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Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

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6 men posted on a warm January day for some KB action. COP SSH Neck rotations Arm circles Imp walkers Don Qs Lunges HRMs Alabama prom dates LBCs Tabatha – 30 seconds on, 10 seconds off, 6 sets, 8 exercises Squats Shoulders thrusts WWIIs w/ KB KB swings Deadlifts Flutter kicks w/ presses Demon crushers Didn’t time for the 8th exercise Numberama, namerama, Yardsale took us out Notes: It was great to see a good turn out today, keep posting gents! Hard work was put in by all

YHC was pumped this am as he researched another great KB workout from Obi V! HE always has some great complex routines that gets your full body exercised. So like a good student, notes were taken on a 3×5 card, placed in a zip-lock bag and was left at home! No worries-from memory here is what went down: Brief warmup – 20 SSH, 10 Alternating KB lunges. THANG First Rotation – Plank Pass Through 10 each side 10 KB full swings then KB 1/2 swings (in squat position) , 20 on back holding KB above chest flutter kicks. Wait for…

4 Davillians arose from their long winter’s nap to see what jolly old Spit had brought them for Christmas This how it went down COP (ALL IC) – SSH, DQ, LBC’s, American Hammers, Merkins, Arm Circles THANG 12 Bells of Christmas – In Lucky horseshoe format. The PAX completed 12 rounds off exerices adding an exerices and increase the rep for that exerices each round. Between rounds PAX ran a lap around the parking lot. The rounds went like this 1 – Turkish Get Up2 – Cleans3 – Sit Up Press4 – Good Mornings5 – Goblet Squats6 – Deadlifts7 -…

YHC rode in a little late thinking there won’t be anyone else. But to my surprise, we had a large PAX and Opus was already leading COP. COP (Opus) SSH Imperial Walkers Cherry pickers Copperhead squats Shoulder taps Hand release merkins LBCs Interval routine (Bulkhead) Each PAX takes a parking spot and does an exercise, one PAX at the end will lunge to beginning and act as the timer. All PAX shift one parking spot to do the next exercise. Rinse and repeat for 3 rounds. Exercises were: curls, squats, WW2s, shoulder thrusters, calf raises, demon crushers, KB swings 11s…

YHC was running late to Manndate but the PAX decided to hot potato it. Opus QCOPMosey to bus loop, an exercise at each light pole (Merkin rows, thrusters, bob and weave, and others)Yardsale Q – stay in the bus loop for the same format (calf raises, demon crushers, clean and jerks and something else)Bulkhead Q – mosey back to main parking lot for merkins ladders, squats and WWIIsStretch and Opus took us out

Three LIFOs took on the day with some KB action. COP Tabatha 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest, 8 sets each exerciseSquats, curls, flutter kicks, calf raises, shoulder press, WWIIs, lawn mowers Stretching

4 gents showed up. one was late. Thanks to bulkhead for taking the COP whilst YHC arrived. YHC woke up with quite a start at 5:25 and rushed his butt to get to Manndate. YHC has no idea what the COP was. After that we did a slow and steady workout. 3 rounds of the following exercisesreverse overhead press slowly — 10 seconds down — we did 8 reps of thistempo deadlift 10 seconds also 8 repsside lunge no bell 10 seconds both down and up — 5 per sidelow merkin position hold 30 secondstempo split squat 10 seconds down…

YHC pulled into Manndate without a plan in mind. Luckily the PAX motivated me to ad hoc a kettlebell beatdown. COP Parking lot stationsThrusters, goblet squats, flutter kicks with kb presses, good mornings, run a lap x 3Curls, tricep extensions, WWIIs, calf raises, kb carry half the parking lot loop x 3Couple of minutes of boat canoeOpus took us outGreat job gents, always great chatter at Manndate

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