Thursday, September 23
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

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Two showed up for Tomato run and we decided to do the Giles loop. Normally this is going Reverse BoJangles and return BoJangle’s this time we just Returned Bojangles for a 3.5 mile run. Great conversation and Opus took us out.

YHC rolled into an empty parking lot with the raining pouring. Thinking this maybe a solo run YHC got ready. Luckily Corned Beef came rolling in and we headed out simply route, headed out to Craney Island hill and back. Spit On That!!

2 Davillians went out for a run this morning but you would though we went swimming with how sweaty we were afterwards. Route was out on Atlee station passed the schools, short loop into Honey Meadows then cut into Taylor Farms before return the same way we came for just over 4 miles Trout and YHC enjoy some nice mumble chatter about our kids with his younger and my oldest starting kindergarten in a few weeks SPIT ON THAT!!

YHC was sore from Manndate so wanted to make this a run/walk Q. Trout, Trout’s 2.0 and Off Shore went on a Honeymeadows 4 mile loop. YHC and Opus did a 1/4 mile walk, 1/4 run to Atlee and back for 3 miles. Good effort by all.

Mea Culpa Oyster ended up missing the start of our run last week but ended up running his own route. He did meet us at the end for our COT. YHC offers humble apologies to Oyster for leaving him off the backblast from last week.

Running sucked this morning. Good to see Trout’s daughter Ice Age out there killing it! Ran the reverse bojangles loop, to the giles loop back around bojangles about 4 miles.

4 Davillians and a visitor from south of the wall enjoy some cooler temps and got in their weekly run Route – Reverse Rutland/Knollwood minus the Cool Forest Trail but of course include the Bojangles loop for a little over 4 miles Great to have Boberry join us this monring. First time he has been back since the Davillian relays and got lost in Knollwood. This time we made sure to call out the turns so he didn’t have to run a 10k again SPIT ON THAT!!

5 runners came out for a fartlek workout. 1 mile bro code run. Approx 9 minutes. Fartlek run — pick a spot to sprint to. Sprint there. Walk it out for about 1 minute. Sometimes less. Repeato multiple times. Brocode run back to the flag. 1 mile or so. Perfect timing. Thanks for obliging YHC on this one. We ended up doing 4.2 miles this morning! SYITG!

2 Davillains decided to slow thing down today and went for a walk intend of a run. Got in about 2 miles which exploring the newer townhomes of Rutland looking for the cut through to get across the railroad track. Couldn’t find so we will have to ask Spike about that one. Will on the walk Corned Beef and YHC solved all the issues of fatherhood so you are welcome SPIT ON THAT!!

It was hot and humid but 3 Davillians got in their miles for the week this past Thursday. The route was a something a little new. We heading out of Rutland clubhouse up Combs straight back to the Cool Spring Forest trail going the reverse way we normal do and running the whole trail. Came out then went up Cool Spring Rd to the flyover for a loop around Atlee HS service road and parking lot. Back over the flyover and back to the clubhouse to get in 4+ miles Blackblast title is sponsored Bulkhead shirt. SPIT ON THAT!!

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