Saturday, September 23
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

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Midlothian Middle

2 mile loop x 2.something mile wu with all pax, 3 miles of tempo followed by a mile CD to bring the group all back together. stretching and done. Joined up with SOT for circle stuff….

In a rare SOT/MOT crossover, 10 PAX met at the midlo middle school. IronPAX had come to the track! Time hit and we were off! The following was the routine: One lap around track 5 BDE burpees one lap around the track 5 BDE Merkins rinse and repeat for 45 minutes your score is how many meters you run. Most got about 3-4 miles in today!time called and we went back to the flag. numbers, names, announcements, YHC took us out. lots going on in F3RVA! Love for Liv on Sat! next week is 9yr convergence at the crucible and…

A combo meal of 13 runners and walkers (and one canine) jetted off in the gloom this morning for an ambitious (maybe just plain stupid) route through Salisbury. Combination of the humidity and pace made this one tough for me. Thanks to the three rabbits (Boberry, Rosetta and Tobit) for keeping the pace. Thanks to our sheepdog Doozy for checking on the six and his encouraging words.

Splintervals we’re on the agenda but YHCs headlamp was on the fritz so we kept it easy with the roller coaster route + abs. Salisbury Drive to Oak Lane to my Pisgah Drive + 50 WW2s Frogger across Rte 60 Grove Hill Road down Mt. Midlo all the way to Coalfield Road + 50 WW2s Reverso back down Grove Hill Road + 50 WW2s at the top of Mt Midlo Circle back for the six and then head to Numberama, Nameroma & COT with the SOT folks.

7 runners launched from Midlo middle, fought the traffic and logged some miles. Doozy shot out of the cannon and by the time he turned back the group had turned off but he found Greenbow and they made their way back. Bullseye lurked behind the group and had a soft re-entry after some time away. Heist, Airwolf, Honeymoon and YHC slayed 5.16 miles through Charter Colony and Otterdale and back along Westfield with Heist and Airwolf pushing the pace. Great job gents! No More Gumbo For You!

6 runners broke free from the fartsack and from the allure of 8-counts with DTH to pound some miles in preparation for this weekend’s CSAUP. We reversed the dirt road, said hi to Draper’s casa and sweat like crazy. And, we almost lost Doozy to the trance of a gazelle clipping along at a sub-9 pace, but we were able to break him free and keep him on course. Great job men. No More Gumbo For You!

First MOT Q ever and I dressed like a construction worker. Even north of the river knows now because Gomer was there on the summer tour. Got a little 4 mile run ( and some hill work (up the grassy hill by the track). Airwolf and Rosetta smoked me up the hill every time. Went up the hill and around the sidewalk about 6 times (did one track lap between the 5 and 6 hill).

An easy flat out and back route was set for the 7 runners and a canine regular, maybe some speed work along the way. Doozy almost missed a turn early on but got back on track. Turns out Doozy wanted to run fast, so Airwolf followed but lost him, then Tobit jumped in with Airwolf and took off from the pack. Annie may or may not have been slowing Honeymoon down. YHC and Boberry decided MOT as run workouts is preferred – hills, speed work, track, tempo, or, like today ended up, negative splits. Public Service Announcement – It’s getting…

8 or 9 “not big guys” hit the mean streets of Midlo to get some miles. Route will be below this post. Route was followed to varying degrees by the PAX as needed. You against you! Great push today guys. We hit the Manders climb and finished with Mt. Midlo! Next time YHC will take a headlamp when venturing on a trail in the woods. SYITG.

Lots of mublechatter in slack but no one grabbed the Q so Rosie and YHC combined the worst of our grabbag of ideas and hit the pavement. It went something like this: 1-mile warmup (Left on Midlo Turnpike, Left on Coalfield, Left on Woolridge, Left on Grove Hill) – Circle up at the bottom of Mt. Midlo. 1 hard pace trip up Mt. Midlo, recover jog down to the Midlo Middle track. 1 x Magic Mile – (A prediction formula based upon a one mile time trial… You can run a measured mile at a good, hard pace for you,…

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