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Two SOJ usurpers stamped passports, hopped a clown car, and after hours of quality mumble chatter landed their craft safely at The Creek. They were greeting by five fierce natives of the north lands who resisted the takeover until they were placated with gifts of latex-dipped gloves. The wild northmen then gaped in awed silence at the gifts of coupons emerging from the aforementioned craft, and solemnly each warrior accepted a token of good will. Here’s what two bewildered deer witnessed: The THANG:  WARMERAMA: Each member of the PAX directed to collect a unique heavy item – the options were:…

6 dudes showed up on a crisp spring morning to have some fun.COP — arm circles, DQ, Hillbillies, IW, AST, HRM, etc.F3 goes to the moviesRandom actors names in a bagOne Pax member pulls a namePax tries to think of a movie that person starred inPAX spells that movie title out with their legsThe object is to pick the shortest movie title and the PAX did a pretty good job with that.10 stump merkinsTriple CheckRun across the lotdirectors chair (like people chair but with more shouting directions)DKTriple check 2legs in swing pull inslunge to pole and back5 dips, 5 inclines…

5 guys showed up to take on the day the right way. Here is a sketchy recollection of what happened. COP — various and sundried activitiesDoracide — 100 squats200 Mountain Climbers300 SSHNot THrowing Away My Shot2 tries to make a free throwNo makes equals 5 burpees.None of us made it so 25 burpees! 10 calf raises, 10 upward merkinsrepeato until YHC switched exercise numbers to20 calf raises and 5 upward merkinsBack to the flag for some stretchingLooking forward to seeing everyone at the convergence Monday!Peace Opus

4 men posted on a beautiful day to finish their work week the right way. PAX decided to hot potato the Q. Spit Q: COP. Mini Dora – 50x merkins, 100x dips, 150x LBC, P2 lap around the admin building. Bulkhead Q: Mosey to softball field for 7 of Diamonds – 7x merkins, 14x squats, 21x flutter kicks, 28x t claps. Mosey backs to big parking lot for 11s – donkey kicks and calf raises. Names, numbers, Spit took us out. Prayers to Yardsale’s mother in law for a quick recovery.

The Q woke up at 5:30 but I thought arriving at 5:39 was pretty good. After a circle around the school I found the pax at the playground doing a triple check. I assume they warmed up with out me and it sounds like they spent time in the gazebo and did some parking lot tracers. I finished up the triple check with he pax and took over with a modified wilt. We did a 4 corners with the following exercises: lbc, heels to heaven, lunges and monkey humpers. The first and second times around the circle we did 40…

5 dudes jumped out of bed and took on today’s workout with gusto COP — all sorts of exercises Fibonacci’s Lugubrious merkins1 second down, 1 second upthen 2,3,5,8,13,21,34, and 55Fun times.4 corners x 4WW2, SSH, split jacks, donkey kicks Great mornign for a workout SYITG!

Bulkhead warmed us up and started with some Triple Checks at the playground. Surf N Turf had us do some 4 corners at the basketball court. Yard Sale had us do some suicides at the basketball court followed by some boat canoes in the parking lot that had some heels to heaven mixed in for fun. Numberama, Namarama, announcements and Surf N Turf took us out with a prayer. SYITG

3 guys showed up to take on he day the right way COP — lots of exercises triple check — pull ups, dips, run to the school and back triple check — stirrup pulls, LBC’s to the tree and back 11s across America — bear crawl to the east coast 10 jump squats bear crawl back to the west coast for 1 WW2 finish the set peace out opus

6 Davillians arise from their fatsack for a condensed but intense Friday morning bootcamp This how it went down Mosey to the school office COP (ALL IC) – SSH, Helicopters, Empire Walkers, DQ, LBC’s, ALT’s, Arm Circles THANG Mini Old Glory 5 minute run around the school grounds 10 minutes of 4 corners using the main parking lot: 10 Merkins 10 2ct Flutter Kicks 10 Burpees 10 WWII Situps 5ish minute run/walk around the school grounds 30 MOM – Included some starching Numberrama, Namerama, Announcements, YHC took us out MOLESKIN Best showing of the week during spring break at The…

5 guys came out on a Friday to get their bodies moving. One almost ended up getting more than he bargained for.COP — plank jack merkins, arm circles, LBC’s, Freddies4 corners and a runnerOne person runs a nd relieves the first corner, etc.squats, LBC’s, dry docks, SSH11s1 WW2 and 10 jump squats Dora100 mountain donkeys200 squats300 SSHPrayers and Praises and then we were on our way.

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