Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Block Friday


12 Davillians came out to get their holiday weekend started off right

This how it went down

3 Lap Mosey (for three years with F3) around the parking lot. Running forward and backwards

Head to YHC’s car and grab a cinder block. Circle up for the COP

COP (ALL IC) – SSH, DQ, Hillbillies, Tempo LBC’s, Merkins (On Cinder Block), Arm Circles


To celebrate the last day of The Week of Spit, YHC choices some of his favorite exercise for the week with some modifications

Jacob’s Ladder From Monday (renamed Bear/Block/Burpee) – Starting at one side of the parking lot, bear crawl /w block to the light pole, complete 1 Burpee, keeping bear crawling to the other side, complete 2 Burpees, Head back rinse and repeat increasing to 3 and 4 Burpees

Lazy Dora From Thursday – 50 Workins (on the blocks), 100 Goblet Squats, 150 Sit up + Press
Partner holds PAX

Mosey to the pavilion

Three Check (One Round) From Monday – Derkins, Dip, hallelujah Run (Block over head) down the gravel road and back

Hallelujah Mosey back to the SF for Numberrama, Namerama, Announcements and No Idea took us out.


Wow! What a week this has been. YHC started with 20 cinder block on Monday and finished with 15. Most of them were broken today, two of which by Pavarotti alone. YHC guess a trip to Home Depot in in the future for some replacements.

YHC tried to through the PAX on “The Plan” for today. First he played music before 5:30 making them think we would be doing “Sally” or “Thunderstuck”. Then the laps around the parking lot to through the PAX off from the cinder blocks.

The Carpenter once again showed off his bear crawling skills but smoking the rest of the PAX. T-Claps to the rest for pushing through and not modifying.

Glad to see Mr Holland back out in action. He has moved closer to Mechanicsville so hopefully we will see him more often moving forward

Now I will stop talking in the third person. I wanted to thank the PAX for an amazing three years! The Creek in particular has a special place in my heart. 3 years this coming late September/early October, The Creek was launched. Despite the critics, Abacus, The Carpenter, and myself set forth to reach more men in Mechanicsville. The best way to do this, place an AO next to two of the three largest neighborhoods in the 23116.

The Creek help launch MANNDate and show that will help launch The Anvil. I’m excited for the challenges and journey the next 3 years bring for both F3 RVA and the nano-region of DaVille


  • Memorial Day Convergence – Monday 0700 – meet in Tredegar parking lot
  • Opus has the Q at Dogpile – Come Support
  • New AO launch next Thursday – See Pre-Blast
  • Summer Tour start Saturday – See Pre-Blast
  • Happy Birthday No Idea and congrats on Two years with F3




  1. Great beatdown Spit! Thanks for the birthday wishes and kicking off my last year without respect!

  2. Spit, the three years of intense leadership you’ve provided for DaVille and beyond, have impacted me and MANY others significantly. NEVER STOP. This has been a life changer for health and life. May we continue through our 90s with no medical bills because the doctors can’t figure out why we’re NOT aging at all. I think you should charge Pavarotti for all his broken cinder blocks! But he and everyone stepped up to the challenge. Great workout (again!) by the way!!

  3. Nice job this week, Spit. Way to take it easy on them this morning with half the Dora we did yesterday!?

  4. Thank you for your leadership and friendship these past few years. Man, I hate cinder blocks.