Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

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Urban Farmhouse Midlothian

6 Gents hit the streets of Salisbury for a run/ruck combo! 4 plus miles were gained and mumblechatter was great! Coffee after was even better! Duke

5 Gents and a dog hit the streets of Midlo on Sunday and crossed paths at a safe distance. Rosie is rumored to have hit 13 miles, Gumbo knocked out 10 plus, followed up by Hitchhiker and Honeymoons 7.5 miles. Duke got 4.5. Strong work gents, love seeing things getting back to normal slowly!

Three men and a dog woke and tackled the day! YHC & Aisle 5 started up Satan’s Hill to meet Punxsutawney and Cloey to walk the cul de sack tour. No runner were present. Hope everyones livers are ok. Aisle 5 has a VERY specific desire when it comes to looking at a new home. Ranch style with a WALK OUT basement. Few weeks back he saw a lot in NM that might suit his desire. Apparently his M is ALL on board! Today’s conversations were primarilay around reviewing everyones home and if they had a walkout basement! Our apologies…

Situation – Weather – 40 degrees and cool. 10 Mi wind from the North. BMNT 0530 Sunrise 0615. 100% illuminationTerrain – OCOKA dominated by the confluence of rolling hills forming ridge lines and deciduous forest providing cover and concealment.Enemy Forces – Sloth, Excuses, Fear, Anger, Hopelessness – Sad ClownsFriendly Forces – Units Right and Left – New Market “Run” and RAMM/RAMM GearsMission – f3 RVA establish a run in the west end by 010530MAY20L to expand the influence of F3 RVAExecution – Commanders intent. The purpose of this mission is to provide options to RVA for those looking for Fitness…

4 Runners and 4 Extra legs got some good miles on Sunday. Boberry, Honeymoon, Recall and Annie the dog logged 6.5ish. YHC logged a little less than that! Strong work fellas.

Both Wilson and POG showed with FNGs, to be named at a later bootcamp. Run/Walk group got their strong 4 miles. Fast group blazed a 6 plus effort today, as did the not so fast group coming in a few minutes behind. Strong work by all and great to see the high numbers on a Sunday morning. Great start to the month of March!! Spread some love today folks! Duke

5:58 Was upon us and Honeymoon came in to the lot smoking the tires to get there before 6! The PAX was more concerned about Annie the dog puking in his backseat rather than Honeymoon being on time. Either way, 6am hit and off went runners and walkers. Recall, Honeymoon, Marmaduke got 6 miles and Gumbo craved more pavement and headed back out to get more miles….total, TBD…. Wilson, Ailse 5, and Exit row got a 4 miles Brisk walk in to round out the PAX! Strong work Gents! Duke

8 men and 2 dogs posted in total for a variety of routes. 1 man (‘Duke) launched early and went 7+ to Timberwolf and back. 1 man (Aisle 5 (aka Dark Walker)) walked solo and returned unharmed. 1 man (Oyster) forgot that us boys SOJ have to get up early to feed the chickens and get our days started and arrived at 0655 to find Marmaduke finishing up (nope, not getting extra credit….DAMN!) and set off to get his miles in and check off OTB for the Winter Tour. The last 5 men and 2 dogs (Offshore and Sally, Honeymoon…

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