Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Straight no Chaser


YHC alone with his thoughts this morning while running the rough streets of northeast Midlothian. As soon as YHC got out of his truck the haunting call of an Owl on the hunt came from 1 tree over. With the skies being over cast and the mornings staying dark longer it just seemed to be extra dark this morning.

While hanging out with Gypsy and Kristen this weekend YHC might have accidentally signed up for another half in October so River Run will have to be a run again instead of a ruck to get in shape.

5:30 and no extra cars in the parking lot, route was down to the river back up through JRHS then OG Roller Coaster (one of YHCs favorites because it puts the big hill in the middle) back through JRHS. No gas in the tank to go back down to the river finished at 6:15 walked around BWES to cool down.


As YHC was finishing up the walk around BWES there was a lady parked by the drainage area where the farel cats live, she was feeding them. YHC always finds it hard to understand people who think they need to feed wild animals. Yes, these cats may have started out in a home but they have become self dependent and her feeding them is going to hurt them in the long run if she dies or moves before they do.


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