Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Beastly Tuesday


The lot was full at 530am this morning for a humid No Toll beatdown. The call to mosey interrupted the mumblechatter and we were off.


Helicopters x 10

DQs x 10

Imperial Walkers x 20

Merkins x 10

LBCs x 30

Arm Circles x 15 – reverso

Mosey front Field

BEAST! – Yall know what it is!

6 Rounds – WWIIs, Carolina Dry Docks, 2 Count Freddie Mercury, Merkins, Reverse crunch, Shoulder Taps

Plank for the Six

Mosey to Side lot

Triple check-

Pole Smokers Hold 6 inches, Plank walk around circle, Runner

Mosey back to Field

Diagonal 4 Corners

10 Merkins – Run Diagonal to opposite corner, 20 LBCs, Runner backwards down line to corner 3 – 30 WWIIs, run diagonal to corner 4, 40 SSHs, run backwards to corner 1.

Mosey to flag

Run in place – up/downs on YHC call to close out the 45 mins.

Numberama, Namerama, Flange took us out.


Order your F3 Shirt here – https://f3.mudgear.com/products/f3-rva-shirt-pre-order

Merkin Challenge for Flag – DTH will post info

Iron Pax Challenge – Mouse Trap will post info

Labor Day Convergence – Sept 2 7am Timberwolf, bring a FNG

Prayers for Orange Crush’s son, injured hit feet in an accident, cannot walk for a few months. Bullseye is going to post a meal sign up sheet. OC needs his brothers prayers and support now more than ever. With his son not being able to walk for a while someone needs to be with him 24/7, lets lift OC and his family up!


Short and Sweet message today due to work obligations fellas. We all got better this morning mentally and physically, strong work by all! Appreciate the opportunity to lead, and honored that the PAX allows me to. Make it a great day fellas! SYITG!



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  1. Great Q Marmaduke! I was dragging this morning (still recovering from Doozy’s hill run last Friday.

    Iron Pax Challenge info is here: https://f3greenwood.com/2019/07/27/iron-pax-2019/

    It’s 4 workouts in September (1 each week). Let me know if you are interested. You could do them on your own, but they are designed to be able to fit into a 45 minute boot camp. I’m thinking about using one of our AO’s during Sept for it (possibly Twin Team, since one of the workouts requires pull-ups) , but I wanted to judge interest first.

    Since it’s an F3 nation-wide competition, for fairness, there will be a focus on using good form, and on timing accuracy. Scores/reps/times will be recorded each week and submitted to the website for inclusion on the leader board.

    If you’re curious, I’ll post links below to the last year’s workouts so you can see what it might be like.

    Also, hit up Spit if you have questions, as he Q’d these last year.

  2. Oh yeah , one of the workouts will also require coupons and for fairness or scoring, they recommend cinder blocks of a certain weight (still getting into on that). If we do it, each person will need to have one.

  3. Great work fellas. Way to beat them down Marmaduke. Sorry to miss but had to serve Gumbo at Heartbreak Ridge.

    Do we have confirmation on whether Nancy’s VQ is this Thursday or being postponed?

  4. Great Q, Duke! Nice to be back on the plush fields of No Toll. Great to partner with DTH and Fresh Prince…one of the quickest triple checks I’ve been part of. Fresh Prince has some giddy up!

    Have a great day, Gents!

  5. VQ alert!!! Mouse Trap VQ is happening tomorrow at Twin Team! Come get your beatdown!