Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

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Mary Munford Elementary

A much delayed account of a RAMM run and bike ride for big data.

While it was reported to be an extra muggy morning, it was actually 70 and sunny as always. A smaller group launched at the standard time and ran 4 or 5+ miles. Group ran across Commonwealth, down Monument and turned at the appropriate point and returned up Grove. A larger group continued their prep for the BRR with an earlier start and knocking out 8+ mile runs. Good work! RAMM Gears posted as well – if I missed anyone please let me know.

Without Lockjaw’s presence and his arsenal of routes, a Q was quick established and an out and back was chosen: Commonwealth to Monument (east)…23min out and 22 back. Some chose to reverse those times. Bikers biked, early risers did reverse-Patterson, and others just rolled their own. Saab abides

East on Grove, left on Lafayette, left on Cutshaw, left on Chantilly/Bunting, left on Grove. Take a right on E Locke and pick up Locke to Dover. 4s turn on Berkshire and5s turn on Canterbury back the VSF. Shakedown took us out.

Dawn’s light pierces gloomTwo puddles under Swirl’s truckAntifreeze or whiz? Q called Haiku routeOff we went, westbound for sureRunners in their zone Down Iris and upAround the world racking milesLugnut is a champ Grind it up the hillBT’s house at the hilltopHomebound past the church Bootleg and SingerGreat running buddies, keep paceMiles fly by with ease Where did Upchuck go?Bodo’s made a detour homeReturning with dog

14 mighty runners and bikers came out for a morning of cooler temperatures and Spring light. Snake River was called and off we went. West on Grove, left on Granite and cross Cary. 4s go to the fork of the snake’s tongue, 5s do each tongue, and 6s do each tongue twice. Head back out on Granite to Patterson and take a right and a right on Westmoreland back to the AO. TYA took us out. Good luck to Bodos in his competition tomorrow. Too bad he couldn’t count the beautiful fly by the majestic Huron after COT.

Much better than ok due to scenery, flatness, and simplicity but OK due to the shape of the route’s similarity to the state of Oklahoma. East on Grove. 4s turn left on Strawberry, 5s on Allen, and 6s on Harrison. Everyone turns left on Park and left on Nansemond with a final right on Grove to come back home. Marv took us out today. Thoughts and prayers go out to Bleeder and his family.

It was actually neither of us. Just the bouquet of smells emanating from the city streets around the stadium. How we got there? The Carillon Route of course. YHC took us out.

North on Commonwealth and east on Monument. 4s turn on the Blvd, 5s on Meadow, and 6s on Lombardy, with all going to Grove and home. Yep, its that simple. Swirly took us out. Congratulations to Hitchhiker in his pursuit of knowledge. Our thoughts and prayers go to Doublemint’s family. NMS Plenty of mumble chatter today with this crew. Maybe the weather made them frisky or perhaps the presence of a FNG. Either way, good to catch up with folks and spawn a good backlist title.

14 runners and several bikers assembled for some miles on the road. Here is what happened, more or less. West on Grove turning right on the access road in front of St Stephens. A right on York and a left on Maple. 4s turn right on Patterson and home via Westmoreland. 5s/6s continue on until Monument and turn right. 5s turn on Westmoreland and 6s on Lafayette to return home. Flatline took us out today. Moleskin Ample conversation today about a variety of topics. Mumble chatter is always strong on the runs. Announcements DaVille Tomato Relay – See announcement on…

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