Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

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6 Davillians including a FNG. Got out on the first day of the month for the mid week run. Route – Run the Atlee HS and did the school loop and came back via the Bojangles loop for just over 4 miles. Some took a few roads to get in 4.5. Welcome to Scantron. Scantron works for the Virginia Department of Education. He used to be a teacher and AP in Hanover. Spit on that!!

7 men in their 30’s and 50’s along with 2 of Man’s Best Friends, enjoy closer morning for a Rucking and Running Route – Include a transitional start of during down Oakham then heading down the small loop of Fox Hill but instead of the full loop we took the trail around the pond to Rutlandshire. After a loop around the libarty and PBR we headed up the Bojangles loop/Atlee Rd and turn right onto Cool Spring R. Typically we cant run down Cool Spring Rd due lack of light and only being able to run on the shoulder of…

Mr. Holland correctly interpreted the strange, short route as a sign of impending chicanery in the form of 400m repeats on Chickahominy Middle School’s cinder track. In my defense, the route was not so subtly entitled, “Clubhouse to track” on the map. With a 1.3 mile warmup/cool down to and from the track, the PAX all completed 4-5 repeats with some additional jogging or walking mixed in. It was especially impressive to watch two respectful members of the running Pax dusting two of in our 30s on the final 400. I appreciate all of you for following me and pushing…

4 Runners and 3 Ruckers enjoy a cool morning for another day in the gloom Ruckers got their 5am start and put in 4.5 miles Runners ran a traditional loop of Rutland, Cool Spring Forest, and Knollwood but reversed. Start with the short route to Knollwood then the trail at Cool Spring Forest and finish with the Rutland for 4.3ish miles Spit On That!!

7 Runners and 2 Ruckers enjoy the good spring weather for second run of the week Route to a loop around Craney Island then back over the flyover with a loop around Kroger and finish with a loop around PBR and library before heading back through Rutland the clubhouse. Distance range from 4 to 4.5 depending on the extra credit. Ruckers did their route Great to have such a good turn out this morning Spit On That!

4 runners came out to get in the second run of the week. For three of us, it was take it sort of easy before our 10k this week. Route was a traditional loop around Rutland, then full trail run in Cool Spring West. YHC decided to take the same way back getting in just over 4 miles. The rest of the PAX did the Bojangles loop and got closer to 4.5 miles. Made sure to keep the pace reasonable. Speakeasy may have EHed us to run in the new Half Marathon next March SPIT ON THAT!!

3 runners overcame the excuses, ranging from the painful and medical to work-related to, well, less compelling, to tackle some intervals. Opus and YHC pushed for 5kish pace for the intervals around YHC’s favorite interval loop to celebrate his 1st F3 anniversary, with a total of 15 minutes at that pace and walking or jogging rest. Spit took it a bit easier in preparation for his 10k twofer approaching. Everyone else slept. Thanks for pushing me guys. Even though we split up for much of the run today, having you guys out there holds me accountable and pushes me to…

One Davillians made sure the AO was secured and got in some mile this morning YHC decided to scrap the route and do mile repeats on the Bojangles loop. finished with 3 loops just over 3 miles Spit On That

3 runners and 2 ruckers enjoyed a cooler morning. Ruckers did thing with start time of 5 Runners got in 4.5 to 5+ miles with a traditional route into Knollwood and a loop around Cool Spring Forest Trail. This mornings run was brought to you by Zan’s Refuge Services. Spit On That!

1 Rucker + 2 runners + 1 other Rucker starting at a different location got after it this morning No Idea (Rucker 1) started early and left eArly Opus and YHC ran over the fly over to Craney Island and loop around that neighborhood then back over the fly over and finished with a Bojangles loop to get in 4.25 miles Yardsale Rucker at Atlee HS thinking it was Tuesday before realizing he was in the wrong place then came over to Rutland Nice weather this morning Spit On That!

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