Monday, September 25
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Band(s) on the run


Good afternoon….a little break time as I near the end of my work week. I need to update things with what we did this morning. I wanted to change it up from last time… on more of that length of the body cause as we get older, the key is to stay loose and flexible plus stretch out the muscles that do not get worked.

The start up(aka the warm-up) SSH, Imperial Walkers, Ukrainian Soldiers, Helicopters, Cherry Pickers, Merkins, LBCs and Alabama Prom Dates to help get up warmed up and ready. Then it was time for the bands. Luckily today we had an even number so we did not have to do a group of 3. My goal was to work on going easy for 1 minute on the first round, then the second an all out 30 second attack. Exercises we did: plank jacks, broad jumps, jogging forward(also bernies) lunges, etc. I look back it now and left a ton out but there’s always another Friday.

After that, we ventured to the road and it became what I like to call “Spartan runs”. Place the band around your waist, take off and communicate with the person behind you whether you want more or less tension. Right now, we are doing a short distance but next time take it up a notch(fire hydrant to the top of the hill). First 2 rounds all out the final round was bernie style and that really attacks the calves, hamstrings, those leg muscles we ignore

Last little bit created a little something on the fly: cleans with a 50 pound sandbag and the jump rope(that weighs 5 pounds). I not only have heavier sandbags(4 the biggest is 100 pounds) plus I have jump ropes the heaviest is 10 pounds.

Numbers, call outs, a couple quick announcements and a final prayer from YHC

Time change this weekend(spring forward) those going to Rock and Roll I will be there Saturday morning starting out a little run with House Party then the workout


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