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Always 70 and Sunny

PSA – Lost Data


There was a momentary loss of data yesterday evening on the website. As of 5:00AM this morning I had to restore the site to a backup from yesterday at 4:38PM. I have verified that any posts created during that window have at least been recreated; however, if you made updates after 4:38PM EDT yesterday and 5:00AM EDT this morning they are lost. Feel free to recreate any comments, or just forget about them all together.

If anyone has any questions, just ping me and I’ll fill you in.

#BigData should be clean. If you see otherwise, just ping me.




  1. A few big data issues I found on workouts I attended:

    I’m listed as “Mouse Trap (LIFO)” on this one, and it’s not counting for me: https://f3rva.org/2019/05/30/who-is-h/

    Also, a few posts have incorrect or missing AO’s:

    Should be Twin Team (not blank): https://f3rva.org/2019/05/10/hold-it-no-bouncy-house/
    Should be Twin Team (not River Run): https://f3rva.org/2019/04/26/april-murp/
    Should be Twin Team (not River Run): https://f3rva.org/2019/06/28/june-murph/
    Should be Timberwolf (not blank): https://f3rva.org/2019/05/09/youre-messing-with-my-step-count-aisle-5/

    Also, something is messed up with this one (https://f3rva.org/2019/05/09/youre-messing-with-my-step-count-aisle-5/) – when I click on it from the big data page, it takes me to the wrong post (https://f3rva.org/2019/06/15/almost-40-dudes/)

    Thanks for your hard work on the big data! Let me know how I can help keep big data clean – if you need help!

  2. These should all be fixed. There are about 200 or so that have the same URL when clicked on it. It was a mistake on my part a few weeks ago and it would be manual to fix them all. The counts and totals are right, but the links don’t work. Those are likely not to get fixed.

    In general, the SOJ folks need to do a better job with data quality on their post entries. Tagging the wrong AO is commonplace and I’m growing weary updating them regularly. The frequency of my updates is also shrinking so will need to come up with an alternative model soon…

  3. Hey Splinter.. thanks for all you do here!!
    Can you fix the AO pin for Spider Run? It is the wrong location, and I’ve heard a few people unable to find it.

    Should be these coordinates: https://goo.gl/maps/7MbnkczX7q1DvioVA

    Or, if an address is better:
    270 Richmond Way, Richmond, VA 23173

  4. Slight clarification – I was looking at the locations in the mobile app. Seems like a bunch of the app locations are wrong, as WDog shows up in Petersburg ?.

    If there’s a way to get the app to have same as f3rva site, that seems to be the issue.. Happy to be of service if you need any help with updates!

  5. Yeah, unfortunately the app is completely separate and managed independently. Not ready to take on that battle.

    Best I can do is refer all errors to Wilson so he can update.