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What was originally planned as a nice family affair including the M and 2.0s to prepare a meal as a team and drop it off together was instead turned into Chinese delivery. Thanks COVID….Nevertheless, here’s what happened : Warmarama : Text Barbara on Saturday to let her know the M has COVID and offer to have a meal delivered to Southside Health Center instead. Ask Barbara if she wants Pizza, Chinese or something else. She quickly picks Chinese as a nice change of pace. Get the PAX count : 7 THE THANG : Call Lucky Chinese on Sunday at 3:30…

The 2.0 aka Havoc wanted to take on the honor of planning and preparing the meal tonight.   Baked ZitiGarlic BreadSaladBrowniesTea The number of TikTok references: 2 Havoc: on TikTok if you put a wooden spoon on the pot it won’t boil over. Havoc: on TikTok if you throw pasta on the wall and it sticks it’s done. Oyster:  sigh No oyster stew on the menu tonight. Maybe next time.  Always great to share this time with Havoc.  We will not be sharing any of the TikTok’s.

The COP Mosey to Medical Respite on Belt Blvd, 2 air presses per traffic light. The Thang Pulled pork sandwiches with cole slaw, pasta salad, sweet tea and lemonade. The COT Ooey Gooey Butter Cake Bars Moleskin YHC arrived to find the the side door slightly ajar, so instead of troubling the staff for help, hauled the goods up to the 2nd floor and surprised the unsuspecting staff. All’s well that ends well, but apparently no one enters the building without being accompanied by staff. Oops, but YHC bets dessert made up for it. Tightly kept secret, when EF Hutton…

With springtime approaching and ballfields showing ample signs of activity, Flatline’s Clan of Bon Air managed to make a salad, buy a few Costco pizzas with tea and lemonaid for the clients at The Daily Planet. Not the most gourmet of meals, but never the less, helping those in need filled our tank!!! God Bless us for our ability to help those in need!! Flatline

Last Call along with his 2.0’s and M gladly took the duty to serve the wonderful men at the Southside Shelter on Sunday Night. It was Pasta Night with a strong helping of Lasagna, Beans and Bread. For Dessert, homemade cookies and brownies. Strong showing by lil’ Last Call on preparing the desserts and selecting the meal. M wanted a healthier version with fruits for dessert but was quickly overruled with homemade cookies and brownies. Always enjoy this event. Great work.

On the menu was a bunch of different types of delicious foods. To start off, the main course was homemade chicken chili – made with lots of healthy and fresh vegetables, including tomatoes, a variety of types of beans, corn, and peppers. This tasty, flavorful recipe has been in our family for years, and it is a favorite at many family events. To go with the chili, there was also fluffy, buttery Italian bread. We also packed many toppings for them, including sour cream, shredded cheese, hot sauce. For dessert, we made crispy, delicate brownies. And to drink, there was…

Three in the Splinter household noodled on a meal for Breaking Bread before settling on something that had no noodles. Enchiladas were called and delivered to our friends down on Belt Boulevard. For those that haven’t signed up, sign up. Upchuck couldn’t make it any simpler. It’s a great organization and they are ever so grateful for the support we provide them on a regular basis.

Gentlemen, I have to extend an apology. During the COT on Friday and again today, I mentioned the opportunity to sign up for Breaking Bread this month and during the rest of the first quarter. Unfortunately, that is not correct.Because of the incredible leadership you all are showing, Breaking Bread is FULL until MAY!! You all have done an exceptional job. I appreciate the continued solid efforts that you and your families make on behalf of these people. I thank you, Barbara (their director) thanks you, and the residents thank you. And, we thank your families. UpChuck

Believe it or not, and YHC is ashamed to say, this was my first Breaking Bread Q. And with YHC’s work schedule, I forgot to ask off and my family rose to the challenge and dinner was prepared. 2 pans of lasagne, 1 bowl of salad, lemonade and tea! For certain, the quickest Q I have ever been a part of. But, maybe the most rewarding!! Our preacher said something Christmas Eve I would like to share…”It is not cheap if you give everything you have.” Fellas, take of yourselves and your families! Loud and Proud, Flatline

Many thanks to Upchuck for organizing this opportunity to help others! YHC cooked a hot lasagna meal for 8 folks at Breaking Bread on Saturday 11/27. The meal included Caesar salad, lots of bread, cookies and pie for dessert and a few options for drinks. Per Upchuck’s sage advice I did not opt to bring a Turkey meal! While we are not currently allowed into the building to help serve, it was a great way to help others who need it. My son helped me prepare the meal which provided us some time together.

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