Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Forward Blast – The Convergence at Pouncey Tract Park on September 19, 2015


Last September 20, twenty-four men posted for the first F3 RVA workout – the GridIron – at Pouncey Tract Park.  For most it was our RedPill Workout.

Less than a year later: there are F3 RVA workouts each day of the week; there are events where the men of F3 RVA come together as a team and do things a year ago they would have thought not possible; and there exist genuine friendships formed as Iron Sharpens Iron.

To celebrate this growth, to offer thanks for these blessings, and to embolden our focus on the 3 Fs, we’re coming together this Saturday for a Convergence at Pouncey Tract Park.

In case you’ve missed the Back Blast Moleskins over the last several weeks, here’s the schedule:

0600 – DogPile at the GridIron (aka the “DoubleDipper Delight” – no driving required!) – FirstHalf First F for the DoubleDippers!

0645 – GridIron Pre-Game Gut-Check – “Slaying Giants” – 15 minute look at the leadership of David the Sheepherder – solid Third F!

0700 – GridIron – SecondHalf First F — All the PAX together for The Convergence!

0815ish – Coffeteria at the Daily Grind – Second F time!

Great opportunity for FNGs – have you HeadLocked 1, 2, or more?  If not, do it today.  Press those who resist the EH – the FNGs will appreciate your perseverance when they take the RedPill.

And don’t forget those brothers who haven’t posted recently – Kotters have done it before and can do it again.  Reach out to them and put a tight EH on them.  They’ll be glad you did.

For those with DoubleDip phobia, post at the 0645 Pre-Game Gut-Check.  And for those with soccer games, etc. Saturday morning – don’t worry, we’ll still talk about you if you can’t join us at the Coffeteria.

The Gloom is calling – but the darkest hour precedes the light of day.




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