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  • Gratitude
    Gratitude helps direct your attention to positive thoughts and away from negative ones. A daily practice of gratitude like writing down a few things you are grateful for every day can improve our health, emotions, attitude, relationships and career.
  • Inventory
    Prioritize your day and focus on the important things. For every distraction you allow into your day, you dilute the really important stuff. Identify the things that are wasting your time and be ruthless in your removal of distractions. Take inventory of your life and decide on what actions, habits, people and beliefs are moving […]
  • Chasing Excellence
    You are what you repeatedly do.
  • It's A Process
    The truth is - it’s a process when you begin something new. Your first attempt will be bad Your 100th attempt will be awesome. Your first workout will be exhausting Your 100th workout will be rewarding. It’s gonna be rough before it’s great. The key is to not compare yourself on day one to someone […]
  • Win the battle today
    Some of the important battles we face each day are : Doubt vs Trust Discourage vs Encourage Distraction vs Focus Divide vs Unite Hate vs Love Decide for yourself and commit to those around you to win the battles today! TAKE ACTION TODAY We are on a mission to help people to accomplish big goals […]
  • Prove Yourself Wrong
    Your mind will want to quit long before your body needs to give up. The next time you think you can’t do something, prove yourself wrong. Commit to doing one more push up, running one more mile, closing one more sale for the month. Prove to yourself that you’re more capable than you give yourself […]