Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



The first dawn of 2020 arose upon the shining faces of F3RVA, a hearty brotherhood gathered together to be Forged anew. According to the gaggle of local spectators, here’s how we embraced our fate, be it ever so foul…


Mosey down to culdesac for COP #1:

  • Complete x3 Merkins at each light post on the way down
  • Circle up for Welcome & F3 Disclaimer
  • SSH x20 IC
  • DQ’s x10 IC
  • Al Gore & Helix for F3 CREDO:

“No man is left behind, No man is left where you find him.”

  • Imp.Walkers x10 IC
  • Copperhead Squats x10 IC
  • Plank & Complete x5 Merkins for each F3 Principle reviewed:

Free of charge
Open to all men
Held outdoors – rain or shine, heat or cold
Peer-led in rotating fashion, no training or certification required
End with a Circle of Trust

  • Flutter Kicks x20 IC (split high & low)
  • Hold 6” and Q fails to fully recite the following “The Jester is the temptation of the flesh that hinders Acceleration.” …but bottom line gents, YOU vs YOU!

Mosey to Handicap Rails for COP #2:

  • Partner Up to complete x3 Sets:
  • x10 Jerkins each
  • x10 Dips each
  • x10 Cliffhanger Merkins each
  • FreddieM’s IC for the SIX

Mosey to base of Mount Chaplain for COP #3:

  • Complete x3 Burpees at each level going up, x20 WWII at the top (impossible to avoid the goose poo), and Broad Jump each level running back down
  • Al Gore variety for the SIX

Mosey back up to Knollercoaster for COP #4:

  • For each of 3 Knolls – Bear crawl up, Lunge along the top, Crabwalk down, complete x20 American Hammers (2-ct) following each knoll
  • Curb Plankorama for the SIX

Mosey to Amphitheater for COP #5:

  • Partner up for DORA
  • x100 Merkins
  • x200 Mtn Climbers (2-ct)
  • x300 LBC’s
  • Runner box jumps steps, then runs top circuit around to stairs back to partner
  • Help the SIX complete the rest

Mosey to Soccer Field for COP #6:

  • Bearmuda Triangle – Split up among 3 different corners of the Triangle, completing x10 Burpees at each corner, bearcrawling between corners

Mosey BTTF for COT:

  • Counterama #39.5 (x3 FNG’s, x1 K9)
  • Namerama
  • Announcerama (see Comments)
  • YHC took us out…


  • The following was recited during the COT – a tribute to the Forge, F3RVA, and all it means to be men of God:  

Upon the anvil of life, God hammers us repeatedly, not to break us, but to mold us, and to force the impurities from our selfish flesh. He repeatedly holds us in the fiery Forge to become softened by the Holy Spirit, that His light may shine before the World through us.

“We are each God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do the works He has prepared in advance for us to do.” (Eph 2:10)

What has God prepared for us today? This month? This year?! As iron sharpens iron, so God has placed us into one another’s lives to uphold His Forging process. Our F3 brotherhood in every way honors this process. We leave no man behind, and we leave no man where we find him. Let us be encouragers and accountability partners – we can not be influential without connection, so let us start 2020 strong by posting more and encouraging our F3 brothers and our sad clown neighbors to do the same! SYITG, ~DTH


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Joined F3 at NoToll 9/25/18. Started The FORGE 4/4/19. Fealty to SOJ. Follower of Jesus Christ. Pediatrician. Missionary. Husband to the M since 2005. Papa to a couple awesome 2.0's "Oreo" & "Banjo".


  1. Good Q, Try Hard. I’m gonna feel that one for a few days. Was great seeing everyone out at the Forge.
    Hitchhiker, I owe you 4 abyss merkins. Good to partner with you and Rosie.