Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

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Part 2 of 3….I have multiple people I subscribe to via YouTube for stretches or routines to help loosen, feel better get the body in a much better position. This morning, a 13 minutes routine cat/cow, threading the needle, up and down dogs, lizard and side splits to highlight what I did to get ready. Put the yoga mat away, get ready for the final and main part

A single pair of FW regulars awoke before the launch to work out some kinks and enjoy the ideal temps that were present at River Road Baptist. Hips, glutes and back were the areas of emphasis today with an extended Shavasana at the request of Senor Frog. Good work today.

3 for an early morning Broga session at Rock N Roll. YHC had to dig deep into my bag of stretches for this one. I dont pretend to have Mudslide’s flexibility, or Last Call’s soothing voice…..but we were able to power through. Highlights included the Super Pigeon, Happy Baby, and an old school Butterfly Stretch. With the high humidity, we were already sweating and ready for the Big Rig beatdown. SYITG

Time to welcome the broga sessions to a new spot. 3 of us graced the mats getting loose and ready for what’s to come a little later. Started on the ground with a little twists, them up for sun salutations along with lizard, half splits, Warriors 1 and 2, side angle adding single leg balancing with tree and straight leg extensions. State Farm and I can grab the foot and balance on the opposite leg(you will feel those leg muscles shake). EF Hutton grabbed his leg using the alternate hands under knee then extending it out. After 15 minutes, we…

Tres Gringos decided to leave the air conditioned comforts of home to stretch and moan prior to the real Oyster sweatfest. Requests were passed down for concentration on hamstrings and calves. These areas were hit along with glutes, shoulders and back. Shavasana was enjoyed but ridiculed for length. Sorry gents but sleep happens at work. Great work today fellas. Thank you for coming out early.

Chaplain and House Party hit the trails on a little run, I did a little rucking prior to our broga session. Yes for those who have seen or hit my sessions, I do rock n broga(play rock music while getting loosened up). We started off a little cat and cow, a little beast pose(knees slightly of the ground pressing your hands to raise up). Turn started a little flow including a tweak to runners lunge(back foot flat on the mat). I think I got both Chaplain and House Party good with the extreme side planks (leg comes thru and it’s…

4.5 strong for YHC’s version of Broga in order to prepare for a Yeehaw beatdown. It was fun.

Two bros rolled out their mats to limber up and find some enlightenment. House party was a happy participant to YHC’s novice brogaship, NTB popped in for a brief Shavasana.

The timing was perfect….returned the big poles back then I needed to depart to get some broga in. A good turnout of 7 came over near the flag to stretch out and get ready for the main event. Started on the ground, twisting getting the back and midsection ready. Then sphinx, cat/cow down dog then time to go thru a couple of cycles. Today we really worked Warrior 2 into side angle. The one thing in yoga: there’s always somewhere else to go. I am able to bind once again, it takes time but there’s 3 different positions. After that…

3 fine looking gents left the fart sack early to limber up prior to the impending Fireman Ed beatdown. A variety of areas were emphasized including shoulders, hammys, hips. Shorter shavasana was chastised by the Pax, note to self. Great work fellas, thank you for the conversation and commitment to stretch with me after my week hiatus.

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