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Midlothian Middle

4 SOJ gentlemen met for some miles this morning. Homegrown Half is fast approaching so time for some hill work. Warm up with a mosey down 60 to coalfield to woolridge. Meet at the bottom of Mt Midlo for the thang. 75 seconds up the hill at 90% effort to find your turn around point. Run back down at regular pace. Then 5 more times to your turn around point. No break at the bottom. Keep the heart rate up. mosey around the pond and back around Woolridge to 60 and BTTF. We ran late so missed COT. NMM YHC…

This run sucks. 5.49 miles just under 8:20 minute pace. Boberry, Tobit and Doozy pushing the pace (getting closer to 8:10 min/mile). Draper and Ryan (coworker from NY) later named “Pitstop” were putting in strong work too. Hill by the train tracks smoked me again, but I was able to keep pushing along and arrive back to flag 30 seconds before COT (roughly 8:20 min/mile pace). Thanks to all the guys pushing it today and helping to make me stronger. If you are looking for a challenging run, join us next time.

4 Runners out for a slow easy run Lets do the fish bowl, then put in a lap around Mines lake, and add a lap around Midlo middle school track oh and for good measure one more time up Mount Midlo. Numbers / Names NMS: YHC didn’t write the BB because as the title says he forgot he was the Q, senility is setting in.

3 runners met up with 1 boot-camper at 5:30 we went our separate ways and according to the power walkers this is what happened to the runners. After the initial cracks and pops of ligaments, tendons and joints a steady pace was settled into. The route was Left on Coalfield, Right on Woolridge, Left on Charter Colony turn back when you feel its time. BTTF Numbers / Names DD took us out NMS: MOT has so many great options this route is one of my favorites but it does have more uphill on the way back than on the way…

9 fleet footed gentlemen may or may not have followed YHC’s direction of a fartlek style run through Midlothian. Goal was to switch up the pace up and down throughout the route, some did just that, others hit their target pace throughout, and others searched the area for an open restroom – most completed 4-5 miles. Route – Midlo to Mt Pisgah and down Westfield, loop around Gather and across the Kroger parking lot to Le Gordon and on to Midlothian HS. Loop around Charles A Ransom Way for post-memorial day remembrance (Air Force Major, Midlothian HS alum, VMI alum,…

5 speed walkers gathered at MOT to see if Heist really would wear his Magic Mike outfit. 5:30 No Heist, No Magic Mile. The route was Waldon Park to Queens Gate through the trail to The Grove up the hill now call “Sonna Bitch” onto Charter Colony BTTF Numbers / Names and OC took us out NMS: YHC did intervals on Tuesday and had already planned to do a longer run for Wednesday so the mumble chatter of the Magic Mile was not something I was looking forward to and Heist in a Magic Mike scenario just made it worse.

8 MOTers + an SOT castaway hit the mean streets of midlothian today. I had several preplanned routes, which offered a route/pace for all. We ended up splitting into two groups for 4 miles and 5ish respectively. https://onthegomap.com/s/g57aigg6 11:15 min/mile (4 miles total) Bullseye, Heist, Warby, and Wedding Singer https://onthegomap.com/s/tj5i7p92 9:15 min mile (4.9 miles total) Don Draper, NTB, Swoop, Sable, and Tobit Shout out to NTB, Sable, and Warby for posting their first MOT. Announcements Let’s smash some Bermuda records next Tuesday. Keep pushing the Team Brightside fundraiser. We are rocking. I took us out in prayer.

Taper week for GTE 47, so YHC decided a nice bro code style run was in order for the day. 5:30am hit and the wide receivers split off from the linemen and we were off. Route as folllows: left onto 60, left at charter colony, left onto woolridge, left back on to Midlo tpke. We were so quick we had time to go down and back up mt. Midlo. Bro code style so went back for the six at each turn. numbers names announcements: All are welcome and encouraged to attend the Friday rally! 6pm at Bon Air Community Center.…

YHC isn’t at his best, but the pack has teamed up to drag him along for the foreseeable future. This week’s MOT is no different. Consensus led to an easy out&back down Coalfield. Everyone got between 4 & 6 miles, then Doozy added another 3 after COT. Another great run in the books. Thanks for the push, gents… it was much needed. Numberama/Namerama with SOT fellas, OC took us out, high-fives and fist-bumps all around

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