Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

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Urban Farmhouse Midlothian

Sometimes it’s sunny and 70 and other times it’s sunny and 70. Taking advantage, 2 hit the hills of Tuckahoe for a 4 plus mile jaunt. Route was Hoedown to Westham to Baldwin, across Patterson, circle the neighborhood, back across Patterson, onto Woodberry, then Horsepen, left on Hampshire/Wheeler/Bandy, through the woods onto College, right on University, return to Hoedown via Westham. Along the way M and 2.0 Bacon Bits were charmed by UpChuck not once, but twice. Discussion topics varied, landing on ACC sports at the very end. A topic on which YHC can actually keep pace with UpChuck.

3 DaVilians continued their training and got in a longer run on Saturday YHC got early and ran 2 miles then Corned Beef and Hash joined at 6 to get in 5.5 miles on the Rutland Loop. YHC then ran another 2 miles to complete a 15K+ It was a great morning with temps in the lower 50’s at the start. SPIT ON THAT!!

4 Young men met up for some jogging. The theme of the run aside from the “mom” and “tobit” jokes was how the metric system should be implemented into American culture. Temperature was noted to be nice at 12C. We logged about 11.6 Km. Everyone in the group was in agreement that 12km sounds better than 7 miles. The group then practiced converting F to C by simply subtracting 32 and multiplying by 5/9. Next weeks run we will be working on velocity (km/h) and height (m). Also discussed was a strategy for confronting the uneducated when using our newly…

3 regulars secured the AO-K for a Sunday Funday, afternoon edition, run to celebrate TYA’s 58th birthday. Temps were (actually) sunny and 70 (or perhaps a little higher). According to the FSB agents posing as dog walkers, here was our route, more or less: Hepler, Paris, Forest, University, Glendale to Ridge (left), then Ridge to Zion Town, University, and Ralston. Left on Rose Hill. Kingston, Gaymont, University, cross Ridge, and continue on University. Left on Wood to Lakewood, right on Wood, and left on Beechwood, to West Drive Circle to Lindsay and BTT VSF. Announcements: nada. NMS: Candidly, it was…

It was a beautiful Wednesday morning to post OTB with The M and this is what transpired Running Boot Camp, WTH style. After a defined period of time 4 exercises were completed: 10 Merkins, 20 Squats, 30 LBC’s, 40 SSH’s in a repeating fashion until 45 minutes and 3.5 miles was completed. NMS – YHC’s parents offered to take the kids overnight and get them to school the next time, it was a great relief to spend some time with The M. She asked last night if YCH wanted to workout with her, and I obliged. YCH suffered through waking…

Four decided on a late start this morning due to daylight savings time. The PAX launched from Starbucks at 7 just as Wilson and Nancy Lopez were returning. OC planned an 8.5 route around Midlothian (Tour of Charter Colony, Midlo Mines, Salisbury, etc.). A brief teaser at mile 7 when the Starbucks was in view…but the PAX continued on to make it 9 miles. YHC has the worst memory and couldn’t even begin to recall all of this morning’s conversations. All worth remembering though. Just ask one of the other 3 for the details. At one point, Rosetta yelled out…

4 made it for 4.6 in today’s rendition of Sunday afternoon Off the Books, Tuckahoe Edition. Temps were (again) 70 and sunny. When it doesn’t rain, it doesn’t pour. Route: Tuckahoe Elem to Forest, through parking lot to Ziontown Road, right through the cut-through to Rosslyn Hills, left to September becomes Countryside, left to Ruggles, left to Rosslyn Hills, and back through the cut-through. Picking up University to Ralston to University to Wood to Lakewood to Beechwood to West to Lindsey and straight on ’til dawn. 4.65 miles. NMS: Lots of guys on the DL. Bacon Bits is nursing a…

11 AM and all was well. The sun was out and spring was in the air. The 4 Pax and one K-9 launched from Hoedown making their way through Ziontown and over to First Watch. A drop down the hill to Westham Station and back through the bat cave; around the lake and up the hill through the “woods” to finish up at the AO. Keep Upchuck’s MIL in your thoughts. Upchuck took us out.

Several PAX and many M’s, and 2.0’s showed up to Satan’s Hill to Run or Walk 3.1 miles in honor of Rare Disease day. In spite of the rain a good time was had by all. Cheers to OC, Boberry and Rosetta for also running 10 miles that AM. Appreciate the support.

4 stallions met in the waning gloom on Sunday morning. For some reason… 10 miles was planned. Thanks to OC a luxurious Sunday route was in order. He was kind enough to save Twin Team for 6 miles in. Thanks to the PAX for going back to pick up the 6 (YHC). All made the journey safely, and no one stepped into any holes. 13.1 is planned for next week. NMM 10 miles running, in the rain might as well be a Sunday stroll in the sunshine with the camaraderie of this PAX. SYITG

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