laps Crab walk Cindy’s Triple check Cindy on back merkins Ww2 w/ Cindy Run Bear Crawl Corners Set Coupons on 4 corners of court 10 reps of dealers choice at your corner Bear…

4 middle aged cyclists shrugged off the fartsack to book some miles in preparation for a century in a few weeks. Launched from the DOG, down Westwood through Brookland Park to the Cannon Creek Greenway south. Picked up the Cap trail and headed East to turnaround at Varina HS, back to downtown, cross the river on the Potterfield, up Riverside, back across the Nickel, make a few turns to arrive back at the DOG. Stats: 28.3 miles, in just over 2 hours, w/ 900 feet of elevation. TClaps to NoTools for keeping us going the right direction and for logging…

7 Runners, 4 walkers, and a friendly pup got out on the streets for some low humidity Sunday miles. Runners found some hills in Salisbury getting ready for the Homegrown Half on 8/19.

5:57 a.m. 5 blurry eyed runners discussing the running route for the morning when Aisle 5 comes in hot. No Wilson today to join Aisle 5 for a walk, but there was a backup plan: electric unicycle. Pretty much the last thing on earth we expected to see this morning was Aisle 5 charging ahead or behind the running Pax with his bionic enhancements. Really cool. Played music and everything. 10k knocked out just under an hour. Starbucks post run. Good second F on a variety of topics including bourbon and the pros/cons of men’s short shorts. P.S. Text a…

4 runners out for OTB on a great Sunday morning. We got 6.5 in thanks to Draper’s route skills. Aisle 5 and Wilson walked and solved all the problems of the world. Can’t ask for a better start to the day.

Two big nasties who surely traded some helmet paint on the football field with each other back in high school today traded stories and struggles and triumphs over a smooth 6-mile run. Excellent morning. Thanks Armstrong. It was great talking and getting to know you and starting off this wonderful day with a good sweat. Our group is amazing and motivating. Generally the more the merrier, but YHC loves a good one on one run with another PAX member to get a little deeper. We all have shit going on – good shit and bad shit. It all easier and…

Three then four river rats grabbed their boats and paddles and hit the shallows of the James River at Huguenot Flatwater on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. After Oyster caught up to us and we made it the the Willey Bridge, a nice goose-poop covered crop of rocks, hosted us for a few moments of beverage drinking and swimming. Try Hard and family were also on the waters enjoying a relaxing afternoon lounging in the secret creek. Deliverance 4 is scheduled for this Wednesday, unless the rain for Wednesday comes early. Stay-tuned! Kubota

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