Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

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Mary Munford Elementary

A very lucky 13 came out to hit the roads. The weather was awesome and the mumble chatter keeps on flowing as the miles pass. YHC admits that he didn’t have a creative route in mind. Instead I went with simplicity. West on Grove, right on Maple, East on Patterson. 4s turn on Sauer, 5s on Hamilton, and 6s on Cleveland with all returning via Grove. YHC took us out. Announcements: Need motivation? Perhaps a boost of positive energy? You can have both delivered directly to your inbox. Sign up at https://consistencycoaching.substack.com/ to receive good mojo from Swirly.

Six runners tested the roads and departed the AO for a morning run. TYA and Swirl took the long route. Saab may have taken the scheduled Lockjaw route – Commonwealth, Monument west, Chantilly, Patterson east, Willow Lawn, Grove home (or something like that) Corned Beef, Singer and Hash ran the YoYo route with a few added measures to total 4 and a quarter. Roads were fine, but there were several significant weather related incidents during the run – downed tree/large branch falling on or near Grove, and a transformer or two blowing up to light up the sky and echo…

While witnessing falling branches and blown-transformers, a half a dozen knuckleheads braved the unpleasantness and took in various routes and distances. Thoughts for the day: While we chose to face adversity this morning and push ourselves through unpleasant conditions, many in this country are facing far worse – and not by their choosing. Let’s keep them in mind and be thankful for what we have. Saab abides

A glorious 10 and one K9 enjoyed a snow day blazing new tracks down the road. The Zig Zag route was called and off we went. Hitch Hiker took us out as we celebrated a Happy Korean New Year. Moleskin YHC had everything planned for this morning’s run. Clothes laid out. Dogs taken out and fed. However, one of the dogs did not want to return quietly to sleep. Time for Plan B – bring him with me. Harness, leash, and the ever important doggie bags. Off we went. The run was excellent this morning. Perfect conditions, great scenery, and…

A dirty dozen runners came undeterred by the rain to log some miles and be a part of something bigger than themselves. Off we went north Westmoreland, west on Monument to Willow Lawn Dr and hang a left. West on Patterson. 4s turn left on Libbie and 5s on St Christopher with both making their way back to Grove to the AO. Today’s antics include: Running in place to spin the odometer on the GPSWays in which one shows their ageSchitt$ Creek6 degrees of separation from UpchuckChallenges with stray dogs Hitch Hiker took us out.

14 by foot arrived at various times for various routes of different distances. Those part of the 530 crew broke the streak of three Qs heavily leveraging routes on Patterson. Today’s routes avoided Patterson with some east bound with a some west bound, and finish it with east bound again. We saw new parts of the Fan and explored Hanover with a route that resembles two quadrilaterals. Upchuck took us out. Moleskin – We now know the temperature in which bikers do not show, though TYA did arrive and depart by bike. It sounds like Face Plant and Upchuck kicked…

North on Commonwealth and head east on Patterson. Patterson will turn into Kensington. 4s turn south on Davis. 5s/6s dog leg left at Strawberry to pick up Park and continue east. 5s turn south on Allen and 6s turn south on Cathedral. Everyone picks up Floyd west bound and take the Berrington jug handle to Grove. Grove back the VSF. Handshake took us out. Wedding singer was commenting that the last three routes by YHC have covered extensive portions of Patterson, whether launching from Mary or Spider Run He is absolutely right, I think we have covered the entire road…

A very Lucky 13 runners and several bikers ( a few recorded here – if I missed you, let me know) launched on a nice jaunt through the neighborhood. West on Grove. 4s turn right on Libbie and 5s turn right on the access road and right on St Chris. Everyone turns right on Patterson, right on Malvern, and right on Grove. Wedding Singer reminded me that Zoolander only turns right, hence the name. YHC took us out.

Some early, some earlier, some late, and for many – on time. Start with the Reverse Carillon and instead take McCoy to Carytown. Auburn to Grove. 4s return on Grove. 5s/6s continue north on Tilden. 5s come back on Monument to Commonwealth and 6s come back Broad to Westmoreland. No Tools took us out.

A solid 10 started the new year with a run around town. Weather was perfect and spirits were high. East on Grove, left on Lafayette, right on Monument. 4s turn on the Blvd, 5s on Meadow, and 6s on Harrison all picking up Grove to return to the SF. YHC took us out. Moleskin: Unlike the last time we did a New Year’s run, the town was very quiet this morning. YHC only saw a few empty liquor bottles and a giant red hawk on the route. Post anything interesting that you may have seen in the comments. The backblast…

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