Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

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2 studs posted this afternoon for Roller Coaster and here is how it went down. TYA – 1 long loop 1 medium loop Swirly – 1 long loop 1 medium loop 1 short loop TyA did a great job especially just coming off his 50k this past weekend – well done dude. Although we both had some heartburn from lunch…. It felt great to be out running the hills on a beautiful evening! See y’all in the gloom .

3 PAX disregarded the fartsack and weather to run in the very early morning gloom. With no rain at 4 we took to North Bank to Browns Island. We then chose to not push our luck, head up to Main street and head West to meet up with that other Pre-Dogpile group. 7 miles when we reached ETs. NMS- Running the trails in the dark was awesome this morning, as it always is. Thanks to Vinny and Shakedown for showing up for this first one. Next Early Risers will be in May. Come out to give it a try. Also…

4 strong posted for Roller Coaster this afternoon and here is how it went down. Kubota and Husky – 1 long ruck loop = Boom! EF. Hutton and Swirly – 1 long loop , 1 medium loop, 1 short loop = Boom ! Great to see Kubota out there right after battling the flu – atta baby ! Always a pleasure to see my buddy Husky! Enjoyed running with EF. Hutton – excellent job let’s do it again soon brother. Missed our man TYA out there this evening but hope his daughter TSB had a great run ! See y’all…

Some ran, Some ate, Some drank, Some ran and ate and drank. The Route: Palani Drive parking lot to Granite Ave south to Cary Street. Crossover to Tempsford/Kennondale. Complete as many hill repeats as you like. Mosey back to Palani Drive. Apologies to Upchuck. He didn’t realize we were meeting behind the restaurant and didn’t see us when we took off. He ran his own route, though. Chum Bucket hit the trails and then met us for HDHH. He is training for a 50k with Johnsonville that will happen at the end of April. EF Hutton, Greenbow and his new…

2 dudes posted for Roller Coaster this evening in two different locations. Swirly : Trail run 7 mile loop = boom! TYA : Hillcrest – 2 long loops = Boom! Beautiful evening for a run – way to get some miles in buddy! Kubota we missed you and Husky out there. Next weeks Roller Coaster is @ a different location with a Happy Hour to follow – see BB or Kubota for details ! See y’all in the gloom

Four Horsemen attacked the trails during probably the most gorgeous evening we have had in 2019! Various start times and routes were taken including: Husky and YHC started early and got in some miles with an out and back on the North Bank. Swirly ran the whole 7+ mile loop starting with the North Bank and crossing the T. Pott to Buttermilk and back across the Nickel Bridge. TYA’s truck was in the parking lot, but as of this writing, YHC has not heard back from him. We may have to go find him later this evening. Good thing it’s…

Three studs attacked the hills of Roller Coaster last night and here is how it went down. Offshore – Ruck loops = Boom ! TYA – 2 long loops, 1 short loop. Swirly – 1 long loop, 1 medium loop, 1 short loop. Well done guys – beautiful night for a run!

Five warriors braved the cold and wind on Wednesday afternoon for a few hills. Kubota and Husky did a few loops with the ruck sack.  Swirly pumped in a smorgasbord of routes (1 long, 1 medium and 1 short), Chum ran from Mary Mumford and then did a few short loops, TYA rucked 3 loops, then did a long and a short loop running.  Upchuck signaled he was running and then did not post. Chum posted to a Wednesday run for the first time in a while.  He and Jville are prepping for an April 50k. TYA Out.

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