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Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

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COP — hillbilliesSSHcherry pickersjump squatsAST’scrabcakesIJRpistol squats foot on wall 20 stepups, 15 dips. 10 tempo inclined merkins — repeat stepups with bell 20 squats, walk half loop, 15 squat with press, walk half loop, 10 squat with press and tricep LAZY DORA 100 am hamBTTW150 thrusterspartner does people’s chair against wall200 kb flutterkicks6 inchesflutterkicks, am ham Boat Canoes

Warm-O-Rama: Arm Circles x10 OH Claps x10 Toe pull squats x10 Don Quixotes x10 SSH x25 Merkins x10 Ham Rockers x5/5 200m Run The Thang: Buy in: Bear crawl 2 parking spaces, lunge 2 spaces down the lot.  8 min KB OH presses 30 seconds per side  200 meter run 4 min single arm KB curls alternate every 8-10 reps 200 meter run 4 min single arm KB triceps extension alternate every 8-10 200 meter run 4 min KB rows alternate 8-10 reps 200 meter run Cash out: Bear crawl 2 parking spaces, lunge 2 spaces down the lot.   COT

6 men posted on a nice fall morning for a kb beatdown. YHC offered up the Q and the PAX decided to hot potato. COP (Bulkhead) SSH, neck rotations, arm circles, alt lunges, LBCs etc Mini Dora (No Idea) Lunge to end of parking lot and back (timer) 50x Lunges, 100x lawn mowers, 150x demon crushers/curls Wall sit (Boo Boo) Wall sit until you want a break then do a burpee, rinse and repeat 4 corners (Yardsale) C1 – 40x curls C2 – 25x WWIIs C3 – 40x skull crushers C4 – 40x calf raises Boat canoes by Yardsale Numbers,…

YHC came in hot with the mudgar(Indian club bells) for the PAX to try out. The mudgar is essentially a club or hammer with the weight on one end. It is very beneficial for rotational strength. COP – Spit started warming up the PAC Parking lot stations – multiple exercises rotated with parking lot run as timer Hard work put in by all Numbers, names, Spit took us out

6 HIMs enjoyed a refreshing morning at MANNdate today. Warm-O-Rama: Mosey 2 Rounds:Overhead Reverse Lunge – 5 per sideSpeed Skaters – 5 per sidePigeon Stretch – 30 SecondsCobras – 30 Seconds 40 Merkins The Thang: 3 min AMRAPHalf Burpees – 5KB Swings – 10KB Choppers – 5 per side 40 Merkins Block 1*12 Minutes Max RoundsCross-Leg Crunches – 15 per sideSide Plank to Knee Drive – 10 per sideScorpions – 5 per sidePlank Jacks – 20Butt Kickers – 25 per side 40 Merkins 3 min AMRAPHalf Burpees – 5KB Swings – 10KB Choppers – 5 per side 40 Merkins Block…

3 Davillians and a Summer Tourist arrived at WHES on a cool Aug morning for the mid week KB workout. Bulkhead had original had the Q but message out very earlier he couldn’t make it so Hot Potato was called This how it went down Spit’s Q COP (ALL IC) – SSH, Goblet Squats, Helicopters, KB LBC’s, Heels to Heaven, HRM’s, Arm Circles 7’s – Goblet Squats one side, KB lunge to the other side, Lawn Mowers on that side Boo Boo’s Q 3 minute Wall Sit with KB. Every time you break the sit complete a Burpee 4 Rounds…

3 gents showed up on a humid morning to throw some KBs around. COP The Beast (6x6x6) Squats WWIIs w/ press Lawn mowers Calf raises Flutter kicks w/ press Curls Boat canoes by Yardsale and some stretching to close it out. Boo Boo took us out

The regulars pulled into the lot to find a couple of new guys waiting already. Mosey around the parking lot COP Tabatha – 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off, 6 sets Squats Clean and jerks WWIIs w/ press Calf raises Curls Flutter kicks w/ press Lunges Boat Canoes Some stretching to close it out Numbers, names, Yardsale took us out Welcome to F3 Yoder, keep coming back.

3 PAX pulled in hot at 0530 to get the day started with: COP: SSHs, IWs, Helicopters, Birddogs, Suzanne Somers, Merkins, and Freddie Mercurys IC. Mosey to the teardrop bus loop for a Beast … or a Beast Light? Round 1: Right-hand waiter carry. 6 Squats at each light post. After 3 light posts turn around for the Beast… no, carry on around the tear drop. There are 5 light posts, so, Beast Light. But PAX did this first light post at the beginning and end for 6 rounds, so, Beast. Round 2: Left-hand waiter carry and Curls. Round 3:…

4 men posted at MANNDate for some kb action. COP 11s – goblet squats + merkins Mini Dora – 50 x step ups, 100 x curls, 150 x demon crushers 4 corners MOM – 20 x American hammers, flutter kicks, WWIIs, boat canoes Stretching Numbers, names, Yardsale took us out.

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