Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zeWg73GzVbc 11 posted for a wet one. Long distance runners – Patterson route. Short distance – Commonwealth to Monument, head east on Monument. Take a right up to Grove depending on your chosen distance, return Grove to Commonwealth. Great job men, nice warm wet morning for a run. Thanks to Pucker for keeping YHC’s speed up. Welcome Swipe Right, or as us more cynical folks call Stalker. TYA took us out with an inspiring adage that we are privileged to do what we do, and not merely forced to or have to. That led us to a discussion on Yankee…

1 Monster and seventeen other dudes posted on the perfect morning for a run. Weather was 70 and sunny. Route was west on Grove to 3Chopt, put a foot on 3chopt, run back to MM to the bus circle. Thugs ran the whole shabang and crushed it. Most of the supporters did 5k the hardway (25 merkins and 25 squats every 1/2 mile). Congrats to THUGGZZZZZZ for dedicating himself to something and getting after it. In that light, he announced post run that he would do a 10K at the beginning of August. The first annual Bone Thug 10k is…

Dissimilar to the title of this workout, the path was anything but an inner, creative battle. Did we win though? Yes, obviously. A group of 10 PAX plus one additional PAX member ran the ways of our fathers. See Marv’s backblast from a few months back for details, remain on Grove at all costs. Never saw the Gears folks again so hope they’re okay. Good job men. Also, Bleeder has goats. -Singer

3 groups of 6 social distance warriors came out today to stretch their legs and verify their lungs remain relatively clear during these times. RAMM Routes 4 mi – Commonwealth, Monument, Boulevard, Grove 5.3 mi – Commonwealth, Monument, Allen, Grove 6 mi – Commonwealth, Monument, Harrison, Grove YHC took us out. Reach out to those who need a lift. NMS – Quiet morning. Handshake and I saw a fire truck. A GRTC bus honked Hi. The Hot Dog Guy has a parking lot pop up for noon meals today at 5909 W Broad St, Richmond, VA 23230 – Thanks BT!

4 early risers, 2 Regulars, and 4 overachievers posted this morning for a 70’s and sunny run. The Thang Take Grove to Malvern to Laburnam – go 22:30 and return. Mad Dog took us out Moleskin With no sign of Lockjaw before 0530, YHC made the call for the directions and time, Hardywood made the executive decision that he needed to run by his office for a security check; 3 others followed. They all posted about 6.5 miles. Healing prayers for Sippy and Swiper (in unrelated incidents) Bleeder out

It was a full parking lot at the AO this morning in the gloom with record numbers of RAMM’s faithful as well as those on tour. We headed east on Grove, north on Hamilton, south on Westwood/Malvern, and west on Patterson. Yep, it looks like a big right angle. 4s turned south on Westmoreland, 5s on Lexington, and 6s on Seneca all taking Grove eastbound to the shovel flag. TYA took us out. Announcements: Shakedown is looking for running volunteers at the Healing Place on Saturday mornings to help those training for the Monument 10K. Shiver in the River? See…

Twenty steeds, ready to run or ride, embraced warming weather and fine fellowship to pass the miles. East on Grove and left on Malvern (4s/5s) or Nansemond (6s). Take a left on Patterson and head westbound. 4s turn left on Libbie to Grove and home. 5s/6s turn left on St Chris to Henri to Grove and home. Swirly took us out. It was good to see everyone today and catch up. Hitchhiker keeps putting in the miles and its showing. Excellent work! Lockjaw

A dozen by road and two by bike went into the dark and foggy gloom. Zero visibility was not a problem as this group stuck together for a parsec as we did the Kessel Run through Windsor Farms. Then we headed west down Grove and came back on Grove to the VSF. Swirly took us out. It was great to catch up with everyone and their holiday activities. I hope everyone is enjoying time with family and friends. Lockjaw

Eleven runners plus four on rubber didn’t really gather at 530 and everyone did a variety of things. Due to limited numbers at 530, YHC called the negative split route up Commonwealth and east on Monument. Turning around at 23 minutes and getting back in 22. The original intent was to do Fartleks. Sippy showed up right at 530 and YHC was able to convince him that Fartleks were the way to go. So, 15 minute warm up followed by ten 1 minute pickups. 1 minute hot at a faster than 5k pace followed by 30 second recovery. Do this…

13 runners started, so 13 runners must have finished. Start times, routes, and paces varied. No bikers were present or accounted for. Best anyone can tell, temps were sunny and 70. The security cameras recorded someone starting at 3:45. Two someones. How do you train for a half-marathon? Run 15 miles. Yeah, do the math. Well done, Lug Nut and Bleeder. Those who started at 05:00 headed west on Grove, turned past St. Chris, then east on Patterson, and looped back somewhere ’round The Arthur Ashe Boulevard before coming back to the ranch. Those starting at 5:30 headed east on…

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