Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

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Mary Munford Elementary

North on Commonwealth and east on Monument. 4s turn on the Blvd, 5s on Meadow, and 6s on Lombardy, with all going to Grove and home. Yep, its that simple. Swirly took us out. Congratulations to Hitchhiker in his pursuit of knowledge. Our thoughts and prayers go to Doublemint’s family. NMS Plenty of mumble chatter today with this crew. Maybe the weather made them frisky or perhaps the presence of a FNG. Either way, good to catch up with folks and spawn a good backlist title.

14 runners and several bikers assembled for some miles on the road. Here is what happened, more or less. West on Grove turning right on the access road in front of St Stephens. A right on York and a left on Maple. 4s turn right on Patterson and home via Westmoreland. 5s/6s continue on until Monument and turn right. 5s turn on Westmoreland and 6s on Lafayette to return home. Flatline took us out today. Moleskin Ample conversation today about a variety of topics. Mumble chatter is always strong on the runs. Announcements DaVille Tomato Relay – See announcement on…

A very lucky 13 came out to hit the roads. The weather was awesome and the mumble chatter keeps on flowing as the miles pass. YHC admits that he didn’t have a creative route in mind. Instead I went with simplicity. West on Grove, right on Maple, East on Patterson. 4s turn on Sauer, 5s on Hamilton, and 6s on Cleveland with all returning via Grove. YHC took us out. Announcements: Need motivation? Perhaps a boost of positive energy? You can have both delivered directly to your inbox. Sign up at https://consistencycoaching.substack.com/ to receive good mojo from Swirly.

North on Commonwealth and head east on Patterson. Patterson will turn into Kensington. 4s turn south on Davis. 5s/6s dog leg left at Strawberry to pick up Park and continue east. 5s turn south on Allen and 6s turn south on Cathedral. Everyone picks up Floyd west bound and take the Berrington jug handle to Grove. Grove back the VSF. Handshake took us out. Wedding singer was commenting that the last three routes by YHC have covered extensive portions of Patterson, whether launching from Mary or Spider Run He is absolutely right, I think we have covered the entire road…

A very Lucky 13 runners and several bikers ( a few recorded here – if I missed you, let me know) launched on a nice jaunt through the neighborhood. West on Grove. 4s turn right on Libbie and 5s turn right on the access road and right on St Chris. Everyone turns right on Patterson, right on Malvern, and right on Grove. Wedding Singer reminded me that Zoolander only turns right, hence the name. YHC took us out.

Some early, some earlier, some late, and for many – on time. Start with the Reverse Carillon and instead take McCoy to Carytown. Auburn to Grove. 4s return on Grove. 5s/6s continue north on Tilden. 5s come back on Monument to Commonwealth and 6s come back Broad to Westmoreland. No Tools took us out.

13 sets of legs ran and one set peddled on this the 48th Anniversary of YHC’s entry into the world. Weather was, again, perfect at sunny and 70. Routes: 4 Milers: West on Grove, right on Libbie, quick left at Patterson, genuflect at Pearl’s, then east on Patterson. Right on Malvern. Right on Grove and BTTF. 5 Milers: West on Grove, right at Three Chopt (on the side street – Henri), right on St. Christopher’s, right on Patterson, genuflect at Pearl’s Cupcake Shoppe, then continue on Patterson. Right on Commonwealth. Right on Grove and BTTF. 6 Milers: West on Grove,…

16 or so early morning risers arose. Short run: Monument to Grove rectangle. 4s turn at Arthur Ashe, 5s around Allison, 6s were absent. Long: Top Golf route Bikes: out and around. Felt like a good morning to take in the Monument Christmas lights, so off the four of us went. Great job everyone. YHC had a good conversation with Pucker, where I learned a new acronym today – R.U.D. (rapid unscheduled disassembly). The context was the Space X test run this week which appeared to go well other than an RUD ending. Bodos’ version of a rectangle has more…

14 arose and conquered. Short run – snake tongue route. Left on Grove, left on Granite, across Cary down Kennondale. 4s return the way you came. 5s do Tempsford and return home. No 6s. Oyster ran the Oyster route. Long run did the reverse Carillon. Great job men. Only a few of us on the short run today but it was a good morning to be out nonetheless. Hard pressed to find a longer hill than Kennondale from RAMM, perhaps YHC shouldn’t announce such a challenge. Thanks to Shiplap for keeping our average age down.

16 boys came to the yard at recess and went their own ways. Choices – ride a bike, run a long ways, or run a shorter than long ways (reverse Carillon). Pullout’s pullout game is still strong. Good job men. Stay safe, prayers to Kubota on a swift recovery, and hope he didn’t get everyone sick at Saab’s birthday outing. We can all blame Saab right? -Singer

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