Thursday, February 9
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

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Mary Munford Elementary

Some launched at 5, others at 530, but everyone enjoyed the cool running weather and clear skies. The route was simple and straightforward, perfect for the new Pax and out oft owners. Head west on Grove, north on Bunting/Chantilly, east on Monument, and pick your southbound street to come back to Grove and head west back to the AO. The return markers were Cleveland for the 4s, Davis for the 5s, and Allen for the 6s. Vamos took us out. It was great to see a couple of new Richmond based Pax as well as Vamos from Cincinnati. The title…

10 of Richmond’s finest celebrated TGIF with an early morning run/walk/mosey. For those of us who started at 5:30, here’s what we did: > West on Grove> Right on Granite> Left on Patterson> Run past the new Westhampton Commons and take immediate right into the back parking area> Mosey to Parking Garage Entrance 4 milers: Run up to Level 3 of Parking Deck, run back down, back to Mary the same way5 milers: Run 2x all the way to the top of level 6 of the Parking Deck, run Back Down. Then Run back to Mary the same way6 milers:…

We’re going to begin this morning by turning in our bibles to Joshua 6:1-27….the Old Testament story about the walls of Jericho. Most are familiar with the story, if not, it’s a quick and good read. There’s some legit OT stuff in there about war and God’s power, and marching. Traditionally, if it is all logistically possible, on VCU Gamedays, I try to enact my own walls of Jericho situation by jogging around the arean in which the Rams will be playing later that day. Road games in general are hard to win, so I’m not always successful but it…

Drizzle? Not so much. Rather a steady rain shower, but warmer weather eased the suck. Routes were posted on Slack in advance and offered scenery and some simple turns. However, it would appear that some of these roads are very flat and lack a cap, forcing the Pax to higher ground. Props to Singer who launched early and crushed bonus miles! YHC took us out.

Eleven runner/walkers of the gloom admired the bring moon, cooler conditions, and great road conversation. 4s head north on Commonwealth. 5s/6s head east on Grove and north on Lafayette. Everyone turns left on Fitzhugh, left on Staples Mill, right on Monument, left on Willow Lawn Dr, right on Patterson. 4s/5s turn left on Westview and 6s turn left on Maple. Everyone comes home on Grove. Upchuck took us out. It turns out after further inspection at the end of the run, five of us were wearing the BRR shirt. Coincidence?

5 men of various interests launched at various times for various destinations and distances in the latest edition of the Run At Mary Munford (RAMM). Temperatures were 70 and conditions sunny. According to the woman on Patterson with the rolling carry on bag (with a safety light) at 5:35 a.m., the following just may have happened: Route: TYA and YHC – Grove, Three Chopt, St. Chris, Patterson, Malvern, Grove. Saab: Maybe 10 miles. Offshore and Kebab…started at 5:30, so YHC doesn’t know their route. They may not even know their route. Who knows? Numbers,…change of topic…, numbers, names, and we…

A gaggle of thirteen convened for an early morning tacky light tour. There was no music but there was enough lighting to keep everyone entertained, even Marv. Route was as follows: The Route East on Grove across 195 Left somewhere then right on Hanover Continue east on Hanover, wandering around the museum then continue on Hanover Take a right at 22 minutes, run a minute south to Floyd, then west on Floyd Jog back over to Grove, cross 195 then BTTVSF Announcements Cold weather ahead Bridge caravan still on for tomorrow? Moleskin We are clearly in the season of giving…

The title was in reference to a comeback TYA had been working on for the interim week and homage to the classic Seinfeld episode. West on Grove and a right on Bunting to Chantilly. Take a right on Monument and find your southbound cutover based on distance. 4s at Cleveland, 5s at Robinson, and 6s at Allen. Take to Grove and come on home. YHC took us out.

Marv collected the names and YHC can’t remember very well. We had people at 530 looking for Lockjaw to no avail. Marv stepped up and called: The Route North on Commonwealth to Monument Right on Monument U-turn somewhere along the way depending on distance (6s went to old stuart circle) Left on Boulevard Right on Cary Smell Trash Don’t smell Bread Meander back to Mary Marv took us out. Moleskin No Bread. Massive disappointment. We all blamed Marv. Ping me on Slack and I’ll add your name.

11 polar bears came to walk, run, or pedal through some freezing weather. We kept the conversation brief at the end to return to the wrap cars, but the Simpsons Treehouse of Horror was definitely referenced. Shakedown took us out.

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