Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Hill Repeats and Pilsner Repeats


Some ran, Some ate, Some drank, Some ran and ate and drank.

The Route: Palani Drive parking lot to Granite Ave south to Cary Street. Crossover to Tempsford/Kennondale. Complete as many hill repeats as you like. Mosey back to Palani Drive.

Apologies to Upchuck. He didn’t realize we were meeting behind the restaurant and didn’t see us when we took off. He ran his own route, though. Chum Bucket hit the trails and then met us for HDHH. He is training for a 50k with Johnsonville that will happen at the end of April. EF Hutton, Greenbow and his new 2.0 joined us for HDHH. Good times!

We may try to do this again in May and June and July….stay tuned! Good BRR training.

Enjoyed it fellas!

Saab Q tomorrow at 45MOM and DTH Q at the new AO The Forge tomorrow.


keep posting!


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  1. Great evening, fellas. Thank you, Kubota, for pulling this together. Next time…I’ll read the pre-blast. SYITG!

  2. The hills of Snake River/King Pin never disappoint. We should do this monthly for certain.