Saturday, September 30
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

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Seven man wolfpax hit Timberwolf this morning for a nice and easy workout. Here is how it went down: Warmup: Jog from flag back to the roundabout to check out the epic full moon this morning. Really stunning sight right as you came around the roundabout this AM. Mosey back to bus loop area for various stretches. Thang: Two triple checks. One leg focused (squats and lunges). Next ab focused (flutters and LBCs. Mosey to tennis courts and did 5 merkins at each corner on right side and dry dock down left side. 10 minutes reserved for Mudslide Broga. No,…

A quartet of Broga regulaars rose before many to get some early moans and groans out in anticipation of the awaiting main course. Some popping and cracking among other releases were shared by the group. A few new moves were introduced with the areas of emphasis consisting of shoulders, hips, glutes, hammys and calves. Elongated shavasana was a nice climax as the cool morning air surrounded the Pax. Well done fellas.

YHC, Rosie, McGruff and Hardywood went for an early run. Lots of storm damage and downed trees on the paved trail. We were lucky to have the two Brogi’s to tag team some stretching on the basketball court. Last Call started us out, and Mudslide wrapped up a full body routine. It was great catching up with everyone!

I put it out there before the convergence if anyone wanted to get loose and stretched before the convergence(come to the amphitheater 630am start time). What started as 3, grew into 6 as we got into one of my better flows. It started upper body moving to the lower, then those slow merkins(3 seconds down, hold for 3, back up for 3) getting things rolling. It was more of getting the lower body loose(runner’s lunge working on pulses to help get into the pose) deep squats, then rising up slow(5 count) with arms above the head.Last little bit working on…

Talk about a change in the weather, it felt good to come out, stretch and get ready for what led to another DTH style workout. A lot of just getting the muscles worked, loose plus we held positions like runner’s lunge for a little extra time. One thing I like to do is that slow 3 second merkin down, hold for 3, then back up for 3. I don’t quite have a set routine down still working on creating a decent flow but we get 10-12 minutes in which is about right. I think we all felt good, ready to…

A duo of nimble Brogiis fought off the early snooze alarm to limber up prior to an epic Oyster beatdown. YHC prepped to courts to remove any overnight puddles but the thickness in the air remained. This morning we worked shoulders, hips, glutes and hammys. Straps were fully utilized and shavasana was short yet enjoyable. Great to have Nancy come out regardless of the muck, always great mumble chatter. Well done.

4 good looking brogiis ventured out early to get some stretching in the cool summer dew under the tutelage of Fudd’s astronomy knowledge. Hips, back, neck and glutes were emphasized today. Shavasana was pleasant with some mumble chatter on the side. Well done fellas.

2 SOJ Brogii’s rose earlier than others to enjoy the ideal conditions and limber up. County is still cutting costs by keeping the AO dark. Here is what was rumored to have occurred according to the early morning dog walkers. Areas of Emphasis today included quads, hips, hammys, shoulders and neck. YHC worked out a kink. Stretchy bands were considered but went unused today. Extended shavasana was always welcome with a light breeze that made the morning quite enjoyable. Good chatter with HP. Always a privledge to spend time with him early in the gloom. Great work.

A trio of brojiis took to the steamy courts of No Toll to limber up prior to an epic VQ beatdown. Shoulders, hips, glutes, back and hammys were worked extensively. A few moans, pops and groans were audible throughout the sweatfest. Extended Shavasana was received by a welcome breeze from the morning heavens. Well done today fellas.

3 broga veterans welcomed a broga newbie on the mend rose earlier than most to work out the kinks. Moans, groans and other bodily releases were prevalent as numerous areas were worked. Shoulders, hips, groin, hammys, calves and glutes were the target areas. Extended shavasana was enjoyed to the distant pace of Senor Frog getting some early laps in. Good to have Splinter join us as he took advantage of extra protection with an additional towel. Hope the ankle mends quickly. Great work fellas. Namaste.

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