Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Who Let the (Wild) Dogs Out?


A PAX of four wild dogs (more on that later!) planted the shovel flag and ventured out into the pouring rain at Batteau on this sloppy and somewhat chilly morning. Here’s what I remember, with an assist from EF Hutton

Mosey to COP on the tennis courts

  • SSH (x20 IC)
  • Don Quixote (x17 IC)
  • Arm Circles (x20 IC)
  • Merkins (x20 IC)
  • LBCs (x17 IC)


Mosey to bottom of the stone steps

Perrito 1-2-3: One partner runs to up the three sets of steps (farmer’s market side) while partner performs exercise: Dips, Jump squats, Plank

The Dog PAX (AKA The Peoples’ Blimp): Blimp down to the lake with individuals calling out exercises in a round-robin

  • Lunges
  • Three-legged Bear Crawl
  • Broad Jumps
  • Crab Walk
  • Duck Walk
  • Alligator Crawl
  • Backward Lunges

Step ups at the picnic tables by the big rocks

  • 20 single step ups (OYO)
  • 17 “double” (top of table) step ups (OYO)


Partner Carry back up THOIR

  • Partner Carry x2
  • Wheelbarrow x2
  • Broadjump Burpees

Plankorama, then mosey to Stone House

Partner Pee On a Tree x 5 Trees (3 Rounds)

  • Merkins
  • Monkey Humpers
  • Carolina Dry Docks

Partner Dogleg Throws 2×25

Mary (AKA The Doggy Bag)

  • Box Cutters (IC)
  • Alabama Prom Dates (IC)
  • Merkins (IC)

COT, Name-a-rama, Number-rama and YHC took us out.


Wheelbarrow and EF Hutton were at the stone house and were rearing to go when Sippy Cup showed up right on time. Everyone was excited and ready to play in the rain, except of course for THE FERAL DOG LIVING IN THE WOODS  barking incessantly at the PAX.  EF Hutton said he saw a posted sign that said “rescue in progress.”

♫ Get back ruffy, get back scruffy. Get back you filthly flea-infested mongrel! ♫

YHC didn’t see anyone actively attempting a rescue at 5:29AM on a rainy Monday in Forest Hill Park.  YHC didn’t get that close a look but the square-shaped head looked slightly boxer/pitbullish so YHC was only too happy to give the pooch a wide berth.

While everyone did a great job, the MVP has to go to EF Hutton who partner-carried YHC’s sorry carcass up THOIR at an insane pace, zipping right by Sippy and Wheelbarrow.  As poet laureate Toby Keith once penned:

EF Hutton might not be as good as he once was
but EF Hutton is as good once as he ever was.

While YHC is not exactly sure what is wrong with his foot, doctor’s say it is something called a “Morton’s Neuroma” and when acting up it feels like each step is stepping on a marble in your shoe.  Good times. After walking all over DC yesterday, YHC’s foot wasn’t feeling great and so YHC called EF Hutton while sitting in traffic on the way home last night to see if he could help split the Q. EF not planning to go but was obliging, though feeling rather salty as he was watching his Redskins implode before his eyes at that moment. Timing is everything.

I also think the whole WILD DOG LIVING IN THE WOODS thing at Batteau has now officially joined it to Dogpile and WDog in the “Brotherhood of Canine-Themed Richmond AOs” if not in name, then in certainly in spirit.

What a great job by this intrepid four! Special thanks to EF Hutton for helping share the load.  It was an honor to Q / 2!

Woof woof woof-woof-woof!!


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  1. The next Q says put a steak in your pants and let the wild dog Chase you all over the AO. I’m thinking Wild Dog Wednesday’s at Man-O-Rama. Sorry I missed a Viral 1/2 Q way to bring it in some serious gloom today fellas