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The Bridge was first and way colder. Breaking Bread with the family was prepared all afternoon and way warmer. Thank you to Publix for significant prep assistance!!! Both filled YHC’s tank and provided reflection on the night of Jesus’ birth! Could I be any more blessed? I don’t think so! Loud and Proud, Flatline

To the Men and Families of F3RVA, The time has come. For about 5 years (give or take), YHC has led the PAX effort with The Southside Health Center, an AO also known as “Breaking Bread.” It’s a simple place with a big heart. Through your generosity, F3RVA has provided a delicious, homemade dinner to the guests, each of whom is recovering from a medical illness, injury, or other issue. Most of us do this activity alone or with our families, albeit knowing The Pax is behind us. For those prone to entirely unnecessary and grammatically inappropriate capitalization, you all have made…

Two 1.0s and a 2.0 delivered pulled pork with buns, Sweet Baby Ray’s, mac and cheese, brownie bites, sweet tea, lemonade, and thoughts of cole slaw. Nine folks plus staff were very appreciative. No carols were sung, but YHC would like to think a little joy was spread. None of the M’s cookware was lost or damaged in the process. Oversharing likely commenced.

YHC very nearly did an exact repeat of last Thanksgiving weekend in supplying 7 folks with a hot meal Sunday night. Similar to this same weekend last year, the meal was lasagna, bread, caesar salad, desserts and drinks. Unlike last year, I was allowed to bring the food in to the facility versus dropping it off at the door. A great way to give back and to wrap up to this Thanksgiving weekend.

4 Levine’s weathered the chaos of Christmas tree shopping, decorating and yard work to prepare a meal for our Southside Health Center PAX. Here’s what our cats lurking for crumbs observed : Warmarama : Gather 4 pound Chuck roast, 2 bags of mini size golden potatos, 1 bag of baby carrots, 2 cups beef broth, 1 teaspoon thyme, 2 teaspoons salt, 2 cloves garlic minced, 1 teaspoon pepper THE THANG : Gather all ingredients and throw em into the crockpot for 9 hours. During last hour, add a mixture of 2 tablespoons corn starch with 2 tablespoons cold water to…

Between Sunday afternoon influenza inoculation, and F1TV sessions the GP family got it done. We enjoyed visiting with Barbara briefly as we delivered a meal GP style: Fried chicken Macaroni and cheese Green beans Fruit salad Chocolate Cupcakes Sweat tea and lemonade NMS – We enjoyed planning and delivering this meal.  Great family collaboration. Great cause.

That better not be the neighbors chickens ”free ranging” in my yard again.Tonight’s menu for Breaking Bread. Smoked pulled chicken bbq, Coleslaw, Rolls, Chips, homemade pickles and Havoc’s Chocolate Chips Cookies. (We added a bag of apples and a bag of oranges for something healthy to grab during the week.) Chickens go on the smoker for about 2 hours with a couple of chunks of Hickory.2 hours (cut the grass, blown the leaves, vacuum a couple of cars). Grab the chickens, let them rest and then pull apart for some delicious pulled chicken bbq. rolls, coleslaw, pickles and top with…

YHC had the pleasure of making up dinner for our friends at Breaking bread. Menu was Lasagna, garlic bread, Salad, and cherry pie. Dropoff was quick and easy with our friend Barbara prompt and offering a kind thanks as we loaded in the food on the cart. NMS: It has been a while since YHC has done breaking bread. Always good to do something nice for those less fortunate and this simple bit of service can help you with gratitude for what you have.

With no M or 2.0s available to assist in the kitchen, YHC decided to curate instead of cook Sunday’s Breaking Bread meal: Publix fried chicken, basil and feta rigatoni salad, fruit salad, iced tea, and cookies-n-cream frosted cupcakes. Plus two bags of nectarines and a bag of tangerines for the week. The residents really appreciate that we are thinking of them, and Barbara sends her regards.

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