Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

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8 Davillians (yes 8!) came out to run by the moonlight to get in their miles for the week. Route: Craney Island loop – Head out of Rutland, over the bridge, down Atlee Station, right on Dewitt, loop around to Aaroe, left on Caleb, left on Hudnall, right back onto Dewitt, then right onto Westone, back up Atlee station, over the bridge and finish with a loop around Bojangles to get in a little over 4. Fannie Mae and Spike added a few extra loops around Rutland to get closer to 5 Glad to have a big group out. Having…

A lone wolf headed out for run on this icy morning for a short run. YHC got a text from Corned Beef at 5:20 that he wouldn’t be able to make it and if he could take the Q. YHC was already on the way and was happy to fill in. Turns out it ended up being a solo day. Route was two loops around Bojangles and added two loops around the parking lot of the library and shopping center. Total distance just over a 5k. Hopefully some better weather will get the rest of PAX out again soon! SPIT…

Spike and Corned Beef ran a 4.1 Mile route for the morning run. Weather was perfect for a nice run this morning. Great mumble chatter throughout the run and great route. We call this a Giles loop and we start from Ruxton clubhouse with a reverse Bojangle’s loop run over tracks to Giles and loop around and return to Bojangle’s loop to Ruxton Clubhouse to wrap up the 4.1 mile run.

5 Davillian embraced the suck that was the cold weather to get in their miles. We had two groups heading in different directions. Spike and Fannie Mae when left out of the clubhouse and over to Atlee to get in about 5.25 miles. The rest of us went right to run the Rutland loop. Corned Beef and YHC finished with the reverse Bojangles loop to get in 4.5 miles. Opus skipped that loop and got in around 3.5 miles Cold but good day for a run. SPIT ON THAT!!

4 Davillians braved the “snow’ and wind to get in their weekly run. The route was reverse Bojangles over the bridge to Giles. Bulkhead and Corned Beef turned left at the bottom of the hill around the loop to get in 4ish miles Spike and YHC headed to the back of Giles to the “new hill” and turned around at the dead end. We skipped the second loop around Bojangles to get in 4.5 miles Hard day for a run with wind and snow in our faces but great by everyone! SPIT ON THAT!!

3 guys showed up to run. and that is what we did.Route — reverse Bojangles loop into atlee into honey meadows traffic circle, come back without the Bojangles loop on the way back4.5 milesGreat running with you this morning! Spike I hope your ankle is okay. Thanks for slowing down your pace so YHC could keep up with you all this morning. Still couldn’t hold a conversation, but that is okay. Phonics kept the conversation going.

6 Davillians showed up for our weekly run this morning. YHC had given everyone a heads up we would be switching it up a little this morning and doing a hill workout rather than a normal run. We started with a warmup jog to the Knollwood entrance a little over a mile from starting point. Once at hill we started at bottom and gave it all we had to run to top (about .15 miles), then walk back about 100 yards and jog down to bottom of hill. Repeat. Half the group completed 6 rounds and other half completed 5…

2 Davillians got in a 4+ mile run this morning to close out 2020 Opus called the route which was a reverse Bojangles loop, over the bridge, a loop around Giles and back the same way Great day for a run to finish out the year SPIT ON THAT!!

5 Runners came out for warm Christmas Eve morning for a great day for a run. Route – Head to Honey Meadows and turn around at 23 minutes to get back in 22 minutes. Opus, Bulkhead, and Helix got in 5 miles while Spike & YHC were feeling strong for a little bonus time to get in little over a 10K SPIT ON THAT!!

2 Davillians shrugged of the below freezing temps and icy roads to get in 5 miles. Route was out and back from the clubhouse to Honey Meadows Great mumble chatter about running and young kids SPIT ON THAT!!

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