Saturday, September 23
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Who is H?


The Q sheet said H, was this some sort of Conspiracy thing? Did Honeydo forget how to spell his name? Was Helix or Hardywood making the trek to Timberwolf? None of that, simply Gumbo thinking about putting in Hot Potato and then possibly falling asleep at his keyboard before finishing. This was all worked out with a little EC before hand with Honeymoon agreeing that he would take the lead and would pass it off so he didn’t have to write the backblast. 14 strong and all SOJ, no summer tourists today with the likely hot destination of a new AO in DaVille.


Honeymoon takes the Q and the majority of the PAX noticed that he was warmed up moving quickly after the EC. Mosey to the bus loop for a brief warmup of SSH and DQ. Honeymoon declares that’s enough and the mosey around the back of the school begins. Mouse Trap finds the PAX and the Q, being in a giving mood, drops 3 burpees OYO for the LIFO. No grace given for the drive from Powhatan. Lap around the track with some mumblechatter about how good the field looks and how we should take advantage. No luck, led around to the path into the woods for the Horseshoe. After a little confusion on the numbers and exercises it was decided to go with 5 and the start and 10 at the end with a run up and down the hill into the woods between. Merkins, Merkins/Squats, Merkins/Squats/LBC. Al Gore and Plank for the 6. Repeato.

The PAX was then given a choice, repeato or pass the Q to Rosie. After a little deliberation and fear of what YHC might have in store the PAX decided that a change was in order (yes we saw you start on the repeato Lugnut). A slight running repreive on the track from YHC with a Form-hundred, see what I did there. 10 slow good form merkins, 10 split squats, 10 slow APDs. Slowsy 100 meters for 10 slow werkins, 10 CH squats, 10 slow Freddies. Slowsy around the bend of the track for 10 Tempo Merkins, 10 Monkey Humpers and 10 Plank Jacks. Sprint 100 yards – 5 Diamond merkins, 10 lunges IC, 10 slow flutters. Jog last 100 and complete the last 5 diamonds.

Pass to Lugnut who heads to the tennis courts for some burpicides. Round 1 run with increasing burpees at the baseline, Round 2, backward run out, Round 3 Karaoke. Close out at the flag with a quick howling monkey ring of fire.


Great to have a big crowd at Timberwolf today. Tupop is crushing it a week in, and and early happy birthday to the double respecter. Aisle 5 is going with the Wilson attire schedule of long sleeves, apparently he does not sweat like YHC. Honeymoon seemed to be threatening to pull a Swirly and run the horseshoe the full 45 but the PAX wanted some variety and YHC offered some slower paced work. McRib and Aisle 5 have stepped back into the fold as SOJ regulars and we are all better for it. More respect than hate this morning. As Honeymoon reminded us school is ending so those family men that didn’t have time in the morning may have some now, a good time to reach out for the EH.

Excellent work today, thanks for letting me lead you around the track. Appreciate all of the opportunities that you are given.


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  1. Forgot the announcements
    Puppy Pile Saturday 7:05
    Shakedown is going bald – see him or a previous BB for donation details
    Honeymoon is looking for someone to coordinate an SOJ HH in June

  2. Definitely snoozed before completing my Google Sheets entry last night. Glad we could sort that out during our EC run, but now I’m wishing I just took the Q. The Horseshoe was great – the REPEATO was brutal. A TriPeato would have been deadly. Well played, Honeymoon.

    Thanks to Rosie and LugNut for finishing us out with some form and some burpees.

    The gloom was thick this morning and the sweat was rolling! Great to have 14 at T-wolf. I can’t remember the last time Timberwolf outnumbered 45MOM. SOJ on the rise baby!

  3. Sorry for being a LIFO. Is big data counting LIFOs now?

    I accidentally turned off the 4:44am alarm (that’s just too freakin early!) and thankfully (maybe Divine intervention) opened my eyes spontaneously at 5:05am (and it’s about a 20 minute drive from Powhatan). I debated getting back into the fart sack, but I knew you fine PAX would be out there in the gloom, so I scrambled to get there as quickly as I could to get my expected T-wolf beat down and LIFO punishment.

    I did make sure to put in some extra effort on the horseshoe and the burpicides to make up for being late.

  4. The horseshoe was brutal…the form 100s were challenging and rewarding and the burpie suicides were well…respect lugnut!

    Thanks for leading to Honeymoon, Rosie and Lugnut. This was a nice hot potato beat down for late May.

    Good to be in the gloom with all of you guys!

    Til next time!


  5. The entire workout was brutal. nice job by the Q’s. That horseshoe combined with form track thing and lugs court reppeto…………….I am tapped. On to the Murph!