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Always 70 and Sunny

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A fantastic 4 got in their extra credit before Dogpile today. YHC burned himself out with 6.5 miles for the first half and need some encouragement on the way back. Rest of the PAX a solid 2 to start and 1.5 on the way back Great convo with the PAX about what we are currently reading. SPIT ON THAT!!

Eleven knuckleheads ran pre and post Dog Pile. Apparently if you run or bike to ET’s, you get a $0.25 discount on your purchase, making it $10.75 instead of $11. Apology of the day is from Lab Rat to me. You are supposed to join Namerama before you go into ET’s.

Well I can’t remember who all was there for Breakfast club – since the BB was not published – I did my best to recall…. I know this Flipper took us out – and it was very humid running back. If I left you out – let me now I’ll get you on there… Great job guys – see y’all in the gloom.

Eight dudes gathered in the gloom delante de Ellwood Thompsons para un pre-mosey over to the SaabPile. Kubota and Swirly had parked early at Dogwood Dell and prepaid the return leg, due to other commitments this morning (HBD to Mrs. Swirly!). The temps were cool, and the bats were swarming – Vinny observed that they must be vegan bats given their choice of dining locations. The clock struck 05:30, and the PAX was off. Mosey down Carey, right on Boulevard, and past Swan Lake. Mumble chatter indicated Saab had skipped RAMM and was saving his legs for Qing a smokefest…

1 dude showed up in the heat for Breakfast club this morning and here is how it went down. Park at Dogpile 5AM (Unable to do ET’s today unfortunately) . Run from dogpile to ET’s – once at ET’s wait for other pax members – negative on that so proceed with launch from ET’s 5:30 am run from ET’s back to dogpile – towel off – greet the early risers pax and get ready for some dogpile. See y’all in the gloom!

YHC arrived at 05:15 to see Swirly pacing in the parking lot. No Big Blue. Swirl Y ran over from DP. Spit’s car was already there. Spit banged out 9 plus miles today, including 4 before Breakfast Club. Sounds like Early Risers training to me. On the way back, YHC had to wait the whole time for the Six. Conveniently, I was the Six. At one point Double Mint noted that PAX members keep thinking he is me. Sorry brother, you ain’t me. Plus, it’s not really a compliment – for you that is. Great job today fellas – way…

Six posted for miles before the thing and after the thing. This THING Mosey from ETs to Dogpile via Robinson past the lake up Trafford to Blanton and Park. Return Park to Blanton to Sheppard to Cary. Numberama, Nameorama, COT MOLESKIN YHC hesitantly calls himself QIC for this one, but slaving over a hot keyboard for 10 minutes should count for something, right? For anyone that believes Breakfast Club is undeserving of its own BD point, try running to and from Dogpile in this humidity. YHC believes it was Flatline that said today’s should be worth 1.5, tend to agree. …

3 PAX out of breakfast club, with regulars on vacation. Good times there and back. Does Qíng an Extra credit AO outside of normal region fulfill the extra credit Q nano-region challenge? One is left to ponder these things while waiting for others to arrive until Handshake pulled in. Glad for the company of Phonics and Handshake.

11 strong hit the streets of Carytown for the latest edition of Breakfast Club. ET’s to Boulevard to a lap around Burpee Lake to Dogpile parking lot. Usual route on the way back for breakfast. We caught beautiful sunrise over the lake and then a rainbow positioned beside the Carillon on the way in. Vinny and Double Mint met up with us after the Early Riser’s run hoping to complete a quad dip this morning. Well done! Spit and Patty Mayo ran from Dogpile to ET’s and then met up with the main group for the flag run to Dogpile.…

Eight early-risers (well, not THAT early) departed ET’s for a couple warm-up miles on this most beautiful of mornings…#9 (Handshake) came in LIFO and caught up to the PAX. Spit had to cut out early to hit the links, so he parked at Dogpile and did Breakfast Club in reverse. Way to get it in. Kubota got a Wilson-esque headstart leaving Dogpile, but the PAX reeled him in. Great runs both ways. No More Gumbo For you…until Hoedown.

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