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Breaking Bread Transition


To the Men and Families of F3RVA,

The time has come. For about 5 years (give or take), YHC has led the PAX effort with The Southside Health Center, an AO also known as “Breaking Bread.” It’s a simple place with a big heart. Through your generosity, F3RVA has provided a delicious, homemade dinner to the guests, each of whom is recovering from a medical illness, injury, or other issue. Most of us do this activity alone or with our families, albeit knowing The Pax is behind us. For those prone to entirely unnecessary and grammatically inappropriate capitalization, you all have made an Impact. In the word of YHC’s friend Swirly, “Boom!”

Thank you to each of you for making this happen. YHC would like to thank HoneyDo for bringing YHC into F3RVA and later inviting YHC to his first Breaking Bread event. “We” made tacos, meaning HoneyDo made taco beef, hot cheese, onions, tomatoes, hard and soft shelled tacos, and who knows what else. YHC made a simple salad, which, if YHC recalls correctly, was not (ahem) popular with the residents. “Salad is not popular with this crowd. They are not rabbits,” Ron Swanson HoneyDo reminded me. It’s possible YHC brought drinks, but that’s missing the point. HoneyDo encouraged YHC, taught YHC the basics, and demonstrated first-hand to YHC how easy it is to make an Impact. A good time was had, people were fed, and all left with full hearts. 

Fast forward a year or so, and F3RVA had a need for someone to put a little bit of time into recruiting Brothers and their families to share their time, money, and generosity with those who need a helping hand. Remember, there is no site Q for Breaking Bread, no titles, no funding, no structured management, and no rule book. It’s 100% you all volunteering, cooking, and leading. Your energy and generosity are the entire ballgame. YHC is proud of each of you who have stepped up. YHC thanks each you.

YHC also wants to thank Rosie. At the beginning of the pandemic, YHC was wondering how F3RVA would continue to fill one Sunday night a month, which at times had been a challenge. Rosie said, “Why don’t we do 2 nights a month? The Goodman’s will take the extra 12 nights if other guys don’t step up.” Boom. Expansion. And, many of you all stepped up. In the past 3 years, we have never had a challenge filling 24 slots per year, including Christmas Eve, Christmas, Thanksgiving weekend, and Memorial Day weekend. A number of you have been regulars, and YHC appreciates your dedication.

On a personal note, many of you know that my dad grew up very poor and at times without enough food. Feeding people is very personal to YHC. You all have made an Impact which I suspect few of us who have plenty are able to understand.

And, with that, 5 years has gone by quickly. It’s time to turn over the reigns to new leadership. YHC’s friend, Oyster, asked last summer to take on a role helping with Breaking Bread. Oyster is ready to lead. Starting January 1, 2023, Oyster will be The Man running Breaking Bread. Splinter has opened the sign-ups, which are on the 2023 Q sheet (far right hand side, 4th Saturday and 4th Sunday of each month). YHC will still be around, making dinners for BB with his 2.0s and M, and, for sure, prodding folks from time to time to help out. YHC appreciates your support, generosity, and efforts (and those of your families) over the past 5 years. And, going forward, YHC continues to thank each man in advance for your contributions.

UpChuck spits the bit.


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