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30 minute trail run prior to Rock N Roll

Part 2 of 3….I have multiple people I subscribe to via YouTube for stretches or routines to help loosen, feel better get the body in a much better position. This morning, a 13 minutes routine cat/cow, threading the needle, up and down dogs, lizard and side splits to highlight what I did to get ready. Put the yoga mat away, get ready for the final and main part

It was just the two of us this morning(House Party and myself) doing the morning wood around Rock and Roll this morning. House Party was moving along, I arrived a little before 6am, waited 5 minutes see if anyone else would arrive, then took off. A short session of 2 miles in 30 minutes, came back put the ruck away, grabbed the yoga mat to get ready for a stretch

8 Highly Impactful Men ventured around the grounds of Rockwood Park for what wasn’t your typical walk in the park. Lots of great chatter on multiple topics. We passed around 3 cindies on our trek. Doing some rifle carries along the way. At one point DTH and myself, did an impromptu test to see who could rifle carry the longest. I let him win because I had an itch. Great to have Choo Choo join us for his first Ruck. PAX made the coupon carries look easy. Almost wish I would have brought more coupons. As always, I was blessed…

An iron PAX warrior, a DTH-pipeline FNG, a ruck-virgin Birthday Boy, and your humble correspondent. 45 minutes of awesome conversation rucking a couple miles around Rockwood, finished off with 10 minutes of Mudslide Broga. GREAT way to start the day gentlemen, and a Happy Birthday to Banksy! Yours AYE! ~DTH

Chaplain and House Party hit the trails on a little run, I did a little rucking prior to our broga session. Yes for those who have seen or hit my sessions, I do rock n broga(play rock music while getting loosened up). We started off a little cat and cow, a little beast pose(knees slightly of the ground pressing your hands to raise up). Turn started a little flow including a tweak to runners lunge(back foot flat on the mat). I think I got both Chaplain and House Party good with the extreme side planks (leg comes thru and it’s…

Morning Wood has evolved over the years – you can pretty much do whatever the F you want before Rock N Roll. This morning House Party and I ditched our Rucks and brought back the traditional run. Completed the paved trail loop plus half a lap around the park. Finished just in time for Broga. Always a great time catching up with HP!

16 SOJ STUDS answered the call and wrapped their arms around Pain and Chaos this morning, the two 14’ telephone pole-size logs that took center stage at GTE#47. Some brothers knew what to expect, others came to learn what a ruck + log weight feels like. The broad grins said it all. These heroes carried the logs to and from the PIT around the entire perimeter of Rockwood’s loop road (about 1.2mi in 32min), with Team Chaos taking the lead and stopping periodically to complete log curls and overhead presses. With 8 PAX per team and 5 PAX under each…

They both suck!!! Hardywood said that growth comes in the rough edges, not in the comfortable middle. There’s nothing comfortable about The Cindy 500. An Iron PAX challenge from last summer, YHC suggested we do one of those challenges from last year to State Farm and that was the first one he fired back. Holy smokes what a burn! Nothing like lifting a cinder block over your head a whopping 200 times! And that’s not even half the workout! And the grip strength training was not something that was anticipated either. Great to have Hardywood make the hike from Amelia,…

Big thanks to Big Rig for voluntelling me to Q the ruck. We rucked about 2.7 miles until we made it back for Rosie’s Q. It was a great first Q for me and this only being my 5th time out with F3. I encourage anyone looking to make their first Q, like everything with F3 everyone is there to support you and push you. Thanks to everyone.

“Who’s the Q?” Someone asked as YHC was chatting away with the PAX. Just realizing it was already 3 minutes past 6. “Oh yeah, it’s me! Let’s go!” It was a party of six. We hit the trails at Rockwood. PAX ventured off the paved trail to the memorial on Gregory Pond. We took a moment to reflect on this Memorial Day weekend, those brave souls who made that sacrifice. We made our way through the trails, hitting some off road, trying to get lost but not too lost. Finally took one trail and it took us out right into…

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