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Saturday – June 29th… Who can help provide a few meals to the Daily Planet for Breaking Bread?

What is Breaking Bread:
F3 Richmond has been supporting the Daily Planet for over 6 years (Think of this somewhere between our 2nd F and 3rd F). The Daily Planet is a local non-profit providing medical respite for individuals who are homeless, offering a safe place to recover from medical needs. They rely on community support to provide meals during this recovery. This is where F3 Richmond steps in — we proudly take the last weekend (Sat/Sun) of each month to provide meals to those in their medical respite.

How you can help:
1. Sign up: Choose a night on the Q sheet.
2. Get Details: A few days before your date, the siteQ will provide all the details, including the number of meals needed for that night. (Usually around 8, but it can be up to 15).

Meal Prep:
Meals can be as simple or elaborate as you like. Some PAX have picked up chicken and sides from Publix, while others have involved their M and 2.0’s to prepare home-cooked meals like baked spaghetti with garlic bread and dessert. The most important thing is providing a hot meal to someone who might not otherwise have one (read that again). You can choose to stay and “break bread” with the Respite guests or simply drop the meal off with one of the staff at Breaking Bread.

Let’s get June 29th covered. And while you’re at it, let’s complete 2024 with the following open spots: Sept 28, Sept 29. Oct 27. Nov 23, Nov 24. Dec 28, Dec 29.

In 2024:
We have 161 PAX who have posted 5+ days in 2024
Breaking Bread: 24 Spots open each year. (161 PAX for 24 BB??)

Let’s Gooo!


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