Saturday, September 23
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

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Mary Munford Elementary

East on Grove to Rosneath head North. 5s/6s do a loop around Bramley Park and check the tap at Starr Hill and make their way back to Broad. Head west and take Lafayette to Grove and circle the block around the AO. Anthrax took us out. Oyster is grateful for a fast back blast today. Announcements: Convergence tomorrow at 730

Yeah, the routes today were a bit complex. The Pax came equipped with maps and readiness to explore roads otherwise not trodden. Cooler weather hopefully signal prime running conditions going forward. Byproduct took us out.

Trees down along the route, including a couple at the AO. One hit the new arbor and turned it into a well camo’d hunting blind. Another simple quadrilateral , with Broad St as an eastbound thoroughfare. There was admiration of the new development and luxury lodging along the route. YHC took us out.


Down the western road Smell the bacon in the air Bakery donuts Not the haiku run But let’s keep it short for fun Coffee afterwards TYA took us out.

Eleven of the best the commonwealth has to offer gathered on the pavement this time for some running at/around (but not in) Mary. Route was posted last night but there were still ample questions, primarily questioning whether this was a variation of the reverse or regular Carillon route. I called reverse, but on second thought maybe it was forward. Only the cowgirl truly knows. The Route 5s don’t do the loop at the beginning, just head down grove 4s head down grove and right on Auburn and ditch the falcon at the end (no takers) Walkers did this in…

Run, walk, hobble…it did not matter. 7 gentlemen made the best of a morning that was deemed “hot”. As to how hot it was – relative to how hot it could be or has been – was open to debate – including which internal organs were the most vulnerable in high temperatures. Saab abides Route: Below is the 5M route: Everyone begins by taking the left onto Locke Lane off Grove…. 4Ms: when you reach the top of Paxton and cross over to Tuckahoe, take a right on Grove and head back to Mary 6Ms: Same route as 5s but…

Five fearless fun-seekers flocked to the faculty field (of asphalt) for our Friday formalities. Unbeknownst to the Q, an alliteration was called. Fartleks on Fitz-Hugh. The Route East on Grove to a left on Lafayette Left on Fitz-Hugh Fartleks on Fitz-Hugh. Run 2 blocks at 80%, recover for a block. Some modified to 1 & 1. 4s run all the way to willow lawn then back to Antrim 5s run to willow lawn, back to Lafayette, then back to Blacker 6s run to willow lawn, back to Lafayette, back to Willow Lawn, then back to Sauer Run south back to…

Four RAMM regulars gathered under the tree to admire Hitchhiker’s choice of running shoes. That was until a shirtless man came galloping towards us. Distracted by the streetlights glistening off this bulging man, directions were given: The Route Everyone head west on Grove Access road to Iris then down to the golf course 4s Tapoan back to Three Chopt then back to Grove 5s Tapoan back to Three Chopt then cross to St Chris, east on Patterson, back on Westmoreland 6s Ridgeway to Roselawn to Towana to Campus to Pepper to Patterson, back on Westmoreland Numbers, names, YHC took us…

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