Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Death, Taxes and Lockjaw at a HDHH


There are some things in F3RVA life that are certain: Lab Rat’s mumble chatter, Big Blue parked early in the gloom and Saab complaining about running routes. But the most certain thing is that if there is an HDHH scheduled in RVA, Lockjaw will be there! He cut his California work trip short so he could fly back on a red-eye and make tonight’s HDHH at Palani Drive. Well done!

9 strong posted for the Wednesday Hill Run. Swirly, Shakedown, Gomer Pyle and TYA started at 5:30pm and got 3+ miles in before meeting up with HoneyDo, Corned Beef, Hash, Doozy and YHC. We all then proceeded to the Hills Tempsford/Kennondale for hill repeats. Hash took off like a rocket and never looked back. Oh, to be 17 again! YHC admits that he was feeling good tonight and did a lot better than last time we ran these hills. Maybe it was the fact that BRR is coming up and the adrenaline was pumping a little more than usual. More than likely, it was the cooler temps.

Early group got in 7+ miles. Regular group got in 4+ miles.

Vinny, Lockjaw and EF Hutton and 2.0’s joined us for food and drinks. EF Hutton hauled tail back from a day at King’s Dominion so he could join us. Nice! You cannot call the Rebel Yell Roller Coaster “Rebel Yell” anymore. Just “Yell”

Enjoyed it all and SYITG!



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