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PreBlast: Breaking Bread


A few of the newer PAX have asked about Breaking Bread and what it is and a few of the older PAX may need a refresher on what it is. The following is a short description of one of F3RVA’s service projects:

Breaking Bread is a program by the Daily Planet and is located at the Medical Respite of Richmond which is located on Belt Blvd in Richmond’s Southside. F3RVA has been signed up for years to serve a hot meal, on every 4th Sunday of the month, to a group of 5 to 20 homeless individuals who are recovering from a stay in the hospital for various reasons. The Medical Respite gives them time to recover in a home-like setting before being released to other housing or, more than likely, back on the streets 🙁

Here is the link to the program:

You can bring anything like pizza, BBQ, Fried Chicken, Lasagna, etc., etc. along with sides, drinks, and desserts. This is a great time to give your time to these more unfortunate people and show them you care. I have taken my 7 year old son with me a couple of times and other PAX have taken their whole families and friends to help. It usually takes about 4 to 5 people to serve this meal and to spend time with them in fellowship and prayer.

Breaking Bread is a great way for you and F3RVA to practice your 2nd and 3rd F’s! Sign up now on the Q sheet! Plus, this is extra credit for the Winter and Summer Tours!

YHC and my 2.0 Husky have signed up for January’s Breaking Bread, but we will need help. Please let me know if you would like to participate.

Thanks and SYITG!



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    • Sign up on the Q sheet. It is the 4th Sunday of each month. They know that we are coming, but you need to call ahead on the Friday before to get a head count. 804-292-3011. Get there around 5:00-5:15pm to start preparing food. There is a kitchen there, but it’s best to have it cooked before you get there and then you can warm it up in there kitchen if need be.

  1. Kubota pretty much nailed it. I will add that direct questions can come straight to me by phone or email as I am the coordinator. I have a pdf to send you if it’s your first time hosting (Q’ing). As stated, you can just show up on time on Sunday, but I always call either friday or Saturday in advance so that I know how many to cook/order for. It’s really pretty easy TBH, as long as you are comfortable sitting with people you don’t know.

    I would love to see some new people participate this year. So far, it has been the same 10-12 guys that have filled this role. It should be the gold star on any AO challenge, because every other workout you are there for yourself. This one, you are there for others.

    For any further questions or comments, feel free to reach out to me: or 804-263-3570

  2. Thanks, Lab Rat and Kubota, for this post. My kids and I have loved doing this. Vers does this regularly as a way to earn service hours for middle school, so if the school in your area encourages volunteering, here’s a great option to do this as a family.

    Plus, and I cannot emphasize this enough, the people being served are the most grateful humans you will find.

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