Monday, September 25
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Flexing for a Friday


Good afternoon….a little issue with trying to get things coming up so I can complete this. Flex fridays I like to throw in a mixture of new and old things(see how they come out). What happens is I start to think with new things to bring out and try. I think of one, then 2 more hit. Here’s what we did today

For myself, even the Warmaramma can be changed up from time to time. So this morning it was: SSH in Cadence(10), full arm circles forwards and backwards(10), Chainbreakers in cadence(10), Swimmers(10), Cherry Pickers(10), Windmills(10), Squat Thrust(half burpee) 10 full burpee is with the merkin, Lunge with twist(10) and Mountain Climbers in cadence(10). Wait no merkins, no LBCs. Correct 6 minutes and we were ready.

Ok the main work and here’s what I offered(I am getting closer to having some type of course set up). Standard Sandbag Carries along with Sandbag Snatches, Battle ropes with Jerkins, Band work side standing twists and tricep extensions. More bands with squat into press and good mornings, a little mosey down we had halos plus hand over hand work with my Odin sledgehammer(25 pounds), tire pulls back and forth with x jacks, plus ball tosses each side(ball weighing 20 pounds). The work, having fun trying everything out then the tire I added a little weight inside which made it harder.

A little mosey back to the top, 3 stations partnered up about 30-40 seconds each hit it quick get a little blood rushing to the muscles. After that an idea hit(under I haven’t done it in a while). The tire and ball came up half of us did side tire throws, the other half ball pushes to partner in plank position. We switched it up, ended with a little 90-90 stretch, a nice leg stretch with the band. Hit the 45 minutes right on.

Announcements(2nd Friday is next week at Diamond Billiards), 3 weeks till Rugged Maniac, anything else can be found thru the various Slack channels.

Numbers, call out and prayer led by YHC and done

Scary part….I get home and for next Friday already have 4-5 things in my mind ready. BTW…the sledgehammer is 25 pounds, the head is rubber so it does no damage to concrete or surfaces so guess what?


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