Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Iron Pax Comes to RVA


6 Davillians heard the call and headed to Atlee HS on this fine 70 and sunny day. The SF was planted and the PAX got to work.

The is how it went down:

Mosey to the bus loop

COP (ALL IC) – DQ, Helicopters, Arm Circles


Iron Pax Challenge

4 rounds of the following: 50 Air Squats, 40 WWII Sit ups, 30 Merkins, 20 Jumping Lunges (each leg), 10 Burpees, Lap around the bus loop (400 meters)

PAX finished early time for some extra. Mosey to the front of the HS

Triple Check – People’s Chair, LBC’s, Bear Crawl to the sidewalk and run back

Mosey back to the SF

3 MOM – Freddy Mercury’s, AL Prom Date, American Hammers

Numerama, Namerama, Announcements, Emoji took us out


A few days ago, YHC was on twitter and notice something F3 Hampton Roads (aka Dreamliner) retweeted about @F3IronPax. Our fellow brother from F3 Greenwood have sent out a weekly challenge to F3 Nation. YHC took one looked at it and knew the DaVille boy would be up for the challenge.

The Pax staying mainly together the whole time with all finishing around 26 to 27 minutes. Kit Kat was a sit up beast, Wheelie could bust out some Merkins, and Bulkhead head made quick work of the squats. Emoji and Opus were solid overall. YHC did his best to reminder the PAX to keep good form but nothing beats have Helix there to show us how it is done (miss having you today Helix).

  • YHC challenges the rest of the neno-regions to the Iron Pax challenge. For full more details click the link
  • HDHH tomorrow – Kubota as has the Q. See the preblast
  • PuppyPile on August 25th immediately following DogPile.¬† Marv has the Q.
  • Ghost Flag will be up for grabs at DogPile this Saturday. See preblast
  • Labor Day Convergence 9/3 – See preblast¬†