Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Magnum P.I. Day – 12/7/19


Gentlemen, this is your one month heads up to be ready for Magnum P.I. Day on 12/7/19 at Dogpile. Thanks to your generosity, we raised $4,050.00 for Raise Coffee Co. Gumbo and I have commenced with the ‘stache growing, and invite each of you to join us. For those of you who need more than a month to water and grow in a solid caterpillar, do the best you can.

Like last year’s Magnum P.I. Day, we want as many F3RVA’ers to join us sporting ‘staches and Hawaiian shirts.

If you can’t work a ‘stache all month, grow in a beard and knock it down to proper ‘stache status in time for Magnum P.I. Day.

See y’all and your ‘staches soon. In the mean time, happy growing.


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  1. Stache is in progress – as is the planning for this workout!

    Ferrari’s and helicopters welcome if anyone can’t pull off the stache and Hawaiian shirt.

    Looking forward to it.

    Can someone tell me where Dogpile is again? It’s been a minute.