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Always 70 and Sunny

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YHC rolled in late to a surprisingly crowded MANNdate. Always good to start the day with a beatdown and a crowd. COP Mosey around parking lot then some COP. THANG Triple check – P1 squat thrusters, P2 curls, P3 mosey around parking lot. 11s – demon crushers, kb swings, around the world in between 4 corners – C1 clean and jerk, C2 lawn mowers, C3 good mornings, C4 calf raises Boat canoes and some stretching to close out the workout. Numbers, names, Spit took us out. Notes: Welcome Brownie! Keep coming back.

2 DaVillians braved the misty weather to get some KB action. Mosey to the overhang by the bus loop for some COP. 11s – Lawn mowers + Curls. Mosey back to flag for some stretching. Numbers, names, Corned Beef took us out.

Warmed up with the regular – arm circles, side straddle hops, cherry pickers, lbc’s, hand release merkins. Followed up by a tabata – 9 exercises – 3 upper body, 3 core and 3 lower body. Numberama, Namarama and Mr. Holland took up out with a prayer. SYITG

2… no 3 …. no 4 guys showed up to lift some bell Here is what happened — COP — helicopters, DQ, IW, Denice Austins, tempo merkins, cherry pickers, dirty dogs, hillbilliesABC’s with legsescalator 1timer 20 KB swingsmountain climbersjump squatsFlutter kicks with KBrepeato then run a lapescalator 2timer 10 burpeesrenegade rowslungesam hamrepeato then run a laplazy dora50 merkin rows (hold plank)100 flutter kick presses (6 inches)150 KB squats (al gore)Announcements and the likeGo out and buy yourself some whole body deodorant!Opus

YHC came in hot to find Opus and Mr Holland already started the COP. PAX decided to hot potato the Q. Opus Q – COP, bus loop beatdown Yardsale Q – more bus loop beatdown Bulkhead Q – MoM and stretching Numbers, names, Opus took us out. Happy hour this Thursday at 6:30pm at PBR on 301.

The usual Manndate crew arrived to find Trail Mix joining the fun. A lap around the parking lot then some COP. Thang Parking spot circuit – each PAX took a parking spot and an exercise with the 4th PAX the timer running a lap around parking lot. Multiple exercises: curls, squats, lawn mowers, demon crushers, WW2s, flutter kicks, etc. A little stretching at the end to close out. Numbers, names, Corned Beef took us out.

YHC is having some knee issues so I took the Q so there would be no lower body exercises. COP Around the parking lot stopping at each light pole for an upper body and core exercise. Exercises were: curls, tricep extensions, WW2s, flutter kicks, American hammers, lawn mowers, kb swings etc. Numbers, names, Corned Beef took us out.

YHC wanted to keep it simple with the Q after a month off. Mosey around parking lot COP Tabatha – 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off (squats, curls, WW2s, lunges, lawnmowers etc.) Numbers, names, Yardsale took us out. Notes: it was good to catch up and get an F3 workout in after a month. Looking forward to making it to all the DaVille AOs.

3 men posted at MANNDate for some kb action. Mosey around parking lot to warm up COP + slow mosey around parking lot with 10x merkins at each corner Tabatha – 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off for remainder of the time Numbers, names and Boo Boo took us out Good workout and good mumble chatter as usual. Merkin count 80

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