Thursday, February 9
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

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Five men of peace assembled quietly in The Gloom for a seasonally pleasant version of Broga. Temperatures were 70 and sunny. According those stuck in traffic on River Road, the following quite likely happened: Towels down. Welcomes shared. Shoes removed (optional). Neck stretch. Arm stretch. Shoulder stretch. Yadda, yadda, yadda. Torso. Legs. Full body stretches. Pigeon. Shivasavan. Ankles. Hips. Groin. Numbers, names, etc. No announcements. NMS: Successful workout. Convinced Handshake to stay for First Watch.

4 men in need of stretching gathered for a 25 degree Broga. YHC can’t say many “official” Yoga poses were done but it was really nice to breathe the cold air and stretch. Thanks to Upchuck, Last Call, and EF Hutton for joining YHC.

Four assembled in the darkness of the wee-hours to stretch and grow. Conditions were 70 and sunny. According to the dude in the pick-up, the following might have happened: UpChuck Q: Stretch to the sky. Stretch to the side. Repeat. Last Call Q: Stretch to the sky. Stretch to the side. Stretch to the front. Repeat. (Hutton released). Hutton Q: Stretch to the sky. Stretch to the side. Stretch to the front. Repeat. (Someone else released). Names, Numbers, Etc. NMS: Stretching is cool. F3 yoga mats are awful and off-brand. Adults use a towel or a normal mat. Announcements: First…

Six Brogii veterans woke well before most to get some early work in regardless of the cool and damp conditions. Awning under the church was an ideal setting for double and some triple ply coverage or just a washcloth as some elected to utilize. Areas of emphasis were shoulders, neck, hips, glutes and hamstrings. Cooler temps made shavasana a bit uncomfortable but still enjoyable. Great mumble chatter by the PAX regardless of Kubota’s library policy during Broga. Well done lads.

A quartet of frozen Brogiis braved the winds and cooler temps at No Toll to get in a prebeatdown stretching session. Shoulders, hips, back, hamstrings and glutes were called into action before an elongated Shavasana with the cool breeze coming overtop. Group was not prepared for the constant breeze this morning and all agreed the fart sack was a might tough temptation to overcome. Appreciate you gentlemen joining me and pushing me out of the nice warm bed. Way to work fellas.

A bit of a chill was in the filtered Tuckahoe air this morning. This did not stop 5 brogi regulars and 1 newcomer from rising earlier than most to work out some kinks. Hot Potato was previously called so YHC took the 1st round with some standing work followed by Childs Pose and shoulder work. Kubota took over next leading the PAX into a complex pretzel position creating various outbursts in its wake. Passing the torch to EF Hutton for the always popular pigeon and cat/cow. Handshake recommended an elongated shavasana to close us out. Great work men on a…

A might duo of Brogii veterans braved the cooler temps of No Toll for a predawn flexibility test. According to the regular 5 am joggers, this is what was witnessed. Emphasis of the day was on lower body. Hips, hamstrings and back were worked thru a variety of standing postures. Pigeon along with House Party’s favorite shoulder pose got us working on upper body. Extra long shavasana closed things out to start our day. Good seeing House Party back out as he started a new job. Prayers for family in Tampa with with incoming storm.

A Broga first occurred this morning prior to First Watch: A Hot Potato Broga Session! YHC started us off with some preliminary breathing exercises with Mountain Pose leading into a series of dead man hangs, Warrior 1, Warrior 2 and then attempting the Tree Pose. We need to work on our balance in order to perfect Tree Pose. EF Hutton then dropped us down to our mats and initiated some Cat/Cow, Pigeon and Shoulder Stretch. Last Call used his few minutes to keep us on the ground with Runner’s Pose and Child’s Pose. Finally, the potato was tossed to Lockjaw…

A duo Brogi stalwarts took to the No Toll courts to get loose and limber. According to the owls, this is rumored to have occured. Shoulder and back were the initial target areas. Legs and glutes followed with the pigeon the always popular position. Good shavasana caused some shuteye for YHC as cool breeze was ideal this morning. Good to see Chaplain recovering from his back IR and getting some additional rest following the intense 4.30 launch at Rock and Roll on Monday. Well done boys.

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