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Always 70 and Sunny

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Wilson is keeping it no secret that he’s atop the heap for #BigData through July so far. Well done! On this day he and 10 other seasoned vets put in work before and after the main event. 3.7 miles according to YHC’s tracker. Keep it cool out there.

9 svelte gentlemen got together for the Breakfast Club run seeking refinement to their bikini season offering. Typical route down Cary and Boulevard to DogPile and Back. NMS – Humid today. Man that run really sapped everyone. Including DogPile, my tracker shows 7.5 miles. Really strong work everyone. Post workout, YHC likely replenished a full gallon of water, minus the coffee impact. Great discussion of Outcome Based Coaching (pending Hardywood TM) and the distinction and evolution of our understanding of the distinctions in our careers and live events. Most help books start with a problem definition and we verbally wrote…

A fantastic four tackles the first half of BC and we were joined by TYA for the second half. Bro code. Standard route: Cary to Robinson and through Byrd Park to DogPile. NMS – It is always good catching up with folks on the run. For whatever reason (busy, lockdown, different circles), YHC has not really been in the city since the recent events started. YHC was struck by how Carytown shop owners either boarded up their shops completely or universally display signs of support in the windows. In a reality seeking to find grave offense in the smallest non-conformist…

Ten of RVA’s finest did extra credit before and after DogPile to earn their breakfast, about 4 miles to be exact. Mr. Thompson said “FU, our bacon is off limits before 8am.” Mr. Thompson now has a big black X on his corporate file.

2 of the 3 market guys ran with us and Flipdog was back looking strong after his 5k a day in May = Boom ! Great to see some guys we have not seen in awhile – missed you dudes… Glad Wilson was able to drop Duke and Recall off to run with us – and that he was able to find his way back to Dogpile 🙂 Great to have TYA run back to ET’s with us – my man is getting some miles in ! Thugs – you are crushing it dude – keep it up – Thugs…

4 runners moseyed down the street formerly known as Cary and over to DogPile then back again, picking up one more on the return. Cary currently looks more like a post apocalyptic ghost town.

Four runners moseyed to DogPile, five moseyed back. Great idea by Flatline to bring out the shovel flag, a tradition that’s fallen off a bit. Felt great to carry it with pride as we remember the ultimate sacrifice that was paid so we are free to run as we please.

Daphne is still hawt. ‘Nuff said. Four stallions posted at ET for some breakfast this morning — it was a second course for Swirly and Hardywood who had moseyed over the river for some early extra credit. Heres how it went: Mosey down Cary to Meadow; dodge the car full of college girls honking and catcalling at Swirly and Hardywood; right on Meadow to Swan Lake and past the Vita Course to the flag. Enjoy the Wojo Dogpile Q. Swirly and Hardywood mosey back across the Nickel Bridge, YHC and Bone Thug mosey back to ET. NMMS: Tclaps to Bone…

Six dudes just looking for some extra credit set sail on a fantastic journey from ET’s to Dogpile, to and fro, or fro and to if chosen. One is looking noticeably thinner these days. Hardywood called the to route, YHC called the fro.

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