Saturday, October 31
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

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Urban Farmhouse Midlothian

3 Davillians got a long run in on Saturday morning. The route started from Rutland clubhouse, behinds the school, through honey meadows, King’s Charter, Castlewood, Atlee Ridge, then loop around Kings Wood court and head back the same way. Bulkhead got in around 8.5, YHC did some looping back a little extra to get in 9, Marco Polo decided to push even more with the Bojangles loop for 10.5 miles. There was a Carpenter spotting who was getting in 4 before his 2.0 softball tournament. We even had Phonics show up in the “Pace car” for some mumble chatter. Great…

The OTB AO soft launch continued this week with a break from the Pocahontas Middle School track and core conditioning using blocks with a little adventure across the street.Today’s journey started with a 15 min prerun around the goose pond and back to the AO. Collect the gloves and time to head out.Left out of the parking lot onto Three Copt rd. SLight left onto the running path toward Geese landing (cutting out the section of Three Chopt that does not have a side walk). right onto the path to cut over to Thamesford Way. Hold at the entrance of…

three musketeers (not to be confused with the ACTUAL Three Musketeers) emerged from The Fartsack for Round 2 of Ironpax round 3 for two of them, and Round 1 for YHC. The Thang – Ironpax Round 3. A bunch of push ups and Squats while running 3 miles. No records were broken, we aren’t No Toll. Announcements – None. NMS – A group text in which YHC mentioned sadness to missing the IPC # 3 and then Gypsy responded something along the ways of “i’d be happy to do it again with you” GAUNTLET THROWN DOWN and here we were.…

2 Richmond pax met up on a cool morning for a nice Easy run. 4 miles total. NMS – seeking to recover a bit from IPC the pax decided an easy run was the way to go. Little vehicle traffic but we found the start of a large running training team and also a kettlebell workout. Somewhere out here is where we need another AO. Discussion on avoiding false gods and reminders to model personal responsibility; refrain from blaming others. Take action that impacts others positively. Get some.

We are looking for a mid week run west of Gaskins so Gypsy and I did a little recon around the AO. 6 miles starting at Three Chopt / Church Run, then along West Broad village and Pocahontas, around the Wellesley Lake and return. It was a good run – we are thinking that the expansion location might need to be further west. Get some!

Great finish to the week with some great conversations during and after! I mean who runs 10 miles (sub 8/mi) and then says “I don’t really like running – I do it to clear my head!”? YHC has a few suggestions to clear your head vs. running! LOL See you all at convergence in the am.

A few of us have been talking about a run Wednesdays in the West end. It would fit in nicely between Heartbreak and Circus Maximus or Mary on Thursday. Today YHC tried a 6mile run that starts at Pocahontas. Three Chopt, Church, Westek Dragana, DRP, Turtle Creek, Pump, JRP, Three Chopt.

Runners ran & walkers walked (walking PAX is growing!) Highlights: Recall turns diabetic, certain seats are not optimal on patio (sun), Rosie went for extra miles (yeah I know, but it’s Rosie), Annie continues to want to chase the geese, but is just too tired & Flatline said “It’s this long……” Had to be there! YHC apologizes for the delay in posting BB.

Runners got various miles and walkers got 4.5 miles. Not sure of any conversations on the runs (I mean if you can talk and run, your not running hard enough), but the walk conversations were engaging and entertaining. Found out Aisle 5 is REALLY filing for his Italian citizenship. So Aisle 5, since you can’t speak italian yet (connect with Rosetta), check out the attached video.

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