Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Hold It, No Bouncy House???


Orange Crush decided to end his free loading days and contribute to F3 with his VQ. In support, a worthy PAK showed up at Twin Team this morning with a twinkle in their eye and hope in their heart. To build excitement for his VQ, promises of a bouncy house were thrown out earlier in the week…sadly…it did not materialize. OC could not get the legal waivers required. Wilson told me he was so excited he could barely sleep last night. Sorry buddy.

After a brief mozey…warm ups began and consisted of:
• DQ
• Helicopters
• Merkins
• LBC’s

The Q’s questionable cadence sent out distress calls for Nancy Lopez as some thought I would have been better served with a “F*** it…SSH” cadence but the PAK overcome this obstacle and the muscles were ready for HOLD IT.


As a group, complete each exercise 5 times, holding each exercise for 25 seconds, resting 5 – 10 second between reps. In between each set, run ½ a lap. Exercises were –
• Frozen Elbow Dips (Hold at 90 degree angle)
• Frozen V-Sits
• Plank (Lifting Right and Left Leg)
• Frozen LBC’s (Hold at the top)
• Frozen Squats (Alternate lift of right and left heel)
• Frozen Russian Soldiers (Hold leg out as close to 90 degrees as possible)

Those with daughters were haunted by the word Frozen. I guess they’ve seen that movie one too many times. LET IT GO! Sorry…I couldn’t resist.

After the completion of HOLD IT, the group mozey’d back to the Flag for a quick ring of fire with your favorite 10 count Merkin.

COT, Number-rama, Name-a-Rama with OC taking us out for the day.

Thank you men. I’m glad that you are part of my life. I’m better for it.

For those disappointed…there will be free T-Shirts and a puppy on my next Q.


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  1. Great VQ OC. I love it when new guys take the lead and bring something new and unique. HOLD IT was different and my muscles are feeling the delayed impact right now. I’ll work on my balance for the Frozen Russian Soldiers. I look forward to many future OC Qs…and my free puppy of course!

    Great mumblechatter as well today. I enjoyed it.

    SOJ Pride Tomorrow…#JortPower

  2. Great VQ OC! I loved the shift to a static workout. At the start, I was pretty pissed about the lack of an inflatable, but you made up for it. Gonna be sore tomorrow.

  3. @Gumbo. I beeped at the Gumbo wagon on Huguenot this morning but then noticed Mrs. Gumbo was driving. Don’t think she paid attention – but apologies if she was creeped out.

  4. Excellent VQ and changeup to boot! Now that we know you OWNED a boot camp business in a previous life, and have pre-formatted and pre-names workouts, you are expected to Q every time you post!

    I enjoyed your consistent leadership throughout the workout this morning. thanks for stepping up!

  5. Way to step up to the plate and crush it on the VQ OC. Enjoyed the change up, lots of time for mumblechatter while waiting out the counts. Things we learned – Wilson will laugh at anything to break the hold, Loose Goose loves some Tony Pena, Gumbo is at home in the low squat, one-leg balancing is not DK’s super power and OC has a mean Crane kick.
    Tclaps to Mousetrap for a month of F3 and 4 posts this week, way to bring it (from Powhatan no less).

  6. Döner Kebab on

    Well done, sir. Welcome to the Q fold! Still don’t know how you guys were holding those Russian Soldiers for so long…like I said, there’s a fine line between Thursday night and Friday morning!

  7. O.C. – That was a strong VQ my friend well done.

    I told my kids that you where giving anyone that posts at your next Q a puppy and then I gave all three of them your phone number and email address. Expect a small barrage of communications to come your way.?

  8. OC – well done for your VQ! I really enjoyed how you brought something different to Twin Team!

    I learned how much I suck at planks. This workout really could have been titled “Plank you very much” for as much planking as we did. And OC’s VQ name (if there is such a thing) might have to be “Sir Planks A lot”

    Rosie – thanks for the tclaps!

    I thought I’d share a few more reflections on my re-invigorated Fitness, Fellowship and Faith since my first post on April 12th.

    Fitness: You guys bring the beatdown every workout. And it’s hard, but really good! Even in a few short weeks, I can already see progress in my fitness level. As I push myself (but try not to hurt myself), I can feel myself getting stronger and faster and fitter. I love the variety of the workouts, and I haven’t yet regretted getting up early to meet you all in the gloom!

    Fellowship: I’m also very thankful for each of you guys for being out there every morning. I enjoy this new connection to a group of guys that I have something in common with, and that care about each other (even if they tease each other relentlessly) and want to help each other get better and be better leaders and men. I’ve been trying to find a window during or after each F3 workout to try to connect with at least one PAX member, to find out his story and get to know him better, and when I’m at the back of the pack, to encourage the Six.

    Faith: Being a part of F3 for the last month has really jump-started some great life change for me, not only in physical fitness, but also in other disciplines, like eating healthier, and in renewed self-discipline for some neglected spiritual disciplines (Bible reading and prayer). Getting up early to workout, and accomplishing something hard and unpredictable at the very start of the day, seems to give me motivation and inspiration to make good, but hard choices the rest of the day, to do not only what’s urgent, but what’s important.

    I’m looking forward to continue to accelerate all 3 Fs with you guys.

    See you in the gloom!

  9. Well, that captures F3RVA right there! “not only what’s urgent, but what’s important” Love that line! Well said, brother!

  10. What an incredible job this am OC! The balance of running and ground and pound was perfect. I was taking mental notes. We were ALL complaining a bit on the bleachers with the dip holds, then you took us to the track…………well played. This morning provided a great mix of not being able to breathe and great mumble chatter that makes you laugh. I really enjoyed today! Thank you for setting my day up for success! @mouse trap – well said & keep it going! Gotta go find Jorts and this thing called a sleeveless shirt???? Might need to call Amazon! SOJ – Jort power!