Wednesday, February 28
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

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4 men gathered for this weeks Tomato Run/Tomato Ruck YHC and Mr. Holland went for a run. Good conversations about the art of various shapes and sizes, as well as never passing on rare opportunities when they present themselves. Corned Beef and Yardsale our voluminous and voluptuous brothers went for a Ruck. Announcements – Corned Beef said a 2nd F is coming up soon at PBR in Mechanicsville, but no date was given. Prayer Requests – Bulkhead/Bulkheads mother. Prayers for the family with his mothers recent cancer diagnosis. NMS – I always enjoy my trip to the north. I do…

3 runners showed up to do a 5 minute run, 1 minute walk this morning. 4.4 milesrun average was 8:45/mileoverall average was 9:22/mileYHC has been having issues with his IT band on long runs so a few weeks ago decided to start a Galloway method type run/ walk. So far its been great. My IT band has held up and the runs have been amazing, knowing that a walk wasn’t that far away. I highly encourage people to try it!

A group of 9 including a down ranger from western VA + two four legged friend, enjoyed spring like weather for a Thursday edition of running/rucking in DaVille 2 Ruckers and their four legged friend, got their 5 am start and circled back to pick up our down ranger from Roanoke. They then took Puffs on a tour around Rutland/Atlee HS. Runners and their four legged friend completed a traditional loop around Rutland and the full trail of Cool Spring Forest plus added some extra loops here and there to get in 4 to 5 miles. Glad to have Puffs…

3 ruckers and 2 runners braved this morning. The ruckers started at 5am and got in 3.5 miles. The runners started at 5:30am and did the Bojangles loop and Cool Spring loop to get in 4 miles and change. Numbers, names, No Idea took us out.Great job gents.

4 runners and 4 Ruckers help YHC celebrate 39 years! runners route – very traditional, Rutland route with cool spring trail and a shorten Bojangles loop for YHC to get in exactly 3.9. The other runners did a little over 4 Awesome to see a larger group out this morning SPIT ON THAT FOR THE LAST OF HATE!!

2 Davillians enjoy warmer weather on a run this morning. Route included a loop through Rutland and a cut through the trail to the library and PBR. Took a new loop around the parking lots of Truist, ER, and Bojangles before heading to Kroger parking lot. After a loop around around the townhouses Opus had to make a pit stop while YHC finished with a loop around the apartments to get in 4+ Miss having the rest of the crew this morning. Looking for to a good start to 2024 Spit On That!!

3 Davillians enjoy the first day of Winter with a below freezing run. Route – Started with running over the fly over and head to Dewitt Dr. We then took service road to Giles in our search to see if the 20 foot Frosty The Snowman was up. We were in luck and it was so we then heading out of Giles via Halifax Green Dr hills. Then returning to Atlee Station we headed back over the fly over. YHC decided to keep it short still recovering from a cold and head straight back for 3.25 miles. Opus added a…

2 Davillians got up early on Thanksgiving for the Daville’s Thanksgiving Run. Route was a typical run around Rutland and Cool Spring Forest for 3.5 miles. Speakeasy got in more (most likely over 5) with the run to the AO and run afterwards Sorry to miss our other Davillians on Turkey Day! SPIT ON THAT!!

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