Thursday, February 9
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

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30 minute trail run prior to Rock N Roll

The Morning Wood faithful divided up on this chilly morning. Shank and I completed the usual paved nature trail. Did not realize that Mudslide was trailing us until we got back to the flag. Guess we were just running too fast. Florence and Footloose got an early start and rucked to points unknown. Great warm-up before Mudslide’s brutal beatdown. I enjoyed hanging with Shank and hearing about his journey from Brooklyn to Richmond.

3 HIMs showed up to Morning Wood for a pre-run before the beat down. Florence and Footloose were already 30 mins. in rucking through the trails. YHC asked Chaplain if we should venture out of Rockwood park and cross Courthouse Rd. but we decided we would stick to what we know and hit the paved trail. Plus YHC just got a new headlamp that needed to be put to use. We hit the trail by the archery area, then by the water, and came out by the nature center. Its kind of scary running through those trails in the dark.…

Dos Hermanos traveled to new ground outside of Rockwood Park. Ran across Courthouse Rd, took a left, ran down to Tommy’s Car Wash, took a right then ran down to Allen Tire. Turned around, ran in back of 2 churches then crossed Courthouse Rd again and BTTF. Many security cameras and flood lights were activated during this run. You may see us make the evening news as potential burglars to keep an eye out. Mumble chatter was strong including talk of our families, F3, Cardinal, football, rucking, and more. Always good to catch up with my brother House Party. Announcement…

5 of us ran around the confines of Rockwood Park before Mudslide’s VQ. Chaplain showed up late but eventually found the rest of us. YHC took us down a new trail that starts behind the Nature Center building then cuts through the middle of the Trail Loop. Took a left when we connected to the main Trail Loop then circled BTTF and ran a couple more laps around the parking lot. Big numbers for Morning Wood today!

YHC had a new route in mind today. We ran outside the park and across Courthouse Rd to the nearby neighborhood. Ran randomly around any road we could find including an apartment complex and a car wash. Then Chaplain had the idea to cross Courthouse Road again and go behind the plaza next to Rockwood Park. Came out to Hull Street, took the side entrance back into Rockwood Park then BTTF. Great mumble chatter to top it off. 

A whopping 4 showed up for the Pre Run at Rockwood. This is lovingly known as Morning Wood where we only take “Hard Commits”. We showed our friendly traveler Hardywood the 2+ mile trail loop run before his epic beatdown. 

Big Rig and I hit the streets early on Saturday morning. Missed the memo that Rock N Roll was going to be “leg day.” Enjoyed catching up and getting some miles in.

Your Bloated Correspondent hit the streets early on this chilly morning. Ending up doing an out and back route through the trails of Rockwood Park. Saw an awesome sunrise over the lake! A good time was had by all.

YHC donned the traditional black F3 attire, left my headlamp sitting at home, and ventured out into the streets/trails of Rockwood Park. Completed our normal paved trail run through the backwoods…..I did pick up the pace a bit when in the vicinity of the cannibal compound. Big Rig had just finished a 5 mile run and was heading to work as I arrived. A fist bump and some encouraging words earned him a coveted big data point. As usual, a good time was had by all.

3 Amigos ran copious amounts of laps around Rockwood Park before the Q. Big Rig had the horrible idea of running 5 miles before his own VQ. Can’t say anyone will ever repeat that. He and YHC covered 5 miles launching at 5:55 am. House Party launched at the usual 6:30 am time and got in 2 miles. Prayers for TryHard and Chaplain’s families who are dealing with the flu tearing through their house. 

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