Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

No Visitors for the Ghost Flag…No Problem, we’ll just do an Old Glory


14 SOJ redwoods rose for the occasion and to defend the Ghost Flag against any and all comers.  There were none, but we were ready nonetheless.  So, while YHC had a variation of an Old Glory in mind for the Ghost Flag competition, given that home turf didn’t need defending, I decided we would just do the good old fashioned Old Glory itself….always a crowd pleaser and it has been a while.

Getting right down to business, YHC grabbed Old Glory and took off for the fields in the back of NoToll.  This was the first Old Glory for a handful of guys – Doozy (of course), Slim Shady and maybe Cerano and Beaker.  Maybe for others also  as I didn’t see Posh, Olivander or Flatline listed on the spreadsheet — although that could just be that history has not been recorded.

Gents, this is truly a You vs. You workout.  What is also great about Old Glory is that you can see results.  I forgot to everyone’s laps, so click on the Google Sheet below and add your own or leave it in the comments and I will update the spreadsheet.


We finished with Indian Run style for our last mile and then a few minutes of Mary and some variety tempo Freddie Mercuries to close it out.

COT, COR, NOR and YHC took us out.


  • BRR is this weekend.  The F3RVA team is strong is going to kill it…as long as they don’t let Saab behind the wheel!
  • F3RVA 4-year anniversary coming up, Saturday, September 22 at Dogpile – workout at 0600.  Run/Race (maybe teams?) at 0700 and Fellowship/cookout at 0800 — In the FALL (if that is what we are in) it is never too early on a Saturday morning to crack open a beer and fire up the grill!
  • CSAUP 10/20 — running and more running…Wilson’s dream day.
  • The Ghost Flag will be up for grabs again soon…stay tuned.


First and foremost, it was hot, it was muggy and the fields of NoToll were wet…so, in other words, all was right in the world.  The sprinklers provided optional relief from the heat if you so chose and left some serious muddy spots to watch out for.  Olivander found the drainage area earlier on.  After that who cares right?

It was great to get a few miles in and work the body out along the way.  I hoped the few BRR guys would pace themselves and leave some in the tank for Thursday and then Rosie and Honeymoon left the group in the dust.  Well done fellas.

FNG-Eric (Doozy) came in on foot.  Impressive for an FNG.  Running is definitely not a weakness for Doozy.  He is from Charlotte originally but he’s been in RVA for 5 years.  He recently started training for a Spartan and when he looked up “how to train” the interwebs pointed him to us. Welcome Doozy – way to push through the Old Glory.  We look forward to see you back out soon and to helping you do more than just train for a Spartan.

Great job this morning men.  Thanks for posting.

No More Gumbo For You!


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  1. Such a humbling way to start the day!
    Good luck to Olivander, Honeymoon and Rosie @ the BRR this weekend!!
    Welcome to Doozy!

  2. Welcome Doozy. You will always remember your first……workout with F3! While I hat Old Glory, it really does set the day up for a good nap. Thanks for that Gumbo. lol Sorry for the dogs and kids today, but duty called. See y’all in the gloom.

  3. Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome and this Team is exactly what I was looking for. I will see you on Friday.

  4. I thought we might be in for an Old Glory today, it’s been a while. Welcome Doozy, that’s a tough one to start with but keep at it and the next time we do it you will fly around the fields. Maybe next time it will be a little cooler too.

  5. Rosie, all we had to do was talk about Old Glory at Roller Coaster and BAM!, you got it. I WILL make it back to No Toll for one of these. I especially miss running through the sprinklers;) Welcome, Doozy!

  6. Next time BT makes it back to NoToll, no matter who has the Q, it will be an Old Glory takeover. We’ll be waiting…

  7. Nice choice Gumbo and Yes it was my first Old Glory. I’m fairly certain that my legs will still be sore for Timberwolf on Thursday. Hell of a way to get the day started.

  8. Welcome, Doozy! Old Glory is a great intro to F3.

    Bad week for the ghost flag unfurling with brr looming heavy. I need that thing back to do some mods to it. Next time, I hope…

  9. BT – you know I love ya, but please don’t be offended if I see you at No Toll and turn around and drive away! lol

  10. Oh, the GF will present itself again soon. After BRR, but soon. Stay tuned – or, maybe it will be a sneak attack to commandeer a Q…

  11. Yup, to my recollection that was my first Old Glory…believe it or not. As for no shows, scared!
    Doozy welcome. The hardest part, getting out of bed! Keep posting. The same to you Slim Shady.
    Good luck to PAX members running the BRR. Truly epic and awesome!
    SOJ redwoods, way to work this morning!!!
    Loud and Proud!

  12. Watkins ES tomorrow correct? Is there somewhere that I can find the schedule for meeting places, times and days of the week? I might be overlooking it on the dashboard.