Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

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Mary Munford Elementary

It’s spring already? Off we went to Scott’s Addition via a passage down Commonwealth to Monument to Roseneath. 4s hang a right at The Veil on Clay, right on McTavish, Tilden to Kennsington to Patterson, to Commonwealth to the AO. 5s and 6s continue on Roseneath and a right on Norfolk, and a right on Blvd. 5s bring it home on Kennsington to Patterson to Commonwealth. 6s head down to Byrd Park, a right on Shepard to Grove and home. Upchuck took us out. Moleskin Great conversation today with the pack YHC was running with. It makes the miles fly…

Nine lunar zealots plus two in search of blinking red lights convened via multiple parking spots for a variation of an oldie. Most everyone listened and followed the instructions that started with East on Grove: 4s & 6s right on Sheppard5s right on boulevard everyone south on boulevard4s right on Grant5s right on Douglasdale6s do the pump house loop then left on DouglasdaleRight on McCloyLeft on Cary Numbers, names, and YHC took us out. Moleskin I am sitting here in the early am, unable to sleep, trying to think of something witty to write as part of a backblast. As…

10 Pax launched at various times, with various distances, and from multiple locations; but they all converged at the end. Routes varied, but here is one used by the 530 crowd. West on Grove, right on Libbie, right on Patterson, right on Malvern, right on Grove. aka the Zoolander route. YHC took us out. While everyone ran alone or in pairs, it was great to converge at the end to catch up and some levity (as always). YHC’s 2.0 enjoyed the run today and we hope to see him back out soon.

A dozen plus additional bikers out on the road arrived for this week’s installment. Trying to find visual relief from the stadium lights, the Pax assembled in the shadows of the trees prior to launch. East on Grove and north on Lafayette, and east on Monument. 4s turn right on Sheppard, 5s on Strawberry, and 6s on Lombardy. All pick up Hanover for the western return, jumping over to Grove at Thompson. Bodos took us out. Congratulations to Pigskin for a successful Fleed to Bleed. Well done!

We ran around Mary. Watch the traffic circles.

A dozen tolerated the resurgence of humidity for a stroll down the road. Grove to Woodlawn to Leonard to Wisteria to Patterson. West on Patterson turning on Maple for 4s, 5s go to Chanticler and then back to Maple, and 6s went all the way to Three Chopt and back to Maple. Maple to Grove to home. Wheelie took us out. Moleskin: Once again TYA is a fashion pioneer.

With the BRR Pax getting ready to start their adventure further west, a half dozen runners and a lone biker represented today. East on Grove, rt on Thompson, left on Cary, left on Kennsenton. 4s turn left on Commonwealth, 5s on Lexington to Grove, and 6s on Harlan to Roslyn to Grove. Some opted for a slight detour to see the sights on Monument. Marv took us out. Several BRR memories resurfaced for the Pax after COT including a reenactment of Marv’s skunk tale. Ask him about it sometime.

A bunch of early morning runners and a biker or two embraced the gloom and excellent running weather. The stars were out, the moon crescent, and Upchuck had his shirt off and was working on his tan….basking in the moonlight. Routes – West on Grove with 4s turning right on Libbie and 5s/6s taking the Henri access road to St Chris. Both routes exit on Patterson where you head east. 4s/5s take Antrim back to Grove and 6s take Nansemond. YHC took us out. Good luck to those running the BRR next week! It will be an epic of a…

A lively and plucky bunch, most of whom were looking for some relief of the humidity by way of a bicycle, showed up at Mary Munford’s Elementary School on Friday. It’s been really, really hot lately…like, the kind of heat that when you walk outside you just get mad. It’s August, so it’s really no one’s fault that it is so hot, but when someone recommended an Amateur RAMM Gears, it seemed to make sense to a good amount of people. YHC originally signed up to lead the PAX on a jog around the near west end…maybe a new route…

A much delayed account of a RAMM run and bike ride for big data.

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