Thursday, September 21
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Triple Crown


#1 – Tuesday 4/18/23 0600 – DTH, The Quadfather, C30, and Boardwalk – and the Thang is the one and only appearance of the F3 beatdown deck. The Quadfather was dry heaving within the first 5 minutes but rallied and the PAX completed nearly the entire deck in 45 minutes. Boom!

#2 – Thursday 4/20/23 0600 – DTH & Boardwalk spend 45 minutes of quality sweatfest time hitting all the usual highlights and digging deep into some truth bombs to gird up Boardwalk for a lifetime of living third.

#3 – Saturday 4/22/23 0600 & 10AM – Not everyone got the memo that our VQ Mojang had requested the bootcamp get pushed back to 10am, so a bomb squad of Mountain Oyster, C30, Messi, and Boardwalk posted at 0600 and whooped a prostitute 4-corners among other badassery. There’s hope this thing might actually continue beyond the departure of DTH! At 10am a 2.0-heavy PAX assembled on the soccer field for Mojang’s VQ. After a brief warmerama, he revealed the Death Dice – a large 12-sided foam dice with a huge variety of pain. A 20-strong PAX circled up and each had a turn tossing the Death Dice, with a run after every 3rd throw. The triceps dips, ball dippers, and wall-sit were rolled the most frequently, but x20 burpees made a painful appearance on two occasions. What a beatdown! With a ton of FNG’s the COT was entertaining, and we closed with a powerful word of prayer from NoGrass (Mojang’s dad, fellow Doc, and YHC’s BFF on Station). What a way to end our time in Papua New Guinea! SYITG next week SOJ! ~DTH


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