Saturday, September 23
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

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Mary Munford Elementary

Yeah, the routes today were a bit complex. The Pax came equipped with maps and readiness to explore roads otherwise not trodden. Cooler weather hopefully signal prime running conditions going forward. Byproduct took us out.

I can’t wait to be on the road again…..and neither did some of Richmond finest PAX. We headed east on Grove, left on Rosneath, and right on Monument. Right turns were made on the Blvd, Strawberry, and Allen. Everyone took Floyd west to then pick up Grove. YHC took us out.

Some dudes ran from Munford Friday morning. Grove route was chosen since there was no one on the Q sheet and we had some new RAMM folks show up. TYA confirmed the hips don’t lie, Saab abides. There were others, some gear people, that I didn’t see or tally up. Apologies. -Singer

A group of people ran, rucked, or rode and seemed to have a good time doing it.

Despite the low volume there was little Takeover. 3 formidable fiends and one 4 legged friend on crutches knocked out varying ranges of miles and meters. Brief discussion about those who are abroad and across the pond. Great to see TYA do laps around Mary despite 2 days after surgery….the man is intrepid…much respect. Hitchhiker wants YOU to play pickleball…. apparently that’s a thing…. Saab abides

The gravity of Mary Munford was strong this am, pulling people in at 0530 and once again at 0615. Runners all did the same thing. Riders did something. Here is what the runners did. The Route 4s: 5s: Numbers, names, people strolled in, people rolled out. YHC took us out. Moleskin Great to see faces of those that have battled health challenges and to have them back out tackling the day. There was also an instance of someone who miraculously has already recovered from surgery that has not yet happened. YHC wants to specifically thank Pigskin for navigating…

A 14 Biker Runner Combo descended upon Mary Munford to attack the day. YHC was originally planning on tagging along with Bodos, Fudd and Splinter since this was my first post at RAMM, but alas they are out of town and there was no Q. Here’s the boring rectangular route with all left turns YHC came up with : 4’s : From Mary Munford, head down Commonwealth towards Patterson, Left on Patterson, Left on Maple Ave, Left on Grove then BTTF 5’s : After finishing the 4’s route, left on Commonwealth, Left on Patterson, Left on Bunting Ave, Left on…

Beach Cruisers, Road Bikes, Mtn Bikes and a neighbor’s bike ready for Amateur Day at Ramm Gears. According to Fudd who asked when the workout was going to start, this is what went down. The Dogwood Dell out and back.Commonwealth – Berkshire RdLeft on DoverRight on Portland PlLeft on Douglasdale RdRight on Douglasdale RdRight on BlantonLeft on ParkRight on Pump House DrStay on Pump House all the way around to the Circle.Fudd / Honeydo – Burpees for the six.Lost Handshake, Lulu and No ToolsBTTFWilbon StRight on Sunset AveLeft on Garrett StRight on HuxleyLeft on Douglasdale RdLeft on DouglasdaleRight on Portland…

Time to celebrate St Patty’s Day with a Pub Crawl! Grove to Lafayette to Broad and head east. Take a tour of Scott Addition and cut back on your respective cutover streets to Grove and back to the AO. YHC took us out. Announcements: The Bridge next weekend – See TYA for info For your calendars: CPR training in late April, Location TBD

The title was in reference to a comeback TYA had been working on for the interim week and homage to the classic Seinfeld episode. West on Grove and a right on Bunting to Chantilly. Take a right on Monument and find your southbound cutover based on distance. 4s at Cleveland, 5s at Robinson, and 6s at Allen. Take to Grove and come on home. YHC took us out.

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