Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Tuesday…after Wildcat’s VQ


It looks like Wildcat did a number on a lot of guys yesterday(excellent) so we had a strong group of 6 come out to Old Hundred for the Tuesday Kettlebell feast. I make sure to bring the tunes to keep us going. After a warm up lap run, back to the flag for a warm-up(SSH, Helicopters, Don Quixote, Imperial Walkers, Ukrainian Soldiers, Cheery Pickers, Merkins and LBCs). Once completed….time to get to work

Descending ladder was first up…the main part of today’s workout. We start at 10, work our way down to 1. The exercises: presses per side, rows, figure 8s, goblet squats, swings. After each round completed, we did a farmers carry down a bit then back. I added a little extra to the carry adding a grip tool to work the hands and forearms a little.

After that, we paired up for a 2 part exercise, bear crawls and cleans. The goal is to at least match the number your partner does while they bear crawl. You find out that both there’s going to be a strong side but the next part is the next round, after you go out strong the round before that the number decreases. Finished it up, then another partner exercise one person does 10 swings, the other does jump reaches(side jumps with the reach in the air). The idea of still keeping that heart rate up

On the 6 next for 1 minute of Kettlebell WW2 with a raise up then press out to the left and right. One final thing, we all planked up and did plank pull-thrus with merkins after you pulled the weight. The group got to 6, then a little time left to stretch and hit the 45

Count-outs, announcements(Slack has a lot right now plus I will add one on the first fitness page about Spartan upcoming that will be helping an old friend get their first). Prayer by YHC and that is it for today. Have a good one


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