Saturday, September 30
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

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30 minute trail run prior to Rock N Roll

YHC, Rosie, McGruff and Hardywood went for an early run. Lots of storm damage and downed trees on the paved trail. We were lucky to have the two Brogi’s to tag team some stretching on the basketball court. Last Call started us out, and Mudslide wrapped up a full body routine. It was great catching up with everyone!

Talk about a change in the weather, it felt good to come out, stretch and get ready for what led to another DTH style workout. A lot of just getting the muscles worked, loose plus we held positions like runner’s lunge for a little extra time. One thing I like to do is that slow 3 second merkin down, hold for 3, then back up for 3. I don’t quite have a set routine down still working on creating a decent flow but we get 10-12 minutes in which is about right. I think we all felt good, ready to…

Big Rig and YHC took off at 6:00am for a pre-beatdown ruck. We managed to get in about 2 miles before splitting up. While YHC decided to do some stretching, Big Rig decided to do a little extra running. Mubble chatter today was great. Its always nice to catch up and just talk about life. House Party

Yes…there’s another offering of Broga via F3(over at Rock and Roll on Saturdays but if a convergence or something else came up and we needed a small session, I can come through). A group of 4 came out, we hit the basketball courts and worked everything from head to toe. The humidity helped things out where the muscles, joints, etc were able to get warmed up a little quicker. The idea each time is to work the body to where as we train, it’s not getting hurt. In fact helping in to heal plus loosen and allow us to be…

I stepped outside this morning and went…whoa(not humid, feels good). I made my way over to Rockwood Park to honor my commitment of Saturday flexibility and mobility before the main workout. 3 came out to get the muscles prepped and ready Started out a little flexion(gripping the toes into the ground) straightening the legs and stretching up high. Then a swan dive down, back up using a little core(back down again). We did a little balancing(standing on one foot, the second time holding the knee). There are days where both sides go great, one id good the other is a…

After much thought about whether to attend Morning Wood for a ruck or the CSAUP, YHC decided to ruck. Having the use of my legs tomorrow was the deciding factor. The weather was great this morning. Took off at 6:00am and hit the normal paved trail. Finished up just in time for some Woga with Mudslide and Florence. House Party

I believe Chaplain did the morning run, came back along with Broadway we ventured to the courts for a round of woga and stretching. A nice way to start it up before we hit the main Q. It’s all basic, no props just a towel on the ground and your body. Here’s the breakdown: Cat/Cow, Bird Dogs, Child’s Pose(Cat Stretch), Sphinx Pose, Up and Down Dog, Knees/Side Stretch, Quad Flexion, Runner’s Lunge/reach, Deep Squat/Rise Up, Squat Hold, Hip Ext/March, Dead Bugs ending with a little shoulder flexion. The body felt good, relaxed, ready to go for the main Q

I arrived at 630, saw a few guys to the side and went “wait am I late or something?” I wasn’t, a group of 5 came out to help get their bodies ready for a DTH beatdown. Started out with some neck rolls(an area we don’t work a whole lot) to help loosen the neck and start to wake the whole body up. Then onto the body with a little horse stance/arms extended combo(hips, inner thighs, chest and shoulders). A quick moment to extend the arms, back to the horse stance(switch up the position of the shoulders). Then a little…

YHC came in hot this morning ready to ruck and was greeted by Chaplain and Big Rig warming up for a run. Although that’s not what I had in mind, YHC decided to audible to a run, which I’m glad I did. Mumble chatter was great and consisted of work, family, and injuries we’ve had over the years. I believe I took the award for the most injuries, Big Rig with the most gruesome, and Chaplain with the award for most likely to avoid getting injured. House Party

YHC took of at the 6:00am mark for the pre beatdown ruck while Chaplain hit the trails for the 6:30am run. Most times the ruckers and runners would cross paths on their route and show love in passing but YHC took another route this morning and that’s probably the reason we missed each other. We’ll catch each other next time Chaplain for a high five and a “Good work!” Great work this morning Chaplain.

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