Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

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Betty Weaver Elementary

1 pax sailed forth into the Fort Lauderdale Gloom for the latest edition of The Clinic. Temperatures were 70 and sunny. According to the zoo keeper building a wooden boat, the following route might have been taken. Route: the usual. No stop outbound. Rest stop inbound. A smidge over 5 miles. NMS: holy cow. The rain did rain on Wednesday in Fort Lauderdale. It was awesome. Perfect temperature and just the right amount of rain to cool things off. There were, oddly, more than the normal level of puddles. So, YHC ran (mostly) around them. Got wet. No biggie. By…

YHC decided to start out on a Terrington route but needed to use the facilities at Robious Landing first. Took a wrong turn somewhere before Ashwell and hit almost every dead end in the neighborhood, eventually YHC decided to just walk the rest of it. Found Ashwell headed out to Twin Team and BTTF

YHC alone with his thoughts this morning while running the rough streets of northeast Midlothian. As soon as YHC got out of his truck the haunting call of an Owl on the hunt came from 1 tree over. With the skies being over cast and the mornings staying dark longer it just seemed to be extra dark this morning. While hanging out with Gypsy and Kristen this weekend YHC might have accidentally signed up for another half in October so River Run will have to be a run again instead of a ruck to get in shape. 5:30 and no…

A Davillian and SOJer enjoyed a run that for at least one of us was just a normal run. ROUTE L onto James River RdR onto Riverton Ridge DrL onto Welby DrR onto Hawell Ct (wrong turn, turn back)L onto Chatwell RdMerge onto Henlow DrR onto Wilcot DrR onto Ashwell DrCross over Robious into cut through for Powderham LnL onto Twin TeamCross back over Robious onto Jamer River RdFinish with a few laps in the parking lot to get just over 4 miles MOLESKIN Nice run with Doozy this morning. YHC had planned to run the “Rollercoaster Route” (or what…

Solo Ruck was on tap for River Run this morning. As I was heading out at 5:15 my (adult) daughter was coming in (an issue to be discussed with her later) but it lead YHC to contemplate my young adult life vs my expectations for my young adult child. Route was from BWES to the river through the woods and back to BWES. YHC does not have a fancy watch that tells him what the distance is but YHC got back in the truck at 6:30 so it must have been between 2.5 to 3 miles???? Prayed the for forgiveness,…

With other River Run regulars posting at bootcamps this morning, YHC had the AO to himself today. Down to the Swap, over to Robious, hard left and up the Twin Team hill x 2, then BTTF Quick prayer and on to the day!

2 regulars decided to run rather than Ruck this morning, the route was from BWES through JRHS cross Robious into River Downs, turn left up the hill turn right on River Downs turn right on Robious BTTF Numbers / Names YHC took us out NMS: According to Big Data today is 50 Q’s for Doozy, so half way to YHCs goal of 100 for the year. It was a good time to go a little deeper than just the surface with Singer this morning and YHC is glad we had that time.

YHC landed at River Run this morning knowing that Doublemint would not be making an appearance but hoping to see Chef Boyardee (DR from CA). At 5:30 and without a soul in sight YHC grabbed the earpods and weight vest and set out on the Roller Coaster. An Andy Stanley pod cast was found and gave YHC much to ponder along the way. The discussion this morning was on the political divide in this country and how if we could move from the far Right or far Left more to the middle (not to move our political views) but to…

A pair of studs posted to Bettie Weaver ES to pound some pavement; here’s how it went – more or less: 4 mi : Up the Twin Team hill, right on E Brigstock, at Netherfield 180* and BTTF Numbers, names, YHC took us out. NMMS: Always great to run with Wedding Singer – that *%#! hill is better with company Make it a great one!

Two respect dudes of various weight classes posted to Bettie Weaver ES for a ruck by the river. Here’s how it went: Strap on packs/weight vests; BWES to Robious Landing boat ramp to JRHS Swamp to Robius and BTTF. Numbers, names and YHC took us out. Make it a great one!

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